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You never know what your students are going to write.

This was one of the best essays so far.

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About The Author

Abram Plaut

Abram Plaut is an English teacher in Japan and he frequently posts his student's work on his blog Yo! Japan, along with tons of other cool stuff about life in Tokyo, such as fashion, music and interesting eats.

  • Turner

    I like pants too.

  • Paul Cooper

    I am not a fan of pants personally. When I typed this to a friend on dialup (I know horrible right?) I forgot the ' in girl's.

  • the dude

    i thought i was the only one…

  • Bob

    can be worse

  • Josh

    i hope you had your students permission to post that

  • MelBell


  • Austin SEO

    That's cool.

  • Firefly

    Hahah. How old are your students? I'd hope they're kids, but I can also see a 35 year old Japanese salaryman writing this.

  • Carlos

    Are you allowed to post your students writings on a blog?

  • Cevin

    What a jerk. I teach English in Japan as well and have the respect not to ridicule my students behind their backs.

  • Nick

    Pants are man's romances… so true.

  • Adam Zey

    The sad thing is that while his grammar leaves much to be desired, his writing is far more legible than mine.

  • Flogabogen

    This is what dreams are made of; pants and engrish.

  • craftymethod

    Teacher pickup FAIL.

  • Jason

    I teach English in Japan also. The sentence that makes this note is "Does the teacher like it?"

  • Jon

    Dis hirarious!

  • parksid701

    They definitely appear smarter then myself.

  • James

    That was too hilarious!! I'm a teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. I have seen my fair share of funny/strange stories but I have to say that this takes the cake!

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  • Selendrile

    (to stumblers) In Japan they call panties/underwear/knickers, pantsu. So that's explains why he keep saying pants. LoL But that is the cutest thing ^_^

  • Eric

    This stems from a translation error. Pants in Japanese [パンツ] traditionally means "panties". The student extended it to include the boxer variety for men. I'd have given this student an A!

  • Television Spy

    lol, a confession that Freud would love to analyse.

  • thewhat

    Possible it´s a fake

  • Ivan

    ha!a large number of foreign students like this including me!and i hope a good teacher!like you!

  • toot

    I like pants

  • eMarv

    So I guess the answer to the last question is yes, the teacher does like it! :)

  • Dankman

    Hilarity. 楽しかったよ。 I wish my students said what they thought. Or any English at all for that matter.

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  • Nickelby Thane

    Hehe very funny and cute but quite true :-)

  • Ian

    "Pants" (パンツ) in Japanese refers to underwear… In case you didn't get that from reading this…

  • Dobbicus Rex

    Pantsu, pantsu, pantsu, pantsu!!! Japan is great, you can buy used pantsu (panties) in vending machines! You can get beer in vending machines there also!!!

  • Liam

    Pants in UK English refers to underwear. I'm guessing the teacher is from the UK. As an American living in london i've made the "pants" mistake in conversation many times. For example "Did you see that guys pants today? He wears those like three times a week!"

  • Decaf
  • Tim

    I agree with everything he said

  • baltimore seo compan

    @Ian yeah, its pretty obvious .. "I am putting on the boxer pants" clearly the "boxer pants" thing shouldn't go unnoticed. I'm more or less wondering at what level of teaching this is at? It seems like beginning/intermediate, sorta like the things you would write in Spanish I or Spanish II type class. I would like to see more writings like this by foreign students, if only for a laugh.

  • KenM

    Not only does "pants" mean underwear here, it's not even a mistranslation. It's a Britishism. What we call pants, they call trousers. They also call erasers "rubbers" and cigarettes "fags." And they call soccer "football" for some reason . . .

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  • KuRiSu

    When I taught in Japan, I had a young female student give me a short essay on her favorite Western food called "Penis Butter". No Internet to post it to back then.

