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Look Out NYC: This Miami Spot Serves Some of the Best New York-Style Pizza

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by Matador Creators Jan 24, 2023

Pizza is up there with politics and religion when it comes to conversation topics that you’re better off avoiding if you’re not sure that the people you’re talking to share the same opinion. Try suggesting that anchovies, America’s least-favorite topping, belong on pizza, and you’ll see how heated the debate can get. Another point of contention among Americans is which regional pizza style reigns supreme, or even which specific restaurant serves the single greatest slice. One unlikely contender that recently emerged on social media is Miami Slice in Miami, Florida, which at least one TikToker and many locals have tossed in the running for “the best pizza ever.”


@foodwtf According to 🎥 @Chewyorkcity the best pizza isn't in NewYork, it's in Miami at 📍Miami Slice 😍🍕 #pizzatiktok #foodie #foodtravel #soflo #miamirestaurants ♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi

Located in Midtown Miami, Miami Slice specializes in New York-style pizza. That means thin and crispy yet pliable crust and slices large enough to fold down the middle. In Miami Slice’s case, all that real estate means ample room for luxurious toppings such as garlic confit cream, leeks, and bacon or truffle cream and a medley of mushrooms. The menu is relatively small with just five flavors currently on offer — which are mostly served by the slice but also come in 20-inch pies — but you can customize your order with “kicks and dips” like hot honey and stracciatella cheese, which is made by combining soft mozzarella curds with fresh cream.

Much like the most famous pizzeria in the birthplace of pizza — Naples, Italy — Miami Slice is a small restaurant with limited seating that only accepts walk-ins. Fortunately, if you don’t want to wait for a coveted stool at the bar, you can also place a takeout order.

It’s worth noting that one thing Miami Slice does differently than the NYC pizza shops it emulates is its hours. Miami Slice is only open Thursday through Sunday from 5 PM to 9 PM.

Where: 335 NE Miami Ct, Miami, FL 33132

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