AFTER moving from the UK to Alberta I fell in love with the Canadian Rockies. These breathtaking mountains inspired me to pick up a camera and share some images of the beauty I am so privileged to have on my doorstep. Here are my 15 reasons why you should come visit.


You could just come to see the iconic views

This is the view of Moraine Lake in the morning.


And, there are many iconic views

Lake Louise’s waters are a phenomenal shade of blue.


There are intriguing trails waiting to be explored

This is Ptarmigan Cirque, watch for prehistoric fossils as you explore.


The spectacular sunrises

A light show starts the day at Beauvais Lake.


And the sunsets aren’t bad either

Rundle Mountain looks like it’s on fire as the sun sets at Vermillion Lakes.


The mountains' glorious peaks.

Rundle Mountain in Banff shrouded by clouds.


Even on a cloudy day the views are beautiful

Herbert Lake reflects the brewing storm clouds.


The fast-flowing rivers

The water weaves its way through Numa Falls.


And their gorgeous waterfalls

The tumbling waters at Marble Canyon in the Kootenay's National Park.


There are so many picturesque lakes

Bow Lake reflects Crowfoot Mountain.


The views from a height

A view of Peyto Lake with its unique wolf head shape.


There are plenty of places for contemplation

A snowy scene at Boom Lake in Banff National Park.


Scenes straight out of Narnia

A frozen Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park.


Natural geothermal springs to warm up in

Lessier hot springs is a gorgeous place to bathe.


There are countless gems to be found

Off the beaten path at Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park.

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