  • krista ranillo

    lololol that was funny

  • Toby

    you mean they call it football because thats what it is! duh. American Football barely involves the foot at all. Only upside down American culture calls something soccer when everyone else in the world calls it football

  • Mikey

    I studied Japanese while over in japan and had to do a report, I did it on Japanese bathrooms and toilets compared to the one's in America. I can only imagine that they posted my stuff like this…I had to give this speech I memorized in front of all the professors, They couldn't stop laughing it was great, nothing wrong with a little cross language humor.

  • davidphantastic


  • Rich

    In real English (from the motherland) we say pants for underwear. I guess he's not teaching them American English ;)

  • Milla Higgins

    Yes you are right, this type of butter is made from bulls and sharks. It is used for magical rituals that are supposed to increase male fertility.

  • rudy

    I like pants down

  • Zombie Kid

    I like turtles!

  • bri

    oh my god. relax, already.

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  • grammarbolshevik

    They sure do, since you don't seem to know that it would be "they definitely appear smarter THAN ME."

  • Anton

    good lord, pull the stick out of your ass- he did not ridicule the student, was merely a humorous letter.

  • Bill the Cat

    I agree pants and turtles are great!

  • thewalnut

    I like walnuts sans pants

  • chris

    my soon to be wife is an English teacher in Japan and she tell me all sorts of laughable things her students say and write. lol

  • enh

    This looks fake. This writing demonstrates a good command over grammar that typically troubles Japanese learners, but the innappropriacy of the topic and content is not commensurate with the level of vocabulary and sentence structure. If a Japanese learner of English knows that much vocabulary and is that good with punctuation, they would write with much better organisation ( or at least they use Japanese organisation) and they would avoid taboo topics. And the fact that it is on the net suggests to me that the teacher is very unprofessional, and probably not above generating fraudulent content for his blog. Sad.

  • Eric

    My favorite one my coworker got is "I wake up at 5am and then I choke a darkie"

  • canada

    you ppl are such disgrace to make fun of the work of a student. shame on you!

  • phil

    teachers these days….it is indeed a shame that people like you become teachers…it was such a good profession in my days with many teachers who wanted to help students

  • apk

    how about blocking out the name? he trusts you as his teacher.

  • Stevethedrunk

    It would actually be "They appear smarter than I." A valiant attempt though, how's 4th grade working for you?

  • asdf

    make up your mind, is it fake or not

  • Aviva

    pants are man's romances. I like that :)

  • AJ

    Scolders, lighten up! If you ever taught English in Japan, you would know the unintentional funny things that are said and written. One of my students returned from a vacation in Mexico. I asked him, "What were the people like?" He said, "They were pussy." I then had to spend 10 minutes doing 's' and 'sh' drills.

  • db

    Both "than me" and "than I" are correct. Switch out "I" for its corresponding 3rd person pronoun. Clearly "They appear smarter than HE" is incorrect. Than can take either "me" as an object, or "I" in the case that you meant "smarter than I am." –Your attempt was not valiant, just condescending.

  • grammar po-po

    no, because I is not the subject. So it is, "They appear to be smarter than me." You only use I when you are the subject, but in tis case, "They" is the subject.

  • Mike

    You're assuming that correction is even required here.

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  • Nova

    I think that comma should be either a semicolon or a dash (though I'm not sure what the correct name for a "dash" is). More to the point, anyone who says "they appear smarter than I" is a pompous prick. Saying "they appear smarter than me" is, while technically incorrect, common enough that it's acceptable. So is "they appear smarter than I appear".

  • ahmet

    as a man, i prefer skirts! hahaha

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  • sir jorge

    i'm in the wrong business.

  • malaga

    >rudy >I like pants down No rudy. Best is pants UP! ;-)

  • Dan

    Wrong, drunko. Both are right, depending on whether an implicit "am" sits at the end of the sentence. But grammarbolshevik's sounds less pretentious, so he wins.

  • df

    Uh, no. I + he + she, me + him + her. You'd say "They appear smarter than him," so you'd also say "smarter than me." Of course, "They appear smarter than I" is also valid, but that's really "They appear smarter than I [appear]."

