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Expat blog How Lao Brown Cow

MatadorU’s courses in travel journalism are full of travel blogging tips.

These are the truly great expat blogs; the ones you can visit over and over. For sharp writing, quality photography, or wry humour, these blogs stand out from the pack.

[Editor's note: The following expat blogs are not listed in any particular order; the list is not meant to be a ranking but rather a varied collection of expat blogs from around the world.]
1. How Lao Brown Cow

Leslie Engle’s blog about her life and work in Laos is hilarious. Her photos are bright and simple, and she writes thoughtful posts like Mama You’ve been On my Mind, about family in Laos. Leslie works for Pencils of Promise, and writes with energy the grassroots changes that are happening with Laotian education. One post I particularly liked, about the frustrations of learning a language more slowly than you’d like, weaves wit into exasperation. Funny, funny stuff.

2. The Mija Chronicles

Mexican-American freelance writer Lesley Téllez takes delicious photos. You could say her site is a food blog, with great, witty recipe narratives like this Chile Mora Salsa. I’d call it a sensory site for Mexico City; bright photos, simple fresh food, and, in one post, the sounds from the street.

3. Danny Choo

UK-born Danny Choo works in software in Tokyo and takes bonkers photographs too. Choo’s Japan is electric, eclectic, and frantic in the best possible way. His Tokyo photo walk series is a balance of sparsity and density on the city’s neon streets. He also snaps a series of anime characters that is, funny, creepy, or sexy, depending on your cup of tea.

4. Coconut Radio

Celeste Brash is a travel writer who, until one month ago, lived in Tahiti for 17 years. She writes about traditional dance classes, Tahiti’s vineyards, and a great series on traveling French Polynesia by supply ship; road-trip style narratives about confused schedules and dolphin-spottings. A standout photo is Jam Session at the Tahiti Immigration Office, a quick but potent look at French Polynesian character.

5. O’Sullivans Abroad

This expat blog is by couple from Oregon who live and teach in Taiwan. I love the crowded photos of bright markets and moody cafes. Mostly, I love the fact that this blog is put together with zero pretentiousness. No backpacker bragging, no expat smugness: just pert, honest writing.

They cover the basics of an international teacher‘s everyday life; from oddly-flavored candies to the items they wish they had packed. If I were planning a move to Taiwan, I would comb this blog for tips. A favorite post: the simple photo of a tutu’d Taiwanese girl celebrating her birthday.

6. How to Learn Swedish in 1000 Difficult Lessons

I adore the format of Francis Strand’s expat blog. Each untitled entry tells a daily anecdote in the American expat’s life in Sweden; a strange phone call at work; observing two young men making eyes on the bus, a new landscaping project.

Each post concludes with a Swedish word of the day, an often wry one-word summary of the piece. My favorite post is the story of getting stuck in the ice during a Baltic boat ride. The word of the day? En förbannelse. It means a curse.

7. Karolinka In & Around Bulgaria

I love stories like American Carolyn Emigh’s, when a student moves to a new country to study for a semester or two, and ends up staying for years. For Emigh, studying has turned to teaching ESL. During her third year in Sofia, she explores the countryside and small towns with all the zeal of a backpacking undergrad. The enthusiasm and pretty photos from Rhodopes in Autumn can be triggers of wanderlust.

8. I Eat My Pigeon

Liv is one funny writer. She spent three years teaching ESL in Japan and writing. Now, she’s living in her ancestral Italy, blogging with quick candor about stick shift driving lessons and noisy neighbors. One of my favorite posts is about cleaning out a wallet and unearthing travel mementos. Heartfelt but still witty.

Also, Liv’s Mini Japanese Culture Lessons are hilarious and helpful. I love her description of the Japanese “eeehh?”

9. Touching up my Roots

This expat blog tracks an American family’s sabbatical in Croatia, where they trace their family roots. Each family member has their own page, giving the site a range of voices. Husband Jim narrates the food adventures. The kids blog about homeschooling and skiing for the first time. Wife Jennifer writes simple, vivid notes on everyday Croatian life, like in Starting Each Day with the Strike of a Match.

10. Here is Havana

Conner Gorry is an American journalist based in Cuba, whose writing is sharp and self-aware. A sample: “If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to kiss on the Malecón, go to the doctor for free, smoke tasty 5 cent cigars,  or forgoe toilet paper for months [...], welcome to Havana.”

