One Million Voices for Shane and Josh

by Ian MacKenzie Jul 25, 2011
On the lead up to the final hearing for Shane and Josh, the two US hikers unjustly detained in Iran, a new campaign is urging one millions voices to be heard.

THE STORY of the US hikers originally detained in Iran from 2010 has been told many times. We’ve covered it here at Matador extensively (check out the full series) and I personally joined their solidarity fast in early June this year.

With their new trial date set for July 31, 2011, there are a number of actions this week.

The most prominent (and one you can do from anywhere) is the “One Million Voices” campaign.

One Million Voices for Shane and Josh is an international call in blitz on the Iranian Interests section in Washington D.C.. We will remind the Iranian government that the whole world is watching and wants Bauer and Fattals immediate release to their family.

Read the full details here. And check out the other events happening this week.

UPDATE JULY 27, 2011

Call The Interests Section of Islamic Republic of Iran
(202) 965-4990

Great work everyone! Yesterday we again received many, many reports of long waits, quick hang-ups, as well as polite attempts to make us stop calling. This campaign is going strong and please spread the word. Be polite and firm as you drown the receptionist in kindness. Ask them to please pass the message upward in any way that they can.

Here’s how to reach a receptionist at the Interests Section at (202) 965-4990 if you are not an Iranian citizen: Press “2”. Again press “2” for general information, and finally press “0” to speak with a representative.

If you repeatedly can’t get through because the wait is long at the Interests Section of Iran in DC (that means we are doing a terrific job of communicating with them!), you have a few other options for participating in this action to appeal for Shane and Josh’s immediate release:

*Call the Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations in New York City at 212-687-2020. When the receptionist hears what you’re calling about, you will be forwarded to a voicemail system on which you can leave a message.

*Send a polite fax or email to the Interests Section in DC
Fax: 202-965-1073 Email:

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