PBS IS RUNNING A VIDEO series called ‘Brief but Spectacular,’ in which interviewees offer a little bit of insight into the issues that affect us all, like creativity, work, aging and technology. This week, they interviewed 91-year-old Flossie Lewis. Flossie is a writer and former English teacher who currently lives in the Piedmont Gardens Senior Living Community in the Bay Area of Oakland, California.

Flossie gives us some real talk on aging and her no-nonsense attitude radiates self-confidence. She tells us that yes, the body is “going to to go” and aging means physical complications, but your personality and who you are doesn’t have to disappear with age. The wisdom that Flossie communicates in this short, 3-minute video is infectious and proves that despite what the media tries to convince us, growing old isn’t the worst thing, losing interest in the passions that make us, us, might be.