Her vignettes on relating to the neighbors and battling bugs are honest and beautifully written. I loved Keeping in Line, Cuban Style, a post about queuing for food rations in the aftermath of a hurricane. Her account of the hungry crowd is compassionate and dignified.

11. Diary of a White Indian Housewife

Sharell Cook writes about her life as Australian career woman-turned-housewife living in India. It’s fascinating to read her impressions of Indian gender politics and cross-cultural marital expectations. Her posts are mostly brief and candid, but my best-loved post was a longer account of a dinner party, where her frustrations don’t tie up in a neat ending. She notes, “My experience with India is very changeable” – I’m guessing all expats and travelers can relate!

12. From My Swiss Window

Tracy (alias Pumpkin Pie) is an American expat living and raising children in Switzerland. In this expat blog, she keeps amazing photohgraphic accounts of everyday life. There are no postcard shots of alps or cuckoo clocks here. Instead, her eye goes to simpler places like a children’s park or a hidden water fountain. Saturday in Zurich was a favorite post of mine. Tracy also writes honestly about homesickness, for her a feeling brought on by simple events like changing seasons.

13. Living in Egypt

Canadian Maryanne Stroud Gabbani moved to Egypt in the 80s with her husband and children. She writes with candor about Egyptian news and politics, such as altered photos in the media or the misconceptions of women’s social roles. Having been an expat for over two decades, Gabbani writes smart, hopeful observations about the social changes she sees in her adoptive country. She also writes about her everyday life; her family, her work in tourism, and her farm.

14. Gringette in Beirut

“Suzy Q” is an American working at an NGO in Lebanon. Many of the posts are smart editorials about global relations, Lebanese elections, and cross-cultural riffs at work. Sometimes, she also writes subtle, lyrical pieces about life in Beirut, like in her account of the city’s transition to spring.

15. Cachando Chile

American writer Margaret Snook, who lives in Santiago with her Chilean husband, blogs with love, big time. It’s clear in her writing that she adores Chile, and I admire her tireless interest in unfolding and understanding her adopted culture, from new bits of slang to the cultural history of simple childrens’ toys. I enjoyed her post about reverse-culture shock – when “home” doesn’t feel like home, and she felt like “the oddball self-appointed quasi-Latina member of the family.”

16. Exodus

Alexis Okeowo may not be a stationary expat, but her photos from living in East Africa and Mexico are exceptional. She observes people, individuals and groups, musicians, models, and crowds on the street. I love the simple, on the surface piece titled South Africans and their Bikes. Okeowo also writes with passion about the politics of her former adoptive countries.

17. Separated by a Common Language

American university lecturer Lynne Murphy (“Lynneguist”) writes a fascinating language blog about the differences between British and American English which come up in everyday tasks, like a visit to the butcher or a mother-daughter trip to the beach. Sound too academic? She’s a sharp writer for sure, but a good one; even non-linguists can appreciate the bits of dry, decidedly English humor. Sample smile-to-myself line: “There’s nothing un-American about the perfect tense.”

18. Travel Calling

Angela Corrias, an Italian freelance journalist/photographer, moved to Shanghai where she writes about her language classes, adventures in Eastern medicine, and bug vendors. Many posts open with a proclamation from her zealous-sounding Chinese laoshi, letting the reader act as fly on the wall to these cultural lessons. My favorite post is Settling in Shanghai: easier said than done. The writing is frank, but never in a kvetching way.

19. David Lebovitz

American chef, cookbook author, and Paris-based expat David Lebovitz’s blog should not be read on an empty stomach. His blog contains restaurant reviews, cultural tips for dining out in Paris, and simple recipes like baked pumpkin. Lebovitz stands out from the cooking blog herd because he’s not a gushy foodie or an acerbic Anthony Bourdain imitator. 

He writes frankly, with bottomless knowledge of food and the culture of French cuisine. I had no idea there were unspoken French rules about when to butter bread!

20. Driving Like a Maniac

I’ve never met Kate Bailward (aka Katja), the British ESL teacher who blogs about Italy at Driving Like a Maniac, but I imagine she talks just as she writes; familiar, candid, and rapid-fire funny. I especially loved the foodie account of Christmas celebrations and hilarious student character sketches in Make ‘Em Laugh.

What are some of your favorite expat blogs? Are you an expat blogger? Share the link and a short description of your blog below.

