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Why Kids Jump Into the Water After Departing Ferries in Sikinos, Greece

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by Matador Creators Jan 5, 2023

Located in the Cyclades island group, Sikinos is one of the quieter Greek islands. With a population of just over 200 people, Sikinos doesn’t attract huge groups of visitors, and its rural setting has remained relatively unaffected by overtourism. However, one highlight of a visit to this island is the Sikinos ferry tradition.

@visitJump into the weekend! 💦 In Sikinos, Greece, jumping in the water after a leaving ferry is an island tradition. ⛴️ It is done to show respect to someone close to you who is leaving Sikinos. 💙 Did you know about this tradition in Sikinos, Greece? 🇬🇷 Tag someone you would visit Greece with! Ig: @theodore.grivas♬ original sound – Visit

Ferries depart from Athens and Santorini, traveling to Sikinos. Whenever ferries depart, crowds gather at the dock to wave and cheer goodbye. Ferry passengers will probably spot a throng of children gathered at the edge of the dock in their swimsuits. Once the ferry has pulled away from the dock, the kids jump, dive, and cannonball into the churning waters, sending up echoes of laughter behind them.

Usually only children (who are strong swimmers) take part in this joyful tradition. They’re so used to diving in after the ferry, that they jump in without fear or hesitation. Watching the children of the island leap into the water is thrilling and will bring a smile to the face of anyone watching. Jumping into the water after the ferry leaves honors people leaving the island, celebrating them and wishing them a pleasant journey home.

Sikinos is the island to visit if you’re looking for a more relaxed vacation, without much interaction with other tourists. Sikinos offers undisturbed beaches overlooking the vast blue Aegean Sea, and hikers (or anyone who admires a sweeping island view) will be especially happy here.

Visitors can hike up to the hillside Zoodochos Pigi monastery, where they will find views of the entire island. Hiking up to the 13th century Byzantine church Panagia tis Sykias will also give visitors to stretch their legs, and take in history and a view.

The whole island can be traversed in one day, but spending at least two nights here gives you time to enjoy Sikinos’ leisurely pace. In July and August, the island gets slightly busier with other Greek people taking their own holiday, so if you really want to take advantage of the island’s relaxed atmosphere, consider visiting in June or September.

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