  • df

    As Rich said, in British English (which, by the way, is not necessarily "real" English*), "pants" means underwear. *I am British, by the way, not American.

  • rev. archibald gusse

    what a big rant about pants! – i change mine only when they stick to the wall …

  • Christine

    If I was this student, I'd find it funny. I know that if the oral presentation I gave for my French GCSE which caused the teacher to nearly fall off her seat ended up on the Internet, I'd wander around for the next month with a smile on my face.

  • Donald, Scotland

    oh those hilarious foreigners! Abream plaut, do you have the student's permission to post that, leaving their name in? I agree with some comments that this is disrespectful. And if you think i'm a miserable git, then fair enough.

  • Walter

    don't be a square

  • A & N

    To begin with, some of you need to get a sense of humor. Teaching is hard work, so you have to find humor where you can. Quite frankly, I don't consider leaving a student's first name in to be "disrespectful." And for the love of god, if you're not amused by this, I wouldn't recommend visiting

  • 774 Vigilante

    A & N, you are a class A idiot. it's not about getting a sense of humor when you post it up on the internet fool. Teachers have a professional responsibility and all this guy does is bring that level of professionalism down in the name of humor. To post their homework even if it seems harmless shows a lack of good judgement as well as a total disregard for their students. Do you have children? How would you feel if their teacher took their mistake filled homework with funny remarks about those mistakes and posted it up on the internet for everyone to see? Would you think it is funny if that was your child even if the teacher felt it was harmless? Just because this is ESL doesn't give a teacher the license to use it as comedy material on the internet. BTW Abram if you are reading this, I'm documenting and collecting all of these postings related to this from your blog and sending them off to MEXT so that they can decide if you are infact violating any teacher-student confidentiality policies at the school you are teaching at.

  • ***

    Who gives a shit about the minor errors in grammar? Holy mother of God, it's just the internet.

  • who cares

    Good God, Vigilante. Lighten up…

  • Sarcasm, if you coul

    Yeah! You're an idiot, idiot.

  • Morgan

    Ahaha this gave me a good laugh. I'm going to live in another counry for a few months soon and barely speak the language. I'm HOPING for some hilarious mis-translation, if only to break the ice. If this was my kid, me, or my student, no doubt I would post it on the internet myself.

  • Trudy

    Yeah seriously. With as many jokes there are for us, it's not a big deal. buy a sense of humor at wal mart or something.

  • Isa

    Hehe, very cute.

  • d

    Where else can we bike-shed endlessly? At our friends or spouse? A fast path to loneliness if you ask me. Metacomplaining is also good for an outlet.

  • Tilly

    I have heard people from other countries talk about how confusing the English language is. After reading all of the comments so far, I can agree. Even people born in an English speaking country/or countries do not agree on proper usage of words, or punctuation.

  • Ben

    Surely it ought to be girls'… Don't beat yourself up about it – you'd only have got in wrong anyway

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  • Circles

    By the way, Australia also calls soccer football and vice versa… But we know its wrong.

  • Wolfie Rankin

    In Australia, a common joke dating back generations is about the "Penis Butter" and "Vaginamite" [Vegemite] which are commonly spread on toast, of course…. but never together. ;)

  • John Brown


  • Ernie

    it would appear teaching english in japland is a little more amusing than espana…

  • BoD

    The student's name was not relieved was it?

  • Julie

    This reminds me of a Taiwanese pen pal I had last year. It was part of English class. She would write the strangest things. I’m not going to quote her but some of it kind of freaked me out.

  • Lane.

    Actually, "They appear smarter than he [appears]" is right. It would be incorrect if you used "him" instead of "he". And you can't swap out "I" and "me" in any old sentence. One is a subject, and one's an object. I only say this because you sound a little condescending yourself.

