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This Art Installation Outside Las Vegas Adds a Jolt of Color to the Desert Landscape

Nevada Art + Architecture
by Matador Creators Jan 6, 2023

If you’re driving through Nevada, a strange sight might catch your eye: Colorful boulders stacked up along the side of the road. Although there are many multi-colored natural phenomena in this region – including the legendary Fly Geyser – this is something different but just as interesting. It’s called Seven Magic Mountains and it’s an art installation.

Created by a Swedish artist named Ugo Rondinone, Seven Magic Mountains is located 10 miles outside of Las Vegas near Jean Dry Lake, on Interstate 15. The stacked boulders from which the art installation is made tower 30 feet into the air. Rondinone stated that the wanted Seven Magic Mountains to represent, “human presence in the desert.”

Situated within the Ivanpah Valley, Seven Magic Mountains is surrounded by the rich and oranges of the Mojave Desert, with brown monotone mountains in the background and dark green desert plants springing up all around it. Although this landscape is beautiful, it’s also repetitive, and the painted boulders add a jolt of color to the desert.

It’s easy to stop by on a day trip outside of Las Vegas – the drive is less than half an hour – snap a few eye-catching photos, and be back in the city by nightfall. Goodsprings Ghost Town is a 25 minute drive from Seven Magic Mountains, where you can visit the infamous Pioneer Saloon for lunch and a beer.

Thousands of people visit this art installation during tourist season, so it’s recommended to arrive early in the morning. If you can make it at dawn, there will be no crowds, and the view of the sun rising from behind the sculpture is breathtaking.

Painted in bright neon colors like highlighter yellow and pink, Seven Magic Mountains is open to the public, and there are no reservations or tickets required to see it. The project opened in 2016, and was only supposed to be on display for two years, but thanks to its immense popularity, Seven Magic Mountains is still on display. However, the sculpture is temporary – so be sure to see it for yourself next time you’re in Las Vegas.

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