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Nigeria’s Arid, Hilly Bauchi State Is Fit for an Otherworldly Road Trip

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by Matador Creators Feb 23, 2023

When you think about visiting Nigeria, you might imagine touring bustling cities like Lagos and Abuja, admiring the arts and fashions, enjoying the beaches and nightlife, and snacking on street foods like bole (roasted plantains) and suya (spiced meat skewers). But Nigeria is also home to some fascinating natural landscapes, including the Bula Hills in the state of Bauchi.

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Located in northeastern Nigeria, Bauchi is home to some of the country’s most interesting geography, from lush mountains to sprawling savannahs and wetlands. One of the state’s most important natural attractions is Yankari Game Reserve, which spans roughly 870 square miles. Home to an array of wildlife like elephants and buffalos — not to mention hot springs — Yankari is regarded as one of the most renowned wildlife (and national) parks in the whole country.

Bauchi’s intriguing hills are located a few hours west of Yankari Game Reserve by car. The term hills is somewhat confusing as many of the formations appear to be large rocks or rock clusters that rise over the dusty and shrubby landscape. Bauchi’s landscape is split into two vegetation zones: Sudan and Sahel savannah, which explain the semi-desert shrubs surrounding the hills. However, Bauchi is also bordered by the greener and mountainous Jos Plateau to the south, providing a variety of environments for visitors to appreciate if they visit the state.

Outside of Bauchi, hills and rocky mountains are common features of Nigeria’s landscape. Another popular stop worth considering after seeing the Bula Hills: Idanre Hill in the Ondo state of southwestern Nigeria. Rising 3,000 feet above sea level, this ancient hill has many intriguing features, from huge rocks and mysterious caves, to waterfalls and temperate forests, to ancient steps leading to the top of the hill where a village containing shrines and other monuments from a great civilization that lived there long ago can be explored.

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