* For blogging tips, check out the curriculum of the MatadorU Travel Writing program.

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About The Author

Anne Merritt

Anne Merritt has lived in Canada, Europe, and Asia. She teaches ESL, writes, haggles, hikes, and wears sunscreen fanatically. Her work has appeared in The Globe and Mail,, and The Compass. Check out her blog.

  • sharell

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for including my blog in your article. I’m honoured. It was a wonderful surprise. You’ve definitely unearthed some very interesting blogs. :-)

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  • Katja

    Sadly, I’m nothing like as funny in real life. ;)

    Seriously, though, thank you so much for including my blog in the list. What a great start to the week. I shall really enjoy catching up with some of the rest of the blogs as well – a good few are totally new to me, so thanks also for expanding my reading repertoire.

  • Roxanne

    Wonderful list, Anne. Thank you very much! I love all the Middle Eastern blogs and the Havana link as well!

    I blog at about my experiences as a woman living and working in conflict and post-conflict zones worldwide. “Etsi milw gia sena kai gia mena”, the Greek title of the blog, means “And so I speak of you and of me”, chronicling my encounters with people in Egypt, Colombia, Uganda, Guatemala, Cuba, Israel, and beyond. It has been a blessing to be on this personal and professional journey and I am delighted to share it with you.

    Thank you again for the fantastic links — I now know that I will spend part of my Monday perusing and being inspired!

  • Liv

    I’m so very flattered to be included in this list! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to, not to mention the healthy dose of other travel blogs to check out. You’ve made my day, Anne; mille grazie, go raibh maith agat, ありがとうございます, and thank you!

  • Marina Marangos

    Lovely to find these expat blogs and i will spend some time visiting each one.
    I live in Delhi India and I write about my experiences living here, which range from the commonplace, birds in my garden, to the quirky, having my mattress delivered by a bicycle rickshaw, to the truly incredible,I have just returned from Pushkar in Rajastan which holds an annual Camel fair. Marina

    • Heather Carreiro

      Just thinking of Delhi makes me miss winter in Lahore! We were kind of expat neighbors, I was across the border in Pakistan from 2006 to mid 2009. Will have to pop over to your blog and see what you’re doing in Delhi. : )

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  • Angela

    What a honour to be featured at Matador Abroad, thanks a lot for including my blog, I will keep updating on my expat life around the globe :)

  • JoAnna

    I really only follow two expat blogs (don’t have time to read too many others), one of which is the Diary of a White Indian Housewife, listed above. The other, though, is My Marrakesh (, which has incredibly beautiful photography and captures well-observed, poignant moments of life in Morocco.

    Thanks for the introduction to so many great expat blogs out there!

  • kay*

    thank you for sharing this list – thus introducing me to some wonderful new expat blogs that i’m excited to add to my reader.

    in the new year i’m moving to delhi, india – hopefully my own blog will be on this list the next go ’round!

  • connergo

    estoy rosada!! thanks so much for including Here is Havana in your list. I’m blushing!! Im also on assignment off the grid in hawaii so won’t have a chance to check out the gems you’ve discovered off the beaten blog track but I look forward to some good reading.

    Happy travels!

  • Margaret

    Wow! What a great surprise to find Cachando Chile on the list! THANKS!! I see I’m in excellent company and glad to find so many more people in similar situations… it’s so interesting to read what we (and our adopted homes) have in common… and what they don’t!

  • Abbie

    This is a great list – thanks for putting it together!

  • Lina

    I’d like to add “My Little Norway” to the list. It’s a great look at life as an (Australian) expat in Norway.

  • Jessica Aves

    I recommend, a blog about a Scottish man teaching English in rural Japan. I’ve read many expat-in-Japan blogs and his is one of the funniest. He went to school in a kilt once!

    This expat blog website has a blog of the month, and I’ve found many great reads through it:

  • Tracy

    Thank you for including From my Swiss window in your list. What a honor and a wonderful surprise. I am looking forward to checking out the other blogs listed here.

  • Sophie

    So many I haven’t heard about before. I’ll definitely check out some of these, esp. that chap in Sweden.

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  • Ayngelina

    Great list, I had only heard of 4 of these blogs and now the rest are in my RSS reader.

  • Katie

    I’m a bit of a blog junkie. These will be terrific additions to my Google Reader! is another one I absolutely adore. It’s written by a young British guy living in Japan. Most of his posts are about his adventures exploring ruins. The photos are beautiful. Definitely check it out!

