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Desperate times. Photo by Fanboy30

Money doesn’t grow on trees. When you need quick cash here’s 25 unique ways to earn it right now.

YOU REACH INTO you wallet to pay for your hostel bed for the night, and come up empty. You dig deeper, finding only receipts and pocket lint.

You realize you’re out of money.

Nervous, you excuse yourself from the hostel clerk and rip open your backpack, in search of a secret stash of cash. Nothing. Not even a few coins.

All you have left are some smelly socks, an overdrawn bank account and an unquenchable thirst for adventure.

What do you do? Pack up your gear, hang your head in shame as you call your friends/parents to send the money for a ticket home? Or do you consider these innovative options for funding a life on the road:

1. Travel Writer

Considered by many as the ultimate travel job, writing for online publications can help you buy your next mug of beer. Work your way to becoming the next Hunter S. Thomson by learning about the craft and querying your next inspired idea.

2. Wield that camera

National Geographic may not be knocking your door down, but that doesn’t mean that your photos don’t deserve an audience. Try selling your landscape and portrait shots to travel publications or submit it to a stock photography company such as, Andes Press Agency and Getty Images.

3. Video journalism

With the advent of Youtube amateur videos are in great demand. Become a backpack film maker, set up your own vblog or simply sell it to tourism sites.

National Geographic may not be knocking your door down, but that doesn’t mean that your photos don’t deserve an audience.

4. Busking

If you’re talented (or even if you aren’t), this is a great way to earn money. Just make sure you’re not taking someone else’s “spot” and check the legalities of performing in a certain area. Or if the police come, you could just run away really fast.

5. Work an a Bookstore

It’s a great way to show-off your “intellectual” side whilst devouring the latest books. Keep in mind that most may require a work permit before they hire you. A great alternative is to bunk in Paris’ famed Shakespeare and Company where the owner offers free beds and work in exchange that you promise to read at least one book a day.

6. Online Poker

This is the perfect money-making means for risk takers. Many travelers who have funded their trips from their winnings on Online Poker. Make sure to weigh the risks of wiping out your bank account and developing a gambling problem.

7. Massage

Have you been known to make your dates swoon with your suave massage moves? Maybe it’s time you put your seduction skills to good use by working as a freelance masseuse. Find willing clients on the beach or a location where people are looking to relaaaaxxxx. Invest in some scented oil, clean nails and your most disarming smile and you’ll have enough funds for your own spa treatment.

WWoofing it for cash / Photo strickeal

8. Farm Work

Fruit picking and farm work is one of the favorite possibilities for hippies, idealists and masochists. Though it is literally hard labor, it’s a paying job with invaluable perks, like meeting new people, enjoying the outdoors and having a unique experience.

One of the best resources is Transitions Abroad, Matador’s Guide to WWOOFING and Finding Paying Work in Europe.

9. Construction

If you’d like to fatten your wallet whilst trimming your waistline, then take on some short-term construction work. Who knows, with your newly sculpted abs and beefy biceps, you may find other uses for that tool belt.

10. Work in a hostel

Many hostels hire part-time workers in exchange for cheaper rates on rooms. Cleaning up after travelers may seem pretty disgusting, but it’s an opportunity for quick cash, a free bed and some new friends.

11. Painting

You don’t have to cut off your ear to get a painting gig, but you can put your artistic abilities to good use by offering your services for home, office or building refurbishments.

12. Dishwasher or Kitchen Staff

Grab some leftovers without having to resort to dumpster diving. Experience the stress, camaraderie and craziness of working in a restaurant’s kitchen. It may even open your eyes to a new career path like it did for bad-ass chef extraordinaire, Anthony Bourdain.

Get prodded and poked by nervous science students in the UK, US and in Europe as a guinea pig.

13. For the love of science…or some cash

If you were the type of kid that purposely ignores the expiration date on milk cartons just to “see what would happen,” then this is the job for you. Get prodded and poked by nervous science students in the UK, US and in Europe with Get Paid to Guinea Pig.

