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Norway's Newest Thrill: Terrifying Rope Ladder Offers Breathtaking Views 790 Meters Above a Fjord

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by Katie Scott Aiton Jun 6, 2024

Visitors can now enjoy one of the best views in Norway, but first, they’ll have to climb a ladder dangling some 790 meters above a fjord. The new attraction is called Stigull and is part of Europe’s longest Via Ferrata bridge, located in the small village of Loen in the Stryn Municipality in Vestland County, Norway.

The ladder measures 40 meters long and has 120 steps spaced at regular intervals. Unlike a traditional vertical rope ladder, the Stigull is built on a 45-degree incline, making it more akin to a long, narrow staircase scaling the mountain at a steep angle. This design provides a secure and stable climbing surface while offering a significant challenge due to the terrifying height and exposure. To reach this vantage point, you must ascend the initial “Route 2” section on foot. At the base of Stigull, you’re already 790 meters above sea level before you climb the ladder towards the peak of Mount Hoven.

People climbing new ladder at Loen Skylift in Norway

Photo: Loen Active/Kjersti Kvamme

Once you get to the top, you’ll be able to see the expanse of Nordfjord, the Jostedalsbreen glacier, Mount Skåla, Lake Lovatnet, the village of Olden, and the town of Stryn.

Persona at top of ladder at Loen Skylift in Norway

Photo: Loen Active/Joachim Neumayr

On Mount Hoven you can enjoy panoramic dining at the Hoven Restaurant before jumping on the famous Loen Skylift on the five-minute ride to the bottom.


Photo: Loen Skylift/Marius Beck Dahle

The Loen Skylift is one of the world’s steepest cable cars and ascends Mount Hoven at a dramatic 60-degree incline to the 1,011-meter summit.

Summer and winter activities in Loen

Hikers and walkers at Loen Skylift in Norway

Photo: Loen Active/Simon Sjökvist

In summer and winter, Loen is an outdoor playground for sports enthusiasts catering to thrill-seekers and those who prefer a more leisurely pace. Most guided activities are run by Loen Active. They can also help you plan your adventures and provide gear.

You can rent SUP boards or kayaks and explore the calm waters of the fjord surrounded by mountains. Enjoy a variety of biking, hiking, and walking paths, from easy to more challenging full-day routes. Each offers stunning views of Jostedalsbreen National Park and the fjord landscape.

Photo: Loen Active/Simon Sjokvist
Photo: Loen Active/Simon Sjokvist
Photo: Loen Active/Simon Sjokvist
Photo: Loen Active/Marius Beck Dahle

Or, if you’re looking for a challenge, Via Ferrata Loen provides an unforgettable experience. The fixed-cable climbing route traverses the cliffs high above the fjord, offering panoramic views. Guided tours are available and include all necessary equipment and safety measures. There’s also a zip line ride across the valley where you’ll soar through the air at high speed while taking in the incredible views — if you have your eyes open.

Photo: Visit Nordfjord/Dag Ulvedal

During the winter months, which typically last from November to April or May, Loen transforms into a winter wonderland. Visiting in the colder months allows you to enjoy various snow activities amidst the stunning fjord scenery.

Winter walking trails are suitable for various fitness levels and offer a chance to immerse yourself in the peaceful tranquility of the snow-covered mountains. Consider hiring a guide for a more personalized experience, especially if you’re new to winter walking. Loen Active provides rentals for winter gear, such as gloves, ski goggles, poles, boots, etc.

If you want to get your heart rate elevated — or just laugh with the family — you can sled down Norway’s longest toboggan or join a ski tour, which offers a chance to explore the vast off-piste terrain.

After a day of winter sports, you can rest inside Loen’s beautiful man-made snow cave. The entrance to the cave is a narrow passage that leads into a larger, dome-shaped chamber. It’s located around 300 meters from the skylift station.

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