    • Heather Carreiro

      Thanks for sharing! Love the photos on

  • Heather Carreiro

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Looks like we might have to do a post on “20 More Awesome Expat Blogs.”

  • Allison

    Thanks so mucf for including us! I haven’t come across some of these on your list and can’t wait to look at them! Just one small correction – we aren’t ESL teachers… we teach subject areas at international schools.

    • Heather Carreiro

      Thanks Allison! I’ve corrected the description. My husband and I plan to be back on the international teaching circuit next recruiting season (spent three years in Lahore and now back in the US doing my MA/having a baby). Will definitely contact you if we end up looking into Taiwan!

  • Kelsi

    yay! blog lists make me so happy! thanks for sharing.

  • about@conspiracy@theories

    This is a great way of getting to know other blogs, which are also worth to visit. Useful article, love the style of writing and your style of saying things! Congrats.

  • Khon Kaen

    I haven’t reached “awesome” level yet – but I do enjoy sharing about northeastern Thailand.

  • Kirstin

    I love reading I eat my pigeon, I’m so glad it was included and I’m happy to find so many new-to-me expat blogs! I’ve only recently become an expat myself, I blog about life in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan at It’s been an interesting transition so far, from navigating the bazaars to adjusting to taking university classes in a quasi-post-soviet system. Lots of fun though!

  • Diccon

    Interesting list, even if I didn’t make it ( but glad to see My Swiss Window there. Well done Tracy!

  • Liz

    I am a really huge fan of Love & Paella ( – a young American couple teaching English in Spain. The writing is really funny and the photos are top-notch. I’ll do my good deed and nominate it for the next list!

    Thanks for doing the list though! I love armchair traveling so I’ll have to check them out.

  • Rachel

    Thanks for the suggestions! I’d love for you to check out my blog :D. American living and raising her kids in Rio de Janeiro.


  • http:/// Christine

    Great collection of expat blogs. I’m looking forward to new reading in my RSS feed! I’m an American expat living in the south of Spain:

  • Hanta

    Thanks to Jessica Alves for mentioning my blog!

    Expat blogs are my favourite on the internet so thanks for providing this list.

  • Alexis

    I am so excited to check out these 20 blogs! I am a wee bit of an expat blog addict.

    I blog over at These are the ramblings from my life as an American living the expat life in Kobe, Japan.

    Thanks so much for the links. Now I will have hours of reading to help me procrastinate from what I should be doing!

    • Heather Carreiro

      Thanks for sharing your blog Alexis! Hope you don’t get too distracted. : )

  • NIco

    Thanks for the list! I am a former travel journalist now ex-pat blogger living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, but usually get to it once a month…. how often do the blogs on your list update? Im kinda new at this, so Im pretty curious.

    You can read about life and adventure in Ethiopia here:


    • Heather Carreiro

      Hey Nico! We actually don’t update the list since it’s not a ranking but rather a collection of blogs we like, and we doubt they’ll stop being awesome. : )

  • nomadwomyn

    I dig the variety of blogs listed and always love the blog names.
    They’ve motivated me to continue my ex-pat food travel blog.
    I’m a Greek-American chica living in Cape Town, visually and taste documenting food languages: how food communicates more to us than tastes on our tongue.

    and making sense of spice:

  • Cindy

    My favorite expat blog is The Beet Blog:

  • Amanda

    I’ve been blogging about my time in Bratislava (, Moscow (, and now the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg ( While my current posting is a much easier place to live, I don’t have nearly as much good blog material as I did in Bratislava and Moscow.

  • Amanda

    Oh, another blogger friend of mine produces great articles about life in Russia:

    She focuses on the (many) Russian holidays. She writes well, she’s funny, and she’s married to a Russian man, so she really has the inside scoop.

  • Nikos

    Nice list!
    I would also like to add the blog of an expat website in the Netherlands called “IamExpat”. You can have a look here:

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the list!

    My wife and I blog at about the joys and challenges of expat life. We’ve lived and raised our children in Denmark, Spain, Japan, Chile, Hawaii, and Germany.

  • La Bicicleta Verde

    I recommend for Chile. 

