KEVIN HINES JUMPED FROM San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge — one of the most frequently used places in the world for suicide attempts — and survived. Of the more than 2000 people who have jumped since the bridge opened in 1937 only 34 have survived.

He’s spreading awareness about suicide prevention with his film Suicide: The Ripple Effect. Kevin is also a published author (Cracked, Not Broken) and travels the globe to give talks on the subject. We need a new lens to look at mental illness through and find better ways to support those who suffer with it. “Mental illness and addiction are the only diseases that we blame the person for perpetually. But people die from suicide just like they die from any other organ diseased.”

If you are contemplating suicide please reach out for help (here’s a resource for global hotlines). It may feel like no one cares, but the truth is we all do.