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  • Bobrick42

    I assume you have children from the condescending tone you have used, and I bet you're a right barrel of laughs as a parent. My Dad used to belly laugh at all sorts of stupid things I wrote in my homework, then have a good giggle with the next door neighbour over the wall about it too! Has it crossed your mind that this student, who i am assuming is not a child due to the content, could be fully aware that this is on the internet, and maybe gave his permission? I think it's more of a shame that this content isn't appreciated by people like Vigilante, who would much rather threaten to jeopardise a man's career than press that X in the top right of the screen. The internet's a big place fella, i'm sure you can find something as small minded as you are.

  • Lex

    I suggest none of you consider teaching abroad.

  • scorange

    If you don't fix the grammar we have now, eventually no one will care. For the few people that do care, they will have to translate the nonsense into a legible sentence.

  • Saoirse

    I think people call whatever type of football (there are many types) is played most in their country fotball, while calling the rest by their actual names. That's not very clear, so let me explain. England's football = soccer America's football = American Football Ireland's football = Gaelic Feel free to correct my grammar or my opinion if you wish. I will laugh at you.

  • Sam Lockart

    We all love pants!

  • Sam Lockart

    I love being Australian.

  • topcat3000

    Hello, my neme is Suguru. (Hello, my name is Suguru.) I will talk about pants. (I am going to speak about underware.) We put it on every day (We put them on every day.) I am putting on the boxer pants. (I am putting on boxer shorts) Pants are important things. (Underware are important items.) It get excited when girl's pants are seen. (people often get excited when women's underware is seen.) Am I abnormal? (Am I abnormal?) Pants are man's romances. (Underware is often a male fantasy) Does the teacher like it? (Do you, as the teacher appreciate this? Thank you. (Thank you. ) uk english .

  • cheneyluvr

    Hello. My name is George W. Bush and I don't appreciate you posting my memoirs here.

  • we know what he mean


  • Andreas

    I agree. At least have the decency to take away his name.

  • Bilko

    Underware? Those crazy Japanese and their pants computers.

  • mrn.smith

    this made my day

  • kelly

    your a loserrr

  • kelly grant

    your a nerd your a loser

  • kelly grant

    not even cool

  • james matau

    who likes pantss;. i dont even wear them

  • kelly grant

    i get off on this shit

  • AX

    Every languages are meant to change (evolve) over time, and so will their grammar. You guys are just afraid of losing something you are confortable with. The change is inevitable but it will happen gradually. We'll probably be all dead by then anyway. So you can still bicker on about unappropriate grammar/syntax/orthography, but in the end it's only a matter of following the current "order" (meaning "what must be done and how"). I've seen people getting really mad over some silly mistakes that happened in non-formal context. Seriously, I don't think it really matters, as long as the text is legible.

  • ROY


  • TWAT


  • PuNiaoPuNi

    Oh dear, panchira action in an essay…

  • :O

    >:[ For your information those were made illegal awhile ago. :P Some people from almost any country would do the same thing.

  • Donald, Edinburgh

    Good for you Cevin. The wilfilly idiotic responses to your comment have made me a bit angry. Are you priviliged idiots drawling 'OMG relax already, LOL' not ashamed of yourselves? Also i note that most replies to this perfectly decent comment are anally fixated. Get some decency and self respect, you conformist ,complacent consumers. And smug old Abram with your self conscious green splurge, you look as if you're trying to appear 'wise' in a sort of Leonard Cohen way?- well that's clearly not the case. Your sneer makes you ugly.

  • Donald

    good for you. Perhaps Bobrick is right and the pupil's permission was given – in which case i'd expect Abram would reassure his readers, as it seems to be a matter of concern for a lot of them. Perhaps 'who cares' is right, and we should all just 'lighten up'. i.e. cease to care, turn a blind eye, stop making an effort, conform to the idiot crowd. And I don't care if anyone thinks i'm miserable or feels obliged to diagnose my psychological problems or offer me advice on how to be more like them. I'm quite happy thank you. Good day.

  • Dman

    Party pooper, jack nambypants, Dave the depressor, go get a job josh.

