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Over 50+ online travel magazines that are looking for your new material.

AS EDITOR OF THIS magazine, I often receive submissions that fall into the travel narrative category.

This is everything from “My Trip To Ireland” to “Explore Sunny Greece” type travelogues and reviews.

Some of these submissions are quite good, while some are forgettable. But neither are the type of articles I publish here at Brave New Traveler.

Instead, we opt for the news, views, and editorial type articles that discuss the nature of travel – and everything that comes along with it.

Inevitably, this means I must reject many of the hopeful writers that send in their work. Luckily, there are a plethora of other travel magazines that ARE interested in these types of travel writing.

I’ve collected the first 50 travel magazines that I’ve discovered in this handy list.

Feel free to bookmark it, add to delicious or digg it, or forward to your travel writing friends to help spread the word. Enjoy!

  1. Tales of Asia
  2. Intrepid Travel
  3. Dreamscapes
  4. Granta
  5. Escape Artist
  6. Get Lost
  7. Outpost
  8. Outside
  9. Travel Africa
  10. The Travel Junkie
  11. Explore
  12. 21st Century Adventures
  13. Culture Connect
  14. Glimpse Abroad
  15. Tango Diva
  16. Pology
  17. Student Traveler
  18. The Travel Magazine
  19. Perceptive Travel
  20. Transitions Abroad
  21. Travel Magazine UK
  22. Lovetripper
  23. Inside Out Travel
  24. Travel Mag
  25. Go World Travel
  26. Meander
  27. Travel Lady
  28. Restless Me
  29. Cultural Survival
  30. Literary Traveler
  31. Stellar Magazine
  32. Far Flung
  33. Travel World
  34. In The Know Traveler
  35. Journey Woman
  36. Verge
  37. Latitudes
  38. Common Language Project
  39. Destination Elsewhere
  40. Third World Traveler
  41. Backpacker
  42. Wend Magazine
  43. Cognoscenti
  44. Greatest Escapes
  45. Hackwriters
  46. National Geographic Traveler
  47. RoadJunky
  48. So Go Now
  49. Travel Classics
  50. Travel With A Challenge
  51. Traveling Stories
  52. Matador Travel
  53. Roadtrip Magazine
  54. World Hum
  55. In Travel Magazine
  56. Wave Journey
  57. Backpacker Essentials
  58. Go Nomad

Do you know anymore that aren’t on the list? Put a link in the comments and I’ll add it above.

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About The Author

Ian MacKenzie

Ian MacKenzie is the founder and former editor of Brave New Traveler. He is Head of Video at Matador Network. Ian is also an independent filmmaker, with his first feature (One Week Job) released in 2010. His more recent projects include Sacred Economics and Occupy Love.

  • Tim Patterson

    Thanks for this Ian – an excellent resource!

  • ian mackenzie

    thanks Tim, glad you find the list useful. hopefully some readers of BNT can get published with a few of them!

  • Cole Wiebe

    Our sites have very similar themes. Perhaps we can review each other’s sites, exchange RSS subscriptions (already subscribed to yours), add each other to the Blogrolls and make an exchange Technorati vote.

    Cheers, Cole

  • Michael Warren

    This list is an excellent resource for any travel writer.

    I am the editor of an online travel magazine which is accepting story submissions for any wild and crazy travel stories, so feel free to drop by.

    good luck with BNT,

  • Enrico

    Great post Ian!!

    I but when you say that they accept travel stories do you mean they are worthless?


  • Ian MacKenzie

    hi enrico – worthless? not at all. i simply mean they publish travel articles that are narrative in nature. many of them pay for submissions as well.

  • Angie

    Ian – Thanks for the great resource! I’ll be putting it to good use (hopefully soon!). Do you know if they are all paying publications?

  • Nick

    Hey, just stumbled this post. I find BNT better each time I read it. Nice job.

  • David


    Way to lay out the vision of BNT and to offer these great markets. I wanted to mention as well as a place for writers shopping their narratives.