14. Donate Blood

So what if you feel a bit woozy? A train to Russia is not cheap. Sissy. Plus, you’re helping save lives.

15. Modeling

Do you enjoy staring at your reflection on train windows and hostel mirrors? Then throw down that backpack for a few hours and head off to the glamorous world of commercial and print modeling. Often found in the gigs section of craigslist ads and city job sites, these opportunities require little more than a few cheesy poses.

16. Movie Extra

Run through the streets of Berlin with Jason Bourne or flee Godzilla’s rampage in Tokyo by working as a movie extra. You can check out casting agencies, local job posts or even the local couchsurfing group where independent film makers often post openings. It’s a great way to rub elbows with international celebrities (or at least tell your friends you did), earn some fast cash and possibly get discovered.

17. Recycle

Yes, saving the environment does pay. In most European cities, you can get cash back for the bottles you collect. Scour the hostel lounge and trash cans for some empty containers which you can take to the local supermarket where you’ll be given enough change to finally buy that banana you’ve been eyeing.

Play the streets as a busker / Photo Kafka4prez

18. Sports events

Run after wayward golf balls or mop up the latest spillage from the Tae Kwon Do championships. For sports enthusiasts, it’s a great way to earn some money whilst gaining insight on the local games.

19. Trim some bushes

No, not those, pervert. Knock on a few doors and ask if they need any cleaning, yard work or repairs done. Though you may be chased off by Rover (or Ganesh if you’re in India), with a rumbling stomach, anything is worth a try.

20. Expositions

If you consider yourself a master of setting up tents, then challenge yourself by working at an exposition. Find these jobs on the city classified pages and help put up the displays, tarps and booths for a quick and easy buck.

21. Write Content

If you’ve been annoying your friends and family back home with your lengthy emails, then maybe its time to get paid by writing about other things than yourself. Work for a site that pays per hits such as, and

22. Resell stuff

Don’t quite know what to do with that weird doll you got in Romania? Then sell it in your next location. From convincing your bunkmate to buy your lucky charms to auctioning fleamarket finds on ebay, reselling unusual travel goods can turn into quite the lucrative on-the-road business.

23. Handicrafts

If you’ve got a knack for crochet or can weave a basket at hyper speed, then selling some of your crafts can be used towards funding your next bus ticket. At the very least, you could make yourself something warm for those homeless evenings.

24. Festival Stalking

One of the best ways to combine a crazy cultural adventure, lots of drinking and enough dough for your next hangover spot is to work the festival circuit. You could either apply for a gig in one of the stands or push your own agenda by selling homemade space cakes, jell-o shots or setting up a kissing booth.

25. Sail Away

Sail off towards the sunset by working on a yacht or a cruise ship. You can find work by perusing crew job sites or simply asking people by the harbor if they have any leads. It provides a sense of freedom, a means to sustain to yourself and a way to get to your next stop.

Being on the road with very little or no cash may seem daunting at first, but the challenge of using your imagination to provide for yourself will make the experience all the more exciting and valuable.

Face the fear! There are always opportunities for the resourceful and intrepid traveler.

Any money-making ideas we missed? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Want to learn the craft of travel writing?

Sign up for Matador’s new Travel Writing School and get the skills you need.

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About The Author

Michaela Lola

Michaela Lola realized at the tender age of eight that life was meant to be an adventure. Her escapades include riding the midnight train to Marrakesh, partying with the katoys in Thailand and sampling insects in China. Visit her website here.

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  • Peabo

    "National Geographic may not be knocking your door down, but that doesn’t mean that you’re photos don’t deserve an audience."

    You may be writing for an online travel magazine, but that doesn't mean your misuse of the word "you're" can't expose you as not-quite-a-writer. Wait… it's correct in the article, just wrong in the side blurb – my apologies – make that "not-quite-an-editor."


    "Or if the police come, run away really fast" – LOL. I SO saw this before in Taipei. The performer suddenly shut off his music and jet, leaving the crowd in confusion… until the cop car rolled up behind us. Funny stuff.