  • Chris

    you try to sound smart in your long reply to what you say angers you but really, are you that loanly and bored that this topic really effects you in such a way that you insist on taking time out of your obviously boring life to mention that it angered you and that these people should not be acting idioticly by thus replying with an idiotic responce by anattempt to insult?

  • you're stupid

    Okay then Ignatius Reilly

  • Rich

    OMG that's beyond AWESOME..:) LMAO

  • Vagi-lante

    LOL…vigilante justice indeed. You sir are a dried up old crotchety fart, who needs a hobby. I'll bet five to one the people you contact laugh right in your face.

  • Hooskeroo

    Hey I think i read the novel to that!

  • fuckcum

    u are a fag this kid is leaning shit what have u done with ur life lately

  • purlwise

    I wonder whether this site is getting more hits because of the original post or because of the commentary following it…

  • Les

    Nearly as good as a sign I saw on a classroom door that went like this. " Basic Engrish". Needless to say it was an asian school.

  • Mark Knowles

    lol – Kids say the darnedest things.

  • fixingstupidissues

    just to solve some issues…… I or me? Be careful to use the pronouns I and me, he and him, she and her, we and us, and they and them in the right place. Use I, we, etc. when you are talking about someone who has done something (i.e. who is the subject of the sentence), and use me, us, etc. when you are talking about someone who has had something done to them (i.e. who is the object of the sentence). People most often make mistakes over this when they are talking about more than one person: * 'Me and Annie had a dog once'; 'Adrian and me were going out'. In these sentences you should use I, not me, because the two people are the subject in both. 'Annie and I had a dog once'; 'Adrian and I were going out'. * 'Watch Helen and I while we show you'. You need me here, as the object of watch. * 'Everything depends on you and I'. Use me, us, etc. after prepositions. A good guide in cases like these is to see whether the sentence sounds right with only the pronoun. If 'Me had a dog' is wrong, then so is 'Annie and me had a dog'; if you wouldn't say 'Watch I while I show you', you shouldn't say 'Watch Helen and I'. It's right to say 'between you and me', and wrong to say 'between you and I'. This is because a preposition such as 'between' should be followed by an object pronoun such as 'me', 'him', 'her', and 'us' rather than a subject pronoun such as 'I', 'he', 'she', and 'we'.

  • its just fun

    This is pushing it. Most laugh at themselves when they find out what the actual translation is of something they write. I took spanish for 3 years and although it is difficult to learn a new language and yes it is not "nice" to make fun, it is also not hurting anyone. Much of the fun in learning anything new is to be able to laugh at yourself when you screw up.

  • fuck off

    You have no idea how common that name is so therefore you have no right to say this is disrespectful. This name could be as popular as "Joe". It could also be a nickname for all you know. When I was in high school I hardly ever put my full name on any document that I turned in to my teachers.

  • fuck off

    I agree. And you also have to think about how the human race creates humor. Most are created by something someone did. You people need to get over it and learn to sit back and laugh, because I can tell you, there are at least 10 people everyday talking about you and making fun of you.

  • fuck off

    Fuck off. No I would NOT mind if someone posted this if it was my child. Its harmless and he said nothing other than it was a paper from a student in Japan. Yest the childs name is on the paper but who gives a fuck. 100,000 other people have that same fucking name.

  • ValleyGurrl

    But Kelly, Milla is at least an able communicator. You are not.

  • peleton

    UNDERWARE??? you can't even write in your own language, dumbass

  • Big Rick

    We’re no strangers to love, You know the rules and so do I. A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of, You wouldnt get this from any other guy. I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling, Gotta make you understand… Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you. We’ve known each other for so long Your heart’s been aching But you’re too shy to say it. Inside we both know what’s been going on, We know the game and we’re gonna play it. Annnnnd if you ask me how I’m feeling, Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see… Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you. Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you. Give you up. give you up. Give you up, give you up. Never gonna give Never gonna give, give you up. Never gonna give Never gonna give, give you up. We’ve known each other for so long Your heart’s been aching But you’re too shy to say it. Inside we both know what’s been going on, We know the game and we’re gonna play it. I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling, Gotta make you understand… Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you. Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you. Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

  • vigk

    in beautiful life the world opens to a new splendour of nature take a grip of steering

  • Ian

    ValleyGurrl has a valid point. You lack the basic thing that makes humans advanced. An IQ.