  • Shekoukingston

    I thoughtfully reflect about daily life in Mumbai, India in my blog at

  • Jago MF

    Hi there! I guess this list is only for English-language blogs, but in case you are interested in adding one in Spanish, “Ahi te va esa! (desde Malasia)” is my blog about life in Malaysia, trips all around the ASEAN region and curiosities on Asia:

  • Siera Glick-Liddicoat

    Just what I need; more great stuff to read!  White Indian Housewife is already one of my favorite blogs.  After moving to Pune, India, I’ve started a blog too  I yammer on mostly about adjusting to life in India and food, especially all the new produce and foodstuffs I find here.

  • JamesTaleforth

    This is a good list. A real cross section of cultures, experiences and perspectives. I use this as my base for reading blogs.

    I have a blog that is mainly news based about certain areas of the world.

    It can be read by any expats who want to have an interesting read, not just about where they live, but where other expats live. Hopefully I will be able to get my blog in this list very soon!

    Thanks again!


  • Spectrummy Mummy

    Just wanted to introduce my blog.  I’m an English woman married to an American diplomat and raising two beautiful children with special needs.  We definitely live the life less traveled!

  • Andy Newbom

    We are hip deep in living as expats in El Salvador. My wife has been writing about it here
    good list of awesome blogs for sure! hopefully someday we can be as pro and slick!

  • Juancarlosmartinez

    My favourite blog is La Vie Francaise about a young Australian woman who is now living in Champagne, France. The writing is humourous and her observations are interesting.  It is quite personal writing and you feel like you really begin to know her.

  • Ryan Kilpatrick

    Awesome blogs. Inspiring stuff. I will steal some ideas for, updates from our year in South Africa.

  • Valentinavaselli

    hi, im an italian expat  wife living currently next to Geneva (switzerland), my husband is polish and our child was born in france…im blogging 50% also in english, even if im not mothertongue, perhaps you might find interesting some of my writings about our beijing stay…

  • ZiiBest

    ZiiBest is for expats living in the USA. We blog about food, expat life and show users where they can find all their favorite foods from home! We also share recipes, exclusive discount offers and photos. 

  • Ron VanPeursem

    I’m an American living and working in India. My blog, Culture Happens, is meant to help expats become INSIDERS, and to avoid ISOLATION in their new world. Check it out at     Thanks, -Ron.

  • Tokyoaaron

    Thanks for posting this top-twenty list of blogs! I look forward to checking them out.

    My two blogs, Big Sushi, Little Fishes ( and Exit Booted ( document, in words and pictures, the adventures of a modern-day Goliard in Japan and the rest of the world at the start of the twentieth century.


  • Sarah Scott C

    My family became expats one month ago when we moved from Tampa, Florida to Oxford, England so that my husband could attend the University. I have a blog (called The Salad Days) full of photos but also writings on the year leading up to our overseas move–visa applications, house hunting online, packing up, traveling internationally–as well as our experiences living in another country. Check us out at 

  • Lauren (Spanish Sabores)

    Great list! I am also an expat blogger living in Spain. I blog about Spanish food and culture as well as teaching English abroad.

  • marco north

    Brutally honest, personal accounts about life are hard to find these days. I struggle as a single father in forced exile, in the harsh and unforgiving city of Moscow, constantly dealing with a violent ex-wife that suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. In a lawless wasteland, I protect and nurture my six year old daughter as best I can – sometimes with nothing but sheer force of will, always with food cooked with a lot of love, with music.

    Anyone touched by a messy divorce, or an abusive relationship can find something that resonates here. If cooking helps you keep the wolves away, if making music is your salvation then we have something to share.

  • isargood

    Thanks for the useful list. Its great to get an overview of what people are doing out there.
    I was particularly taken with Danny Choo. Great site to look at. I am interested to see blogs that are a little more visually interesting.
    I have tried to make my blog about life as an expat in Munich, something that is nice to look at as well as informative. Have a look:

  • Midnight Train to Georgia

    I also have the joy of living in Laos.
    You can check out my blog at
    Travels in the country, bicycle trips, restaurant reviews…

    The name of the blog is Midnight Train to Georga because we, too, were looking for “a simpler place in time”.