  • copcar

    These were some really innovative ideas…but I'm laughin' at the suggestion of prostitution…smh… wow

  • Tamara

    I love your article, thanks for the suggestions.

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  • uyl

    ps grow up i'm 21

  • DHarbecke

    Why don't you speak for yourself instead of co-opting my name?

  • Ines

    Great ideas, about the music I already thought of that.
    Just being creative is sometimes the solution. :)

  • neriza

    wow, thanks for the article. i got some ideas on what to do while i'm being broke as of this moment. ^^

  • Cheers

    What is "5. Work an a Bookstore" work IN a bookstore?

  • hosting provider

    How about selling small stuff from door to door, cafe to cafe or selling stuff in the wet market for the sake of instant money and then start building an business in the internet? I mean, one sure is an expert to something, share it online and make money through adsense :):)

  • Squirrels

    It is so pathetic when the typo-police cannot keep their mouths shut about any little spelling or grammar mistake that someone posts online. These people have serious problems. In this case, probably just jealous as they don't have the nerve to leave their parents' basements.

    • Trudy

      I agree. Look at the content quality of the blog and save the Grammar Rodeo for Bart Simpson and the Spelling Bee for Scripps. The post has some great ideas and I do not mind if a small mistake was made.

  • Anna

    Also Tarot reading is a great one. It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, if you carry a pack of cards around you can always get a free drink/meal.

  • Adrian nqld

    My mate Darren does a couple of card and "magic tricks" . He approaches groups of people in pubs or similar like this:
    "gents, do you want a laugh" he then proceeds into a routine befriending the group using humour and basic tricks u can pull out of any magic book. So he entertains the group and has a laugh. The group naturally asks about him and he tells them straight, "Im out of money and I do this to raise money to pay for my bed and buy a few beers"

    Ive also seen guys selling $2 ponchos and umbrellas for double/triple the price out side of music festivals. Talk to the owner of the shop, tell him what your doing, ask if you can take 10-20 and if u can bring unsold stock back and give him a little cut.

    Find nice flowers, cut a pile and sell them around the night clubs.

    For when u finish your travels: Previously I rented out my spare room for $200pw, then I rented out the same room for $300 instead by putting 2 backpackers in there instead. they were paying $160 at hostel, now they save $10 and if they pull a chick they can bring her home.

  • Alecu

    Nice article, thanks for the suggestions.

  • Kate

    What about teaching English? In a lot of big cities you can fill up your schedule with private in-home lessons for kids or adults. You can find online classified ad sites and post there or make flyers and hang them up around town. Of course the best way is to have an in–someone you know who works at a school or a language agency who can recommend you.

  • Osman

    Suggestions are nice, i am sure that those (who are broke) will make benefit of this.

  • eileen

    Newsflash: Writers don’t write their own sidebars. Nor do they (generally) code HTML or choose photos. Ahem.

    Two other things I’ve seen are itinerant henna tattoo artist in a hostel in Florianopolis, Brazil, and wandering haircutter in Guatemala City. I don’t know how well the henna guy did, but the haircutter made a ton of cash from people who were too skittish to try the real deal out in Guatemala City. He did a great job, and once one willing victim stepped forward, the line was dozens deep.

    nice article!



    These are great ideas. I’ll checkout Shakespeare & Company. I do love bookstores. I usually hang out at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ.

    Another idea to earn cash is to be a dog walker or “temporary” baby sitter. You could always work for the city picking up trash. What about washing windows? How about being a “temporary” office staffer or “go-fer?”

  • G’neev

    My brother is a vagabond who travels all over with a band, and he makes more money than my dad does working a steady job. It’s funny, a very similar incident happened to him in Vienna – he and his fellow buskers were playing music in a square and these coppers saw them and chased them down the street.

    My brother says that you generally get more money with a bigger band, because it’s a larger and more unified spectacle. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have some dancers with you – my bro’s band has two charleston dancers who make the music really move and encourage audience participation, raising their endorphine levels and therefore their likelihood-of-giving-you-money levels.

    Thanks so much for all these other suggestions, they empower and inspire me! I can use several of these techniques myself, and plan on it.