  • Average American

    LMAO. FOBs are awsome. so hilarious and well stupid all round

  • Schemilix

    Uh, no. Fag is an uncommon slang term not frequently used, and eraser/rubber are interchangable. We .call jelly jam and jello jelly though. ;3 Chips are crisps are fries are chips, hahaha/

  • Schemilix

    Exactly. I once accidentally wrote 'I ate london' in French. Hilarity ensued.

  • Sobamushi

    Then learn to spell, or use spell check.

  • TheSpider

    LOL…….>RICKROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps: the comments of some of the liberal lefty bleeding heart twats on here are even more funny than the original post…. peace out!

  • Hamish O'Really

    Be-Jesus and I've read some bollocks on this internet thing but this shit just takes the biscuit. The student's essay was obviously faked 'cos no teacher would put it on here for pricks like you to laugh at it. But the best part was all the illiterate fuckers trying to correct each others English. If it appeared on television as a sit-com you would switch it off for being nonsense. Go away and do volunteering work in some remote place like Alaska.

  • this sentence no ver

    wow. i have comment-overload. + english in england is always the 'correct english' because it is english! i hate the way america takes our language, mispells our words + continues to claim they speak english, when it is clearly american. i must stop wasting my time like this : )

  • Japanese Honey

    ahaha, so true , Our men love panties …….

  • XD

    I'm almost 100% sure this doesn't belong to this person. It's all over the internet. And btw pants in Japanese means underwear.

  • hilarious larry

    ValleyGurrl has a valid point… and she loves PB

  • Nic

    My Mother is a Tractor – that was the most original claim any of my Japanese students made. It was so funny I made it the title of my book.

  • Deke Miller

    Bless that kid, nothing abnormal about that. Who knows if the teacher’s got the hots for his students as was asked by little Suguru. Soft lad never bothered to comment on that.

  • ejes

    i get excited when girls pants are seen.

    the teacher DOES like.


  • Bobby

    A friend of mine taught English in Korea for a year. More than likely, that essay is real. And hilarious.

    My uncle recently showed me a letter that I wrote to him when I was 10 or 11. And while English is my first and only language, it was nearly as nonsensical as the Japanese one.

    I don’t think the author of the post meant to mock the Japanese, I think he just meant to mock kids learning English (which is OK, maybe?).

  • Andrew

    it is you’re, as in you are. Not your, which is for possession of an object or thing.

    also this essay rocks.

  • Hillery

    Such drama over a simple bit of humour! It occurs to me the people who are offended by this might be misinterpreting why it is funny. The people who are laughing are not thinking “Haha, what a stupid kid!”. This is not ridiculing the student. The humour is in the missteps everyone makes when learning a new language applied to the subject of pants. That really is, without question, harmless fun. Feel offended for this boy all you want, but realise he is likely not actually offended himself.

  • jeff

    Is someone feeling a little emo today? TT_TT

  • fio

    I like this essays. (笑)

  • Lin

    Where Do I Start? I’m obsessed with traveling but where do I start? I want to go to places with culture, but not just one. I don’t have alot of money but I MUST see the WORLD!!! I feel alone. Anyone got any ideas?

    • hendrik

      I have no any ideas of this. You may find it in the future how you can do that. I really wanna go to abroad, travel around the world. But I can’t as i don’t have lots of money. I just really believe and I am sure that i can do it in the future

  • primus Nkafu Forifok

    I am interested in your teach English in Japan program and would wish to have application forms sent to me by my e-mail or by mail through

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  • Japanese Words

    Wow, that’s very honest. I guess we probably saw (will see?) this guy on the news sometime soon. lol

  • Travel Japan

    lol … this type of stuff is what makes me want to go back to Japan I love the culture shock, culture barriers, and language barriers. It makes every day a new adventure and a new challenge

  • Natasha

    I teach English in Santiago, Chile and one of the exam questions we have to ask our upper-intermediate students in oral exams is:

    Do you like water sports?

