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How to Plan the Perfect Two-Week Itinerary for a Trip to Spain

by Matador Creators May 4, 2023

From its bustling cities to its picturesque countryside and delicious cuisine, Spain not only offers a diverse landscape for travelers, but a rich cultural experience. Two weeks in the country certainly aren’t enough to appreciate the hills of Basque country, the Moorish architecture, Catalonian cuisine, epic nightlife, or beautiful beaches, but you can at least get a taste of all this country has to offer.

Begin your journey by exploring the capital city of Madrid. Spend some time strolling down Gran Via or head to Plaza Mayor to take in the local architecture, while you enjoy traditional dishes like paella and tapas. When you’re done sightseeing in Madrid, make your way to Barcelona – one of Spain’s most popular cities filled with iconic sights like the famously-unfinished La Sagrada Familia cathedral and Park Güell. When night comes, join locals at one of the lively tapas bars, indulge in classic Catalonian paella, or end your day by seeing a traditional flamenco show.

Next stop is Granada, where Moorish influences still linger within the walls of Alhambra – an impressive palace and fortress complex full of captivating artwork and detailed gardens. After taking in all that Granada has to offer, it’s time to move on to Valencia. Here you can enjoy warm Mediterranean beaches, explore amazing architectural sites, and learn about Valencian customs through various local festivals held throughout the year.

Adding Toledo into your two-week schedule is also a must. Start off by exploring some of the city’s impressive architecture – from the Gothic-style Cathedral of Toledo to the Church of San Roman. History buffs will have plenty to do here. Visit ancient walls and defensive towers that date back to the 12th century, or admire artistic masterpieces scattered throughout various churches and monasteries. Other attractions include Museo del Greco – a former home of famous painter El Greco – and Alcazar de Toledo, which originally served as a fortification.

And if you’re if you’re looking for a truly late night — and you don’t mind a quick ferry or domestic flight — it’s tough to beat Ibiza. From its world-famous nightlife to slightly less-famous natural beauty, Ibiza isn’t just for the nightclub-inclined. Start off by taking a stroll across the island’s serene hills, or exploring Cap des Falco – a beautiful nature reserve with towering cliffs and caves. For those looking for some relaxation time, head over to some of Ibiza’s world-famous beaches – from Cala Salada to Playa d’en Bossa – where you can soak up the sun while enjoying views of the glimmering waters.

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