  • CanCan (Mom Most Traveled)

    Be careful about donating blood. When I worked in China, hundreds of people in Anhui province were found to be infected with HIV because when they donated blood and the blood mobile was reusing needles.
    It came to light in the early 2000, not sure what year the infection took place.

  • Adventure Rob

    I’ve heard of hairdressers doing cuts in hostels to build up funds before, it’s an excellent trade to know and be mobile.

    Another story I’ve heard is a guy in India whos money came to an end, he got a few of the local foods together, translated what it was and sold to fellow travellers on his own stall, as he spoke English he was more approachable then the natives and made a lot more money then them, after a few weeks he managed to save enough for a flight out of India and onto his next destination.

  • Jess

    I think it’s supposed to say Work AT A Bookstore, not AN ;)

  • mariamqwert

    This doesn’t seem very realistic…
    But funny anyway

  • Ross Womble

    This is one you can pull anywhere with United States-style suburban housing.

    Aquire some spraypaint and a set of stencils. Go door to door and offer to paint peoples’ curbs.

    Don’t go into a super-nice neighborhood, because they’ll call the fuzz and you will be removed, and likely have your paint taken.

  • Sam Golden

    thanks for the tips, as I mentioned on another of your articles im currently stranded in switzerland in a friends appartment waiting on a fruit picking job so I can get another flight haha its daunting but also a lot of fun, I busked in the market in Sion last weekend and made 20 francs in an hour, it really works, if you have time to follow my adventures check it out here

    this site is awesome!!!!!!

  • Diwakar

    excellent works!! lots of ideas for earning money.

  • Jules

    You may be posting an anonymous comment, but that doesn’t mean your
    nit-picking and pretentious grammatical superiority won’t go unnoticed.

  • Jessica C

    The fall is a great time to earn extra cash during the vineyard harvest. Although picking grapes is hard work, your day of labor usually comes with a hearty lunch, good company, and a couple bottles of last year’s vintage if you’re lucky! I found the Riesling farmers in Germany especially kind, even offering discounts at B&B’s in town for workers.

  • Hobittual

    You can tell this was compiled by a woman. It is quite ridiculous in parts, although i was keen to read it, some of the suggestions are really quite childish, which is a shame.
    It is hardly an idea for quick cash to suddenly, when you cannot afford lodgings to, go on a writing course and sell your travel blog?
    That should stave off malnutrition if you don’t die of malnutrition while you wait for your check.
    I have hard nosed the highway, several times. Never once did i go, thinking that my roadside salvation lay with some puerile notion such as offering myself as an impromptu masseur on a topless beach somewhere.
    Michaela, i can’t believe you have ever walked in the pouring rain for miles, far from home, having not eaten for two days. Or any such character building exercise unless you did it on a reality TV show.
    This item was a great disappointment, i will endeavor to post one myself that will do the job properly.

    • Eva

      Your sexism is a great disappointment. What does the author’s gender have to do with any of your criticisms?

      • Hobittual

        I am slightly confused here that you see the fact that the author is a female as a criticism.
        Where in my post do i appear to be sexist?
        I think that the majority or at the least a considerable amount of the 25, are quite useless suggestions. A fair proportion of the others are just really obvious.
        This post is feeble on its own merits, regardless who wrote it, It does however appear to be a feminine version of a feeble post.
        I can see this as it shows it self to be unrealistic and “cute” in parts.
        Not very good.
        Would you rather i pretended that it was, would you feel less vulnerable if i did that for you?

  • Idealistic Floating Fairy

    I agree with Hobittual. This is a bold idea for a blurb but is ridiculously written and light on real substance or info. Apart from selling off your trinkets, busking, begging or pawning your ass, the other suggestions here take too much time and/or organization to get food in your mouth in a short time. Even fruit picking isn’t as casual as it used to be ten years ago.
    #6 is the most stupid idea I heard of and is just a good way of losing anything you do have. #14 is wrong in my opinion and should be changed to donate sperm (for males) because in most places donating blood is not “paying work” and is charity. #15 is useless for the majority who are fugly or are not even remotely photogenic.(Prove me wrong)
    Gross generalizations and a lack of realism make this a piece squarely aimed at idealistic young trustafarians and naive young women – who like to think they could live a romantic and idealistic cash-starved existence if they chose to but in reality if they have any trouble just e-mail daddy for a large cash wire to bail out their poor ass.

