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8 Blissful Coves in Mallorca, Spain, You Need to See

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by Matador Creators Feb 22, 2023

The largest of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, Mallorca is a destination anyone crazy for sun and sand would be lucky to visit (and one of the best islands in the Mediterranean for solo travelers). Home to wide-open beaches, Mallorca also plays host to numerous coves that are extra special due to their seclusion. Some are sandy, others rocky. Some are popular, others private. But they’re all absolutely stunning. To experience the island’s varied landscapes and pristine coastline, here are eight coves in Mallorca you need to see.

Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro is located just east of Mallorca’s southern tip near Santanyí. It’s one of the most popular coves in Mallorca and therefore gets crowded quickly, so you should try to arrive before 10 AM during peak season if you want to snag a sunbathing spot on the small yet idyllic beach. There’s a good chance you’ll get ticketed if you try to park on a nearby side street, but if you’re up for a bit of a scramble, you can park at Cala Llombards and walk over in about 20 minutes — more on Llombards below.

Cala s’Almunia

A few hundred feet south of Caló des Moro, Cala s’Almunia is regarded as one of Mallorca’s loveliest coves, although there’s no sandy shore. Still, you can lay out on the rocks and swim in the beautiful turquoise waters. Because it’s slightly more secluded and has no beach, Cala s’Almunia skews less crowded than Caló des Moro, so it makes for the perfect midday stop on a cave-hopping tour of the southeastern stretch of Mallorca’s coastline.

Cala Llombards

Traveling in the opposite direction of Cala s’Almunia is Cala Llombards, which still occupies the same stretch of coast. Cala Llombard’s beach is significantly less trafficked than Caló des Moro, particularly with tourists, but you’re likely to see locals lounging there. Cala Llombards also has low rocks from which you can safely jump into the water, which is always a big hit with kids.

Cala Pi

Cala Pi is an idyllic spot on Mallorca’s southwestern coast, named after a small town of the same name. Cala Pi’s beach is not long but relatively wide compared to some of the other coves in Mallorca. Be prepared to walk down a steep staircase to access the sand. Once there, you can rent a sunbed or umbrella and take advantage of the little beach bar when you get thirsty. You can also find accommodations and basic amenities nearby if you want to stay in the area.

Cala Deià

Located on the northwest side of Mallorca near the town of Deià (which happens to host one of the most intimate hotels in Mallorca), this cove is small but beautiful, measuring just a couple hundred feet long. The beach is rocky rather than sandy, and the water isn’t as clear as some of the other coves in Mallorca, so you may prefer to hike to Cala Deià to admire the scenery rather than plan a swimming excursion there. Another reason you may want to hike to this particular cove is that it can get crowded, and parking can be difficult.

Cala Blanca

Cala Blanca is located in east Mallorca, a few miles from the town of Puerto de Andratx, on a stretch of coast known as the Costa de la Calma, or the Calm Coast. The area is popular among Mallorcan families and staycationers, and rocky Cala Blanca is one of the easiest to find beaches in the area. But the sandy part of the beach is quite small and pebbly, which keeps visitor numbers down, although you can still swim, snorkel, and hike in the surrounding cliffs. The entire area is peppered with small, scenic coves, so there’s a lot to explore.

Cala Agulla

Located on Mallorca’s northeast coast, Cala Agulla has one of the largest and most popular beaches on this list. It has soft white sand, crystal clear waters, and a hilly, pine-tree-covered background that provides a breathtaking backdrop. In addition to swimming and sunning, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and sailing are all possible here. Visitors also have access to nearby restaurants, bars, and shops, making it a great spot for an all-day trip or an overnight.

Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida is located a little bit north of Cala Agulla. Like Agulla, it offers a large sandy beach and expansive surrounds, blending rocky outcrops with flora-covered dunes that belong to an “area of special interest” that’s been protected by the Balearic government for decades. One of Mallorca’s most beloved beaches, Cala Mesquida is located near a couple of towns where you’ll find excellent food, hotels, and comfortable accommodations that would make for a great base for your cave-hopping tour of Mallorca.

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