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WATCH: This Guy Read a Bunch of Hitler Quotes to Trump Supporters, the Results Are Kind of Funny and Really Terrifying

Los Angeles Photo + Video + Film Activism
by Matador Creators Mar 5, 2016

THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME presidential candidate Donald Trump has been compared to Adolf Hitler. Comparisons have been drawn up in easy-to-read charts. A quick Google image search with the keywords ‘Trump Hitler’ gives you a slew of Trump photos with that awful moustache photoshopped over his upper lip. And the Telegraph has even created this fun quiz entitled: ‘Who said it: Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler?’

But the people over at SoFlo wanted to push the comparison even further. So they took to the streets of Los Angeles, curious to know if Trump supporters are actually listening to anything Trump is saying, like at all. Can these voters decipher between the words of a hot-headed reality TV wash-up in a toupee and a historically evil Nazi dictator who called for the deaths of millions of people? Let’s find out.

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