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In Brussels, Bozar Restaurant Gives Belgian Cuisine the Michelin Treatment

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by Matador Creators Feb 10, 2023

Belgium is famous for a handful of foods: waffles, chocolate, fries, mussels, and beer. Of course, Belgian cuisine is more complex than that, with tastes similar to those of neighboring nations like France, Germany, and the Netherlands. It’s big on both seafood and red meat, seasonal vegetables like potatoes and leeks, and like anywhere else varies greatly by region. Belgian food tends to be hearty and homey, but it can also be fine dining, especially in the capital city Brussels. Brussels currently plays host to 21 Michelin-starred restaurants: 18 with one star and three with two stars. One of those restaurants, Bozar, specializes in French-Belgian cuisine and is particularly famous for preparing proteins ranging from salmon and pork to pate and pigeon en croute, meaning baked in a beautiful golden brown pastry crust.

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Everything you need to know about Bozar Restaurant in Brussels

Helmed by chef Karen Torosyan, Bozar Restaurant is located in Brussels’ Palais des Beaux-Arts, or Center for Fine Arts. The center was designed by renowned Belgian architect Victor Horta in the Art Deco style although Horta was more famous for pioneering the Art Nouveau style, which became a national movement in Belgium in the late 19th century. The Palais des Beaux-Arts was Horta’s last project. The interior honors the original style, making it an especially beautiful and significant backdrop for one of Brussels’ premier dining experiences.

Once referred to as a brasserie, Bozar now bears the title of restaurant, but its food stays true to its elevated yet humble roots. The menu is refined but unpretentious, the food is comforting, the portions are generous, and the price is reasonable for a Michelin-starred establishment. (Bozar Restaurant also scored a 17 out of 20 in the prestigious French Gault&Millau restaurant guide.)

Bozar has several different prix fixe menus to choose from. The first centers on its classic dishes like the salmon koulibiac (a preparation that utilizes the en croute technique) and Normandy beef filet with truffles and foie gras. The classics preparations come with two starters, must be reserved 48 hours in advance, and cost 175 euros per person. Diners can also order the three-course lunch menu for 75 euros per person (plus 35 euros for wine), the four-course “Ravenstein” menu for 115 euros per person (plus 55 euros for wine), or six-course “Horta” menu for 155 euros per person (plus 75 euros for wine). There’s also a modest a la carte menu for those interested in a simpler meal.

Bozar Restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday, open for dinner between 7 PM and 10 PM on Tuesday through Saturday, and has an additional lunch service from 12 PM to 2 PM on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Where: Rue Baron Horta 3, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

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