Giveaway - "My Eyes Are Burning" Burning Man Photo Book

by Ian MacKenzie Jul 2, 2011
We’re giving away a copy of Karen Kuehn’s new photo book to a MatadorU student.

The playa shows no mercy on cameras. Having been to Burning Man twice, I deliberately left my expensive gear at home, choosing instead to subject my small point-and-shoot to the dust storms and unrelenting sun. And besides, trying to capture Burning Man on camera is a daunting affair… most decide the magic is better left in Black Rock City.

Kudos then, to photographers like Karen Kuehn, who bring their full gear and manage to bring home an astounding collection of beautiful portraits, as in her new book “My Eyes Are Burning.”

Burning Man is at the least a feast of the senses. Visuals abound at every twist and turn. Sometimes you can just stop and stare at the horizon. The Playa upon which Black Rock City exists, seems so endless. Our minds wonder elaborately there, and brainstorms beyond our wildest imaginations occur frequently. It is an artist’s playground, a canvas set in the vast open space of the wild west.

Karen Kuehn is not faint of art, nor is her photographic work. Like butter, she melted and molded people into her camera lens. Even the hard core “I don’t want my photograph taken” subjects were cajoled and capitulated. Karen’s art extends beyond her camera. The real art she produces is her talent to work with people.

And The Winner Is:

Heather Freitag – MatadorU Photography Student.

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