    Looking forward to continued good things at BNT.

    David Miller

  • Ian MacKenzie

    thanks all for the great comments and links. i’ll update the list as more and more come in.

  • Sequoia

    We also accept articles at Road Trip! Magazine —

  • farley

    Thanks for this. It’s helpful. One oversight is WorldHum, which was recently acquired by the Travel Channel. And they pay!

    Which brings me to another suggestion: a list of travel pubs that pay.

  • Liv

    At the risk of sounding like That Girl, I do suggest taking Tango Diva with a grain of salt. I’ve had loads of communication issues with them in the past which has prevented me from submitting. They’re a small site which most likely explains the better part of it, however the person with whom I was in contact there was less interested in helping with the tech issue as she was interested in getting me to come to a book signing.

  • Maryam in Marrakesh

    Most excellent list. Thank you so much. Paying mags and publications are esp. great to know about.

  • Darrin

    Great list. This is a wonderful resource for travel writers, especially writers like me who write travel narrative pieces. Thanks for posting. I’d like to add to the list. I’ve written for them in the past, and they even pay!

  • Chris LaRoche

    Great list! BUT -and I realize this is a great, big, hairy butt- is there any chance these sites could be clarified, qualified, and explained a little bit more? Do they pay? Do they publish freelancers? Simultanous Submissions? Print vs. web? HOW do you get published in them, etc etc. Books like Writer’s Market and sites like Duotrope have this sort of info and it’s extremely helpful for the beginning travel writer. I realize this is a lot to ask for, so may if not here, some where else? Thanks!

  • Iris Harrison

    Chris LaRoche — why don’t you do an article and supply all this information?

  • Chris LaRoche

    Iris Harrison- Looking into it! More of a wiki than an article, though. Want to help out?

  • IP

    This is not a travel “magazine.” But I was really excited to run into this – Lonely Planet is looking for freelancers! Good luck everyone! And Ian, good job!!

  • Travel Betty

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for doing all the work for us! Good to see so many opportunities out there for travel writers.

  • Beth Whitman

    Thanks for this Ian. Most helpful. I looked at all the links myself and they are all over the map in terms of who pays, who doesn’t (but provides a link back to your site) and a combination of both. It would be difficult to sort out as Chris LaRoche recommended.

    Anyhoo, I’m writing to suggest my site which publishes travel articles by women. The link is:


  • janet

    Hi there – useful list and I like the site. I’m the editor of a print Australian travel magazine, Backpacker Essentials, which has an accompanying website with over 1500 budget travel related items so you might like to check it out and maybe add it.

  • Viv

    Great site!
    I’m the editor for WAVE – Women’s Adventures, Vacations & Experiences ~ Your Journey Starts Here!

    WAVE is accepting travel stories, articles and tips – primary focus is towards women travelers. Readers can email me for writers guidelines and we welcome all enquiries.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Kent E St. John

    Loved reading Barve New Traveler and now suscribe. We are always looking for new pieces at

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  • Helen Leggatt

    Hi there,

    What a wonderfully useful list – thank you for putting it “out there”. We at are also on the look-out for travel writers. I’ve also produced a free e-book on behalf of the site – it may be of interest to your readers. You may download it at:

    Helen Leggatt

  • jeff

    very interesting indeed, thanks Tim

  • Sheri Siedhoff

    Thanks. I travel a lot but have never written about it except in my journals. Your tips and advice have helped me see possibilities. Prost!

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  • Gabi Echenique

    Great site!
    Thanks Ian for the list, it was a great idea.
    I’m the editor of TavellersBook online Magazine.
    We’re always looking for writers!
    We accept articles, blogs, travel stories…. Readers,feel free to contact us.


  • W. Ruth Kozak

    Here’s a new travel ‘zine, a new site for new writers.

    We publish stories focused on archaeology/history; art/literary trips; culture/ exotic adventures/ travel memoirs.

