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This Family Is Taking a 6-Month Trip Planned Entirely by an AI Travel Assistant

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by Matador Creators May 17, 2023

Artificial intelligence has rapidly changed the way many people live, work, and, of course, use the internet. Travel is no exception, which AI travel chatbots quickly becoming an industry norm across booking and recommendations companies. Michael Motamedi, a chef-turned-travel influencer, is taking AI-guided travel to a whole new level by letting Matador Network’s AI travel assistant GuideGeek plan his entire journey for the next six months.

@michaelmotamedi I have decided to let artificial intelligence control my travel plans for the next 6 months. A.I will chose what countries I visit and what experiences I have. I travel the world full time and eat a lot of food. If you are into that, come on this journey with me. #traveltiktok #foodtiktok #michaelmotamedi #travellife ##ai #guidegeek ♬ Science TV Show Cosmic Quiz Show – Quetzal BGM

Motamedi, his wife, and 18-month-old daughter are going to be traveling around the world solely following the guidance of GuideGeek. “AI is gonna control everything,” Motamedi says, “from what countries we visit to what attractions we see, and even what restaurants we eat at. I could end up in Antarctica–it’s gonna be crazy!”

You can follow his adventures in the original web series No Fixed Address, which will follow his family as GuideGeek guides every decision along the way, from what countries to visit to where to stay and eat. The show will air on GuideGeek’s Instagram channel.

“I really feel like AI is the future of travel,” Motamedi says. “You’re gonna see this experiment unfold from day one, learning from my mistakes, watching the AI grow. Listen, I am freaking nervous – I’ve never been part of an experiment, let alone one as life-changing as this. Let’s see what happens.”

This isn’t the first time Motamedi has used GuideGeek to guide his life. He’s also used it to plan a date night in Mexico City.

@michaelmotamedi Date night in Mexico City controlled by A.I. We let a travel guide A.I tell us what to do for an entire night. We enjoyed some of the best speakeasies in the city. I travel the world and eat a lot of food. If you are into either of those things, I would love if you came a long. #traveltiktok #mexicocity #travellife #foodtiktok #michaelmotamedi #guidegeek ♬ Spanish Guitar for Western Movies or Games – Hanadayama Music Lab

“It’s unbelievably exciting that Michael and his family will be using GuideGeek to plan their lives for basically the rest of this year,” says GuideGeek creator and Matador Network CEO Ross Borden. “GuideGeek has already helped thousands of travelers with their regular vacation plans, but a six-month trek across multiple countries with an 18-month-old is a whole other level! Through watching Michael, people will realize the stunning quickness, breadth of capability and tremendous impact AI will have on the travel industry.”

GuideGeek is a free service built using ChatGPT technology that provides travel recommendations in over 40 languages. Travelers anywhere in the world can query GuideGeek using WhatsApp, Instagram, and other messaging platforms. To learn more or try it yourself, check out GuideGeek’s official website.

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