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Luke Sniewski

Luke Sniewski is one of the emerging leaders in the Sustainability Movement, since optimal personal health ultimately stems from optimal environmental health. A former Pro-Football player and CPA, this suit-and-tie left cubicle world to change the world one person and idea at a time. He is a micro-greens gardener, which puts his Masters in Sustainable Food Systems and professional culinary expertise to practical use. His motto “Healthy Living. Smart Business. Endless Fun.” has provided a personal mission statement that guides his coaching, training, speaking, writing, and living. Follow him on Twitter. (@LukeSniewski)

Posts by: Luke Sniewski

What if you could find success simply by doing one thing for your health?

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Traveling is the antithesis of consistency. No routine. No gym. No results.

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Your body comes under severe strain when you sit for long periods.

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