I wake up in Ghorepani with sore legs from yesterday’s 14-hour hike. Without leaving the bed of the teahouse, I gaze out the window as Annapurna South and Hiunchuli come into focus, dripping with morning sunlight. In that semi-conscious state of daybreak, the words start to flow: “wonder at the window,” “florescent spindrift,” “iron ridges and swirling mists.” These are the landscapes I’ve dreamed about for years and after three days of walking among them, it still doesn’t seem real.

With this film, I wanted to document a typical day on Nepal’s trekking path and mix that chronological experience with the surreal bending of time, memory, and place that often happens during long-term travel. I also tried to convey the feeling of wanting to go further down the path — that addictive and impossible-to-fulfill travel curse of immediately seeking the next adventure before the last is over. But first, I’d have to pull myself out of bed, grab my camera, and start walking.