    Please refer to our submission guidelines.
    A small honorarium from $10 – $25 for features is paid to our contributors.

  • Liv Hambrett is an Australian one that has some great stuff and is always looking for new submissions.


  • Mika

    You are a great source for writers, thank you!

    I just found a great new site on food and travel – its actually a link on

    they are looking for contributing writers – another great way to get exposure

  • Lee

    Just read your post about the “other websites” that accept articles. I would like to

    add with articles and information covering

    the Rocky Mountain area of the United States.

    Thanks – Lee

  • Anil

    another site, featuring travel stories and book, film and music suggestions – http://www.beatenpaths.netcheersanil

  • Stacy

    I travel alot with my children. We are on a trip right now (Kansas) and are taking a trip within a trip this weekend(Chicago). Which magazines would be the best for submitting articles about traveling with children?

  • Evelyn Hannon

    I'm interested in travel blogs written by women — women living in a new country who are able to offer advice to other women travelling to that destination. Websites: and

  • Paul

    Cheers Ian, nice work. Is it possible to add to the list. It accepts articles on festivals and events from all over the world.


  • Shel Horowitz

    Thanks for this cool resource. You could make it even cooler by putting some pay guidelines right next to each link, e.g., * = up to $50 per article, ** = 51 to $300, *** = $300 and above.

    My own travel mag, Global Travel Review, at, seeks offbeat destination, travel how-to, and travel food pieces. Not a paying market, but the site as a whole gets over 50,000 visitors a month (if only I could convert that traffic to revenue, I'd be delighted to pay writers).

  • Joe
  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the information – invaluable. Please add Pathfinders Travel Magazine

  • Jennifer

    Odyssey Couleur is another travel magazine

  • VagabonderZ

    What would actually be more helpful than listing pay here is a brief description of the type of articles being published. Then you could scope out the ones you think suits your writing and check about pay on the site.

  • Jenny

    I think listing them as lowpay, professional pay and no pay would be very useful to professional writers so we don't have to spend ages trawling through the sites trying to find one that pays. also direct links to the guidelines would be much better. It's a great idea, but some of these sites, like The Travel Magazine in the UK, don't have any info at all on contributing… Thanks!

  • Ev Harrell

    The absolutley best travel amgazine, written 99% by real travelers for consumption by real travellers, is ITN News (International Travel News), in letter-sized newsprint B&W format, in it's 35th year –

  • Carolyn Hamilton Proctor

    We invite travel story queries at our new mag,, a pub for boomer women. “Women over 50 doing fun things!”

    We look for writing in a more personal blog-style than news release style, accompanied by good photos (at least one showing the writer on site.)

    Thanks for the opportunity to spread the word.

    Carolyn Hamilton Proctor
    editor and chief adventuress

  • Tina Brown

    Hi Ian, I am looking to publish my stories of being an ex-pat. I don’t know if that falls into the “travel” category or not – Could you tell me if the magazines you listed also print stories related to ex-pat’s?
    Thank you!

  • Billy Tucjker

    Thanks IAN: I used your vauable info to get photo assignments for my Waler Evans “photo safari” to hale County, Alabama= keep up the informative work..

  • Hannah Elisabeth

    thank you so much for this list! it’s awesome. but is another really interesting, definitly not your every day travel blog.

  • svein

    hi. I guess that this list needs to be updated?
    At least take some away; destiantionelsewhere seem to have ceased..


  • Dave Partridge

    I know your list is focussing on online travel websites, but Real Travel magazine in the UK is a magazine devoted to publishing readers travel stories on a monthly basis. Most of the articles featured in the magazine also end up on the website at We find this a better way of interacting with our readers and giving them something other than the ‘journalist on an all-expenses press trip’ features which other magazines in the genre tend to disguise as their own.

