The Most Compelling Argument to See the Oregon Coast for Yourself

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by Michael Bonocore May 21, 2015

Uncage the Soul Productions takes viewers on tour of the rugged Oregon Coast in their latest video for Travel Oregon. Filmmakers Ben Canales and his partner John Waller create a unique look at all that the Oregon Coast has to offer, from the massive waves to the jagged cliffs and long stretches of empty beaches.

Canales sat down for an interview with me over at FStoppers to tell me about the process of making this film.

When asked about seemingly cheating death in the films opening scene, Canales told me how creative moviemaking can help tell a more dramatic story.

Thanks to some thoughtful lens compression, we were able to capture scenes that look like the waves are literally crashing over our heads, but in reality were falling short in front.

I asked Canales what vision they had set out to achieve when making a film showcasing their home state.

Our big goal of this piece is to communicate the beautiful and stirring raw power of the Oregon Coast in the winter. Most people think about flying kites, dogs on the beach, and leisure sun bathing when dreaming of the ocean. We wanted to bypass that and embrace and celebrate stiff winds, stormy sunsets, and cozy lodging for this project. Oregonians naturally have a toughness to them to enjoy this aspect, but I think anyone can be thrilled and excited about standing in a big storm and feeling the rain beat down on you, knowing that a hot meal, good beer, and a fireplace is a short run-through-puddles away.

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