  • Josh

    I can see that the gender would have nothing to do with the validity of this sight, But I must say it is entirely pointless to someone who is in dire straits.

    I am a rogue wanderer, can’t help it. I move, I travel, I just get in and go. Some points about this article I would like to make,

    1. Pursuing a difficult and often penniless dream of writing, acting, modeling while your a road urchin is NOT feasible. That is a long and time consuming process and it requires substantial amounts of investment and time.

    2. Putting an ad in a paper to sell goods. What goods? you have nothing. Putting an ad in the paper? That could be your meal for the day, or a pair of socks so you don’t get trenchfoot while hiking around hot and humid envrions.

    3. Working in kitchens and labor jobs is a decent idea, but now you run into so many legal issues of work visas, green cards, citizenship. A lot of farmers and restaurants dont want a daily hire that they have to train and waste time and money on. They would rather someone who can learn the business and be more efficient in their employment duties. and…

    4. The whole of this article assumes you have skills, contacts, money, connections, and time.

    When your out and about or just plain abroad and you find yourself broke you first have to overcome one major factor. Fear.

    Fear of when is your next meal, sure its daylight now but what happens at night? On little sleep and no food each day becomes a struggle, people dont tend to interact with someone who looks like they just stepped out of a “wild west” movie and are looking for help,food,money. The world is filled with bums and homeless people constantly begging and asking, When your hungry and in a strange land, your no different from any of them.

    If you really wanna step out and explore, and have an adventure. The biggest thing you can do is STOP. Do not go out that door until you have a clear and proper understanding that wanderers die. We starve, we eat something bad, we get into the wrong crowds thinking they will help us. So be prepared, read a couple stories of those who have ventured out. If you want to make money on the fly while you are on the road, look at temp services, day labour companies, short-term placement options (you work, you eat and sleep)

    Anyways, thats my twenty cents.

    Professional Wandering Rogue

    • Hobittual

      To Josh and the astute but bizarrely entitled IFF.
      Yes folks you are obviously aware of the soft spots in this post, Strange that it took a fair few comments to get it out in the open.
      I envisage an unfortunate group of lone travelers that have considered themselves equipped to hit the road with no more than a packed lunch and a google map of Cambodia, lying emaciated at the side of the road having had their stilettos stolen on the strength of this article.
      Perhaps if you were to carry a comprehensive range of Avon or Tupperware with you then in moments of desperation you can start a “round” or organise a party and fund your repatriation.
      Hey, the world is your bi-valve!

      • FlyingAway

        That is freaking hilarious. And Im still laughing. Maybe this article was built on imagination.

  • greyone

    fully agree
    alldough the given tips are just a start of possiblilities , wheter or not practically possible.

    my tip would be: get in contact with locals , ask them to check for a short term job (advertisement on the street, kitchenhelp ,…)

  • RVWinkle

    Oh, for the good old days, when I used to do the road without worrying such things. In those days, any kid could pick up work in a bowling alley by setting pins for the night. (They had no such things as automatic machinery). Or putting a coin into a newspaper machine, taking the lot of them and hawking them up and down the aisle of eateries. Yeah, we just had to use our heads a bit.

    Here’s an idea I never did use, but I’m sure it would have gotten me a breakfast, here and there: a sauce recipe for high-class poached eggs (half syrup, half ketchup, with a dash of Worcestershire sauce) traded for the breakfast!

  • easy rider

    This article really was just painful to read. Having spent a couple years on the road the catchy title was enticing, but sadly turned out to be another forced, unsubstantial write up that’s hooked onto the numbered list bandwagon.

    Its quite audacious to present an article with this title and then pad out the nonsense in this list, makes you wonder if the author has any travel experience at all.