  • jon monsoon

    I edit a South African in-flight magazine with a massive monthly readership. Always keen to recieve people’s off-beat crazy travel pieces (and we do even sometimes pay for them! ;)

  • Mary D’Ambrosio

    Dear Ian,

    Big World Magazine is two years too late for your list (having just launched in March 09) but would be thrilled to be included

    We’re in search of high-quality experiential stories, photo essays and multimedia that evoke a sense of place. Powerful narrative, provocative profiles, reported stories and investigative work are all fair game. No pay yet, but we’ll pay 50% of anything we can syndicate, and circulate contributors’ credentials to a roster of influential assigning editors.

    Submission guidelines at:

    And many thanks!

    Mary D’Ambrosio, founding editor
    Big World Magazine

    • Ryukyu Mike

      Checked this site out; looks great to me. Everybody knows how stingy In am with my photos; I hooked-up Big World Magazine with a Private Gallery on my website!

      • Mary D’Ambrosio

        Why, thank you very much!

  • lily
  • Bonnie

    Thanks so much for starting this list… and thanks to the commenters for keepin’ it going!

    You’ve mentioned some of them here… but we have a list of 100+ publications where you can submit travel writing over at the Travel Writer’s Life, too!

    Not all of them are paid, but you’ll find profiles of them, links to writer’s guidelines, tips from pro writers and editors, publications that buy photos, etc.

    – Bonnie

  • Merry

    I was wondering, what company would publish my writing about traveling, but not so, picky about what I write about, opinion wise I mean, do you get what I am saying?

  • Merry

    o yeah, also one that will pay me.

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  • Wild Card

     Hey Ian and thanks for the tips,  I was in for an interview with as they were looking for freelance writers round the globe. I believe they re also looking for contributors!

  • Bardofely

     Hi Ian! Thank you for the list of Travel mags, some of which I will be contacting! I live in Tenerife and have a lot of my HubPage articles about the island here: but I am always on the lookout for places to submit my writings so really appreciate this! 

  • Naveenlasantha

    I am Naveen Lasantha founder of MG travels (PVT) LTD in Sri Lanka . I like to publish my
    new packages for everybody, who like to visit Sri Lanka for more detail please contact me . enjoy your holiday in Sri Lanka now it safe .


  • Student Trips

    Great post! So much information provided here, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Jake Stansell is now publishing travel blogs and articles, and they’re paying writers for their stories.

  • Masterjikeehaveli

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  • Lisa

    Go! Girl Guides is a great travel webzine as well that publishes articles and essays for female travelers.

  • india tour

    it is relay traveling this site india tour and good information tour and travel

  • Sanchit Garg is a new way to connect travelers to trusted local travel agents. We are a trusted platform and have local travel agents on board. This helps travelers to get various local experiences and a trusted trip at genuine prices. Please see if you would like to publish about this new way of booking trips!

  • Steve & Lisa

    If you need information about Disney vacations for an article, please feel free to contact us.  We are both past Disney employees that love Disney and can help with tips, advice, planning, etc for Disney World or the Disney Cruise Line.

  • Lushtrip

    For getting amazing travel deals online visit

  • Editor

    Hey, I’d love for you to include on this list.  We pay $15 for web articles and between $25-100 for magazine articles at the moment.  Cheers!

  • Bob newman

    Retirement abroad? forget it, these places are great as holiday retreats, but there is no place like home if you are English or American

  • Donna Beasley

    Please include to you list.

  • driving school Bromsgrove

    Travel writing is the  best job for all adventurer’s. Documenting on the best places that they are visited.

  • Wand’rly Magazine

    We love Wand’rly Magazine ourselves. We’re part destination-based mag, part “how to live on the road full time” guide. Check it out:

  • Pune Travels

    Thanks,  It’s really help for my business pune travels

  • stingytraveller

    Nice list, thanks for that, might make me some pocket money.

  • Patric Brasher

    EthnoTraveler, an online publication, boasts of publishing dispatches from the crossroads of culture, and encourages freelance writers to submit their work. You should add them to the list. Here is the link:

  • Stefan Cordiner

    Great resource- thanks for this. We’re looking for bloggers / writers who are keen to try out our unique experiences in various cities around the globe. Check out our site & get in touch!

