Alexis Coram is a talented photographer who hit the pause button working in big tech and instead loaded her life — and her pets — into a camper van and hit the road. She’s out there now, roaming for epic colors and dark skies and waterfalls. Lately, she’s been experimenting with her drone, chasing after autumn tones from the sky. The results are pretty fantastic. Check out these moody, surreal aerials of fall in California as seen from above.


June Lake Loop is one of the ultimate Eastern Sierra hotspots in any season but it really shines brightly in autumn. It's a short drive from Yosemite, Mammoth Lakes, or Mono Lake.


The roadside lakes, such as Silver Lake and June Lake itself, are surrounded by aspens, so it's a fantastically colorful drive.


Virginia Lakes road is just a few miles outside of Bridgeport, CA in the High Sierras. It's south of Lake Tahoe but north of Mono Lake. The road winds up to a set of High Sierra lakes by the same name and is peppered with Aspen groves along the way.


Virgina Lakes is a gorgeous drive in fall and was the first place I flew the drone this year. I thought I was just getting some test shots, and they turned out way cooler than I'd originally planned.


These lakes are about 9000ft elevation, and fall hits hard.


Marigold, crimson, and golden yellow are all easy to find in the High Sierras this time of year.


Sonora Pass is one of the major east/west high mountain passes in the Sierra and you get Gorgeous colors here throughout the season at various elevations. For this image, I shot from low in the Valley on the East side of the Pass.


Rock Creek Road is another must-do drive in the Sierras. The views are amazing and there are multiple Aspen groves along the route to the top.


As I was camping here, a little boost of wind rolled in and the ground got a little more colorful and whole lot crispier really quickly. I battled high wind velocity for this shot but it was worth it for the fresh colors. I love how the leaves pepper the road in this image.


Lundy Canyon is tucked away a few miles north of the town of Lee Vining is a gorgeous canyon filled with aspens, a creek, multiple waterfalls, and beaver ponds that reflect the mountains beyond. It's my absolute favourite spot in the Eastern Sierra. This red barn really stood out amongst the bright yellow foliage, so shooting it from above was a must.