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There's a Five Hour Wait at the Only Michelin Starred Street Food Stall in Bangkok

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by Matador Creators Jan 9, 2023

Southeast Asia is well known for the best, most delicious street food in the world, and one of those street food stalls is being recognized by the Michelin guide: Jay Fai restaurants in Bangkok was awarded one Michelin star by the guide in 2018. It’s one of just two street food stalls in the world with a Michelin star – the other is in Singapore.

@matadornetwork Never before had Southeast Asian street food caused such an international sensation. Thai chef Jay Fai runs the first Bangkok street cart to get a Michelin star 😋🇹🇭 🎥 IG: @eats.ashley 📍Jay Fai in #Bangkok #Thailand #MichelinStar #foodietok #foodietravel #streetfood #crabcakeomelette #drunkennoodles ♬ original sound – Matador Network

Jay Fai is the name of the restaurant and the nickname of the chef and owner, Supinya Junsuta. Jay Fai specializes in seafood dishes – the most iconic dish in her repertoire is the crispy fried crab omelet, called khai jeaw poo. However the Michelin guide also recommends trying the stir fried noodles.

Street food is typically on the less expensive side, but Jay Fai prices are more comparable to an upscale restaurant in New York City. The iconic crab omelet is around $30 for instance – but the portions are big enough to share with friends. And you’ll be paying in time too: Long forms at the entrance to Jay Fai, and some people have even waited 5 hours to eat here.

According to an article in Insider, Junsuta is 75 years old, and still the only chef working at Jay Fai. She wears a signature pair of black goggles while she works, and prefers that guests don’t take pictures of her while she’s working.

This isn’t a street food stall where you walk up to a window and take your food to go. There are about a dozen tables at the restaurant, and reservations fill up months in advance (you can make a reservation via email), but you try to snag a seat on a walk-in basis as well. That’s why people end up waiting hours for a table. There is certainly faster street food in Thailand, and cheaper too, but probably none of it will be as memorable as the food at Jay Fai.

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