    • Shanna Kurpe

      I see you are starting something in Barcelona? That’s where I live. Check out my blog at and let me know if I can help!

    • Nicholas Coates

      Just a warning to fellow writers/designers- Lime & Tonic commissioned me for a design job with a set fee up front, then forwarded me to their “payment service” who emailed me once and never compensated me for my work. It was a small sum for spec work, but they brushed it to the side and ignored subsequent emails. Just a warning for honest creatives out there who want an honest pay for honest work.

  • Truely Uttarakhand

    The Land of Gods — Uttarakhand is the treasure trove of wonderments and is lovingly called Paradise for tourist. Uttarakhand is Surrounded magnificently by the picturesque Himalayas covered with fairy snow, almost seen flittering with the sky, Uttarakhand is the state with heavenly natural charm, beauty, attractions & the place where nature has left all its best expression, manmade wonders, rich culture and traditions, royal attractions, ancient history which can be felt till date as you walk through the streets of Uttarakhand and on top it is the hot spot for the mountaineers and adventure seeking people, who dare to take challenges.

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  • Keith Gould

    Take a look at my blog. Have written a monthly travel column in the past for Adweek Magazine. would be interested in doing that again.

  • Monica Stott

    I’m looking for paid writers for a new blog I’m launching for Round the World Experts.

    You can email me at

    • Tom Corey

      do you actually mean you want writers who already earn a professional living or anyone who is interested?

    • Monica Stott

      Hi Tom. Anyone who is interested and preferably has some writing experience.

    • Lauren Forbes

      What would we need to send you? X

    • Gordon Price

      I’m in Monica…send the cheque to…sorry the application form to my e mail please!

    • Monica Stott

      Hey Lauren, if you could send over your email address I can send you some more details :)

    • Jeni Hancock

      I can write! X

    • Monica Stott

      Don’t worry Jen, I’m already planning on using you when you go travelling ;)

    • Rob Lindegger

      I am presently cycling through Africa very slowly and am interested in obtaining paid travel writing work. I should be of assistance to you, especially in Southern Africa.
      My website is

      Sincerely Rob Lindegger

  • Jim O’Donnell

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  • Kenya Budget Holiday

    that is nice comments.

  • Catherine Howell

  • Anonymous

    Please add to your list. Thanks.

  • Molly Nurse

    Are you guys aware that number 28. Restless Me opens an ‘adult’ social network site?

    • Carlo Alcos

      Thank you. The list is from 2007 so no doubt there have been some changes. I’ve removed the link.

  • Manya Singh also call all travel writers and travelers to share their thoughts.

  • Rajiv Bedse is for everyone who admires and appreciates nature. It is also for passionate travelers who love visiting scenic places of natural exotic beauty. It is for those who wish to fulfil their passions, make new friends, exchange cultures, and explore the true self within with the help of nature.

    We aim at bringing to you information about some mind-blowing places in the world. But more importantly, we endeavour to offer valuable advice based on travelers’ personal experiences, through our newsletters.

    Health and fitness are the two most important aspects of our life. We intend to offer you some useful information, and tips in that area.

    We will also help you identifying your true passions in life and turn it into a life worth living for.
    Our aim is to walk the path of fulfilling your travel passions with you while you keep yourself healthy, bring happiness in your life, and be a catalyst in fulfilling your dreams.

    Anyone who is interested in publishing their quality articles (up to 600 words) related to above topics can contact us at

  • Alexandra Mona


    My name is Alexandra and I would like to submit our blog to your website.
    Our Blog is all based on the travel experience we are gaining at the moment.
    We bought a RV and left our small apartment in Long Beach, CA ready to explore the USA.
    The blog is written out of Baxters point of view, he is our cat and describes what we are going through almost every day.
    Please have a look for yourself I hope you will like it.
    I am open to any suggestions and looking forward to hearing from you either way.

    With best regards and bon voyage,

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