  • Ken Seeroi

    Good list.  Like the young lady who apparently ate pigeons (or such is my understanding), I’m living and writing in Japan.  If you’re interested in some knowledge for your brain about Japan, check out

  • Gisele

    I love this list! It gives me inspiration as a blogger and motivates me to raise the bar of my writing and the topics I expose to my readers. I’d love to have your feedback, so if you have some time to spare, visit me on

  • John P Brady

    Great list. There are so many blogs out there now that someone needs to go through them and make such a list.  I’ve moved from Ireland to Sicily and have begun writing about the people, food, work and so on. 
    Look here:

  • jennygilmc

    Does anyone know if there is an updated list from 2011 or 2012 yet? I love these blogs, but wanted to check out with there was anything newer? Thanks!

    Also-in case you wanted to check out YET another blog, here is mine…

    Would love for you to drop by for a visit!

  • Terry Hershey—American living and teaching near Bordeaux, France.

  • Helenecoffin

    how about  ?

    I read this post about him haing an accident in his shorts and thought it was pretty witty!

  • AbuDhabiExpert

    Great list-got my new bedtime reading list! I have a blog to at Hope you guys like it! I am a serial expat to-country 11!

  • GaijinAss

    A lot of these are hardly blogs at all and more like staffed website. Particularly Danny Choo.

  • Jimmy Batchelor

    Hi there! I’m an American expat living in New Zealand and writing about my experiences there.

  • Lynn Woods

    I am writing an article for the magazine Generation Monthly, based in the mid Hudson Valley, and seeking to interview a U.S. retiree (55 +) who chose to retire abroad. Please contact me asap if you are interested and qualify–ideally you would be from NY or the East Coast. My e-mail is Thanks. Deadline is tomorrow (Aug. 8).l

  • Stacy Livingston Rushton

    Not sure if you are still looking for new blogs since this article is a couple of years old but I just found it. I’ve gone through and looked at most of the blogs. Some good stuff but some of them aren’t posting any more. I am an expat blogger who writes about my traveling life enriched by food. If you would like to take a look.

    Many thanks,

    Stacy Livingston Rushton.

  • Beverley Wood

    San Miguel Gringo: A real time story unfolds as a couple of aging boomers head for Mexico:

  • Stephanie Rhodes

    I’m an American pianist who just started working at the Bolshoi Opera. Learning the language, figuring out the system, and trying to meld the extraordinary with my ordinary!

    • Natalia Katyukova

      That’s awesome! I have such a respect for you!

  • Donuts to Dumplings

    We are an American couple blogging about our lives in Shanghai, China.

  • Maggie Moffat

    These are great! Would love some advice on how to get more readership on my blog:

  • Audra Mae Edmonson

    I’m an ESL teacher in Taiwan, living the dream! – Read about it here >>

  • Peter Aceto-Grey

    I am an Englishman living in Italy with my Sicilian wife and my English/ Italian dictionary.

  • Emily Bonderer Cruz

    I am an American living in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and blog about the ins and outs of daily life on the border at

  • Emily Bonderer Cruz

    I am an American living in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and blog about the ins and outs of daily life on the border at

  • Emily Bonderer Cruz

    I am an American living in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and blog about the ins and outs of daily life on the border at

  • Fabrice Darice

    I am a French software engineer who just moves to Los Angeles to work for UCLA!
    Follow my daily adventures on!

  • island wench

    I’m a Swiss/Seychellois Jill of all trades now living in the Seychelles and blogging about island life. Take a look:

  • island wench

    I’m a Swiss/Seychellois Jill of all trades now living in the Seychelles and blogging about island life. Take a look:

  • island wench

    I’m a Swiss/Seychellois Jill of all trades now living in the Seychelles and blogging about island life. Take a look:

  • island wench

    I’m a Swiss/Seychellois Jill of all trades now living in the Seychelles and blogging about island life. Take a look:

  • island wench

    I’m a Swiss/Seychellois Jill of all trades now living in the Seychelles and blogging about island life. Take a look:

  • island wench

    I’m a Swiss/Seychellois Jill of all trades now living in the Seychelles and blogging about island life. Take a look:

  • island wench

    I’m a Swiss/Seychellois Jill of all trades now living in the Seychelles and blogging about island life. Take a look:

  • island wench

    I’m a Swiss/Seychellois Jill of all trades now living in the Seychelles and blogging about island life. Take a look:

  • island wench

    I’m a Swiss/Seychellois Jill of all trades now living in the Seychelles and blogging about island life. Take a look:

  • island wench

    I’m a Swiss/Seychellois Jill of all trades now living in the Seychelles and blogging about island life. Take a look:

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