Ian MacKenzie

Ian MacKenzie is the founder and former editor of Brave New Traveler. He is Head of Video at Matador Network. Ian is also an independent filmmaker, with his first feature (One Week Job) released in 2010. His more recent projects include Sacred Economics and Occupy Love.

The red pill: 15 films guaranteed to blow your mind

Maui paradise dubstep [VID]

What is the future of yoga?

Photo essay: Downward dogs en masse at Whistler’s Wanderlust Festival

Electronic Awakening: Emergence of the neo-tribal community

The Power Story: A children’s tale on waking up to Japan’s nuclear legacy

How the Occupy Movement is hacking your consciousness

Just how fast is the information age moving? [VID]

Q&A: Carlos Ferrand searches for meaning in Planet Yoga

If we get Occupy right, we get everything right

24 hours in: Parksville, Canada

From Egypt to Wall St. – The revolution comes to America

Notes from a modern Cave Man

BREAKING: American hikers have been released from Iran

Ray Kurzweil: The human-machine civilization is our destiny

At the edge of death at Burning Man [VID]

Finding the sacred at ground zero

Burning Man: Rites Of Passage [PICS]

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