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The One Tip You Need to Find Authentic Sushi Restaurants in Japan

by Matador Creators Jun 28, 2023

When you go to Japan for a culinary experience, there’s a good chance sushi is at the top of your list. But not all sushi is created equal. To find the best, most authentic local restaurant, you might be inclined to simply Google “best sushi restaurants” and follow the recommendations. This, however, would be a mistake. Whether you’re in Tokyo or a more rural area, here’s how to find the best sushi in Japan.

It’s easy to forget that looking for recommendations for other countries is very different than looking for recommendations within the US, or other English-speaking countries. While we might simply type, “where are the best sushi restaurants near me?” that doesn’t necessarily translate in Japanese.

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As this video points out, “sushi” is the American form of the word, which in Japanese is spelled “すし, 寿司, 鮨, 鮓.” Googling “sushi” while you’re in Japan will only yield results from restaurants that have translated their menus into English, which might tend to be more touristy, and of lesser quality than traditionally Japanese restaurants with Japanese menus.

Sure, ordering off a Japanese menu might feel more intimidating, but that’s also how you get the best local experience — and probably the best-tasting sushi. So instead of Googling “sushi,” search for the Japanese name, and the results will likely be more in line with what you’re actually craving.

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