  • scott

    Wow, I can’t believe all the hate here. Is the site usually this negative?

    Some of these suggestions are unrealistic but that’s no reason to be so venomous.

    • Ian MacKenzie

      Hi Scott – venomous comments are definitely not the norm. I think these haters need to relax and crack a smile once and a while. :-D

  • http://www.skolsworld,co,uk Hobittual

    Hold on Ian MacKenzie. I fail to see where anyone has been “Venomous”, i myself provided a fair critique of what was actually a really rubbish blog. If i am guilty of anything it is levity and not venom.
    I find it offensive that we were all treated as naive fools by the blogger, by being expected to take the blog seriously when it seemed to be just a “padding out” exercise. Believe me, i could have been venomous had i wanted to.

    • ian

      My reply was to Scott, who said that in his opinion, many of the comments are “venomous.” He’s welcome to his opinion, just as you’re welcome to yours.

  • http://www.skolsworld,co,uk Hobittual

    Yes Ian, but you referred quite clearly to myself and others as “Haters”. I fail to see why Scott’s post is an opinion and mine is an act of hatred.

  • seachild

    Hi Hobbitual!

    Perhaps we can now hear your suggestions on how to earn money on the road since you promised to “post one myself that will do the job properly.”

    • http://www.skolsworld,co,uk Hobittual

      My words were “i will endeavor to post one myself that will do the job properly”
      No promise there, but i will write one, Although, unlike Michaela, i will wait until i have written something worth posting.

  • Katie Oakes

    It’s all getting a bit heated for what’s essentially some pretty useful info if you’re setting about looking for work, especially all the links to various websites. You’ve saved me loads of time. Thanks Michaela!

  • ImpeachObama&VoteOutHisLackeys

    I have to agree with the others; some of these suggestions sound like they come from a 12 year old. Being on the road is inherently dangerous enough–add being broke to the mix and I say God help you. Those who travel like this expecting complete strangers to jump over themselves to help you is incredibly naive, foolhardy and reckless–esp. for females traveling alone–go ahead and call me an “alarmist”, “sexist” etc. That’s fine–call me all the names you want–I’m the one who will stay ALIVE and WELL. God gave you a brain–USE IT.

  • Hobittual

    Katie you dear sweet fragile thing. Could it be that you have attempted to concur with Michaela because you see her as a victim, a lone female being abused by her critics? A female, lone female?
    You only leave yourself open to criticism by being so obvious. You have most likely not used any of the links for any specific reason, if you are talking about saving time, you would have to weigh that against the amount of time you wasted by reading the article. By my reckoning, there have been, more plausible suggestions in the comments than in the original post.
    Your only reason for making a comment was to come to the aid of the originator, knowing full well that the comments made by myself and others are the only realistic notions on here.

    “some pretty useful info if you’re setting about looking for work”

    Dear me Katie!

  • Josh <—posted a follow-up of sorts.

    Don't know if this is considered spam, I hope not as it's on the same site. Didn't want to post all this as a comment.

  • William Wallace

    Just another painful article with a catchy title that is slightly better than useless. The comments on here are however worth reading and a hell of a lot more interesting than the article!

  • Brian

    Before i walk into a building il offern check the structor and maintenance
    You would`nt believe how many times if asked for the manager and offered to fix….. the guttering, drain, extract fans, and clear the fire exits, for $50 for a few hrs work. an get a drink an lunch for free ( smile an say some gunk fell on your mate head whilst he walked by yesterday)

  • Mariano

    i´ve been travelling full time for decades and i´ll write some of the things people do to get money while travelling:

    1.Pretty girls earn lots of cash working as hosteses in Japan, no sex involved, just making company to the costumers.