    Do you prefer watching or participating?

    I’ve never yet been able to ask it with a straight face.

  • ebru

    so cute!

  • chi

    I think this guy wanted to write something funny to make the teacher laugh.
    very cute!

    • 2132

      It’s not a joke…and I find it very disgusting…

      • 2133

        I find yer face disgusting.

  • Drey Lake

    This probably made me laugh harder than anything else this weekend. Thanks!

  • Dina

    I loved this! I am actually looking into teaching English as a foreign language myself, and this just gave me more motivation (not that I needed it). I am 33 yrs old and am making a drastic life change by picking up and moving to another country (don’t know where yet) to teach English and see the world. The great part is, I know that while I am teaching them our language, I will learn so much more from them. Thanks for the great post!


  • Ryan

    AMAZING!!! I used to teach in Tokyo and this is the type of stuff I experienced on a day-to-day basis.

    I kept a book of funny quotes from students. It’s classic.

    Thanks for sharing! It brought me right back to Japan.

    @Lin I have a bunch of great ideas for you and your travel. Get in touch if you are interested.

  • Teacher Dawn

    I once taught English to Korean students and like your Japanese students, it’s also hilarious and sweet.

  • Zee

    I miss seeing hilarious things like that. I, too, was an English teacher in Japan and the “Engrish” and writing assignments were highlights for me. Loved it!

    By the way, in Japanese “pants” means underwear.

  • Neil Blonstein

    Learn the language Esperanto. It will bring much more intimacy to the world than English. I say it as a speaker of both (and several other languages.). There is a dialogue on this at this website.

  • English course

    I wonder how funny we would be if we tried to learn Japanese. It is funny to see how some people cope with learning an new language. I know I have had my screw ups when learning Italian and Spanish.

  • Neil Blonstein

    While I taught ESL and EFL for over twenty years I have also studied history. The dilusion that English is forever the world second language, the world Lngua Franca, is the same one that the Germans (under the military strength of Bismarck, and the brains of Marx, Einstein and Freud) thought, what the French thought for centuries from Napolean onwards. For those seeking something other than the repetion of history, learn Esperanto, a movement glued to idealism and non-violence.

  • hendrik

    yes, of course we will never know what are our students going to write. I like learning English and also teaching English for my students. Learning English is very complicated for me. I sometimes doesn’t really believe that people who learn in any foreign languages for many years feel so satisfied with their ability. I don’t know why, I just feel that learning English is sometimes confusing me.

  • Keyla Hendrik

    I like too. It’s so inspiring me

  • hakuin


    People who can’t speak English good are funny to laugh at alot.

  • Joseph

    By “pants” he means underwear.

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  • grey

    There are tons of shows on Japanese TV for learning English, most are terrible, some are actually mildly entertaining

  • Japan foto

    Least it’s more entertaining than an essay about sleep as a hobby.

  • Zeroblade

    Oh hey, Kokuyo Loose Leaf! I love that paper :D
    By the way, if it hasn’t yet been mentioned, girls “pants” refers to her panties; “pantsu” is a colloquial term that means such, though I do believe it can also mean the pantaloon-type pants.

  • ESLinsider

    Yeah that’s funny. Looks like you had some good male bonding going on with your students.

  • Sarah Spangle

    This is brilliant! I’m hoping some of our LoveTEFL teachers get some hilarious and exciting students to teach.

  • Yas Wither Sugiyama

    I’m impressed he wrote Thank you at the end lol.

  • Spaceship Dmitri

    yahahahaha PANTS! EXCITED!

  • Spaceship Dmitri

    yahahahaha PANTS! EXCITED!

  • Spaceship Dmitri

    yahahahaha PANTS! EXCITED!

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