    2.Doing tranlations to different languages

    3.In south africa sell Paintings door to door

    4.While travelling near the beach you can do diving courses, it´s possible to become a diving instructor within 6 months and then keep on travelling through your new job

    5.Become an english(or any language)teacher and you can teach anywhere

    6.if you have some extra cash, and you have the feeling you are in the next hot spot, by a piece of land for 5.000 usd, you might get a lot back 5 years later

    7.Buy stuff like clothes,ournaments in cheap countries and then send them home and sell them in summer markets

    8.learn different skills, being a yoga teacher is a great way to socialize and the when you travel, you just need to stick some flyers and get a quite space and you are done….

    9.Create your online buissnes and manage it from your laptop anywhere around the world(any ideas?:)

    i´ll try to think about some others…….

  • mike eeeee

    I agree with Josh above. If anyone had the skills to actually pull this stuff off, they wouldn’t need the advice in the first place. Seriously- if I knew how to do construction work, AND talk my way into a construction site, AND get hired while there is no shortage of skilled locals… I wouldn’t be asking other people how to make money.

    Movie extras? Have you any idea how difficult it is to get into that even in your own country?

    And seriously- online poker? If you could make money at that no one in the world would be broke ever. Gambling doesn’t work that way folks!

    As for writing… well someone got paid to write this B.S. article, but you’ll find no one cares to pay for your travel notes.

    This article was pulled out of someone’s ass.

    Oh, while we’re at it… offer to fix people’s cars! Walk their dogs! Cut and style hair! Be a bounty hunter! Sell a million flowers with a 1 euro markup, and you’ll have a million euros! Simple as that!

  • Kim Brody

    Wow, learn how to spell. What the heck is a hostel? Don’t you mean hotel?

  • Kim Brody

    This article was a total joke!

  • John (actually making money traveling)

    A lot of these are spot on, but many of them are a joke as well. Online poker? C’mon. That’s how to lose money while traveling! Working farms and hostels are fun jobs with great stories and experiences, but the truth is that there are a lot of ways to make a much better income with a LOT less work….

  • Amanda

    For Kim,

    hos·tel (hstl)
    1. A supervised, inexpensive lodging place for travelers, especially young travelers.
    2. An inn; a hotel.
    intr.v. hos·teled, hos·tel·ing, hos·tels
    To stay at hostels while traveling.

  • Tyler

    Modeling for food? Well… okay :)

    • Emily

      LOL…by the way Michaela Lola – author of this post …you know those local ads aren’t REALLY for modeling, right?

  • ben

    what a bunch of crock… complete waste of time…

  • Tjen Penge

    You left out panhandling :)

  • Emily

    Um…I am pretty sure I just became dumb from reading that article. I am also pretty sure I am never visiting matador network again because of this ridiculous list. There is probably one realistic thing on this entire list, and it is trying to work in a hostel. Nice romantic notions, but seriously, this person must have been laughing when they wrote the list because it’s like saying “click your heels three times and get to the Eiffel Tower.”

  • Liam

    What about dumpster diving, thats a good way to make money, right?

  • Madame Defarge

    Massage? Seriously? Most states have licensing requirements for massage therapists. That’s not something you can just set up and do on the beach at a moment’s notice. Most of the ideas presented here aren’t really feasible for someone who needs money RIGHT NOW.

  • Paul M

    I’ve been traveling around three continents for the last two years by writing articles. It’s easy money and can do as much or as little as i want.. here’s the link..

    • Siebol

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    Why not suggest to sell a kidney, too, since you seem to have no decency?

  • Cindy Lee

    I’m in a real pinch…husband ran off to Sweden when I got I’ll from a cut I got and suffered a severe potassium deficiency….had to build myself up 2 walk again…now I am left with no money to exist. No monthly job….very educated but not prepared with clothes & car to get to work. My mother is 93…. Can’t go home again there.
    What should I realistically do…..?

  • Leigh

    where do you play online roulette?!?

  • A broke traveler.

    Bullshit, people who end up literally broke on the road by definition don’t have any money or time to invest into making crafts or arranging for live-on farm gigs. I have done the farm thing, and it takes quite some time to arrange something. Thanks for the waste of time.

  • teddy brukshot

    ya this was shit when you are on roads you cant do half of these thingz manz need a way to make money from nothing when your out there u cant do this fuccery thanks for wasting my time

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