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Photo courtesy of Yanko Design

Who knew your leftover bath water could actually be useful.

IN OUR ONGOING efforts to be environmentally conscious, recycle frequently, and reduce our carbon footprints, a slew of green products and concepts have been hitting shelves to help us along with these collective goals.

The latest addition to the eco-friendly market is the Live Moss Carpet – a soft grass carpet that thrives from the few drops of water you leave behind when stepping out of the shower or bath.

Designed by La Chanh Nguyen, the base of the moss is made from decay-free foam called plastazote which prevents dangerous mold and other equally-nasty minuscule lifeforms.

There are three types of low maintenance moss – ball moss, island moss, and forest moss – within each foam cell. The humidity within your bathroom and those few water droplets are all that’s needed to keep your little moss garden sprouting all year round.

For more information about this sleek carpet, check out Yanko Design. Even though they maintain an online store, tracking down a price estimate for this carpet was quite the feat.

Price: Contact Yanko Design

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Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström

Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström is a MatadorU faculty member and Network contributor. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Vogue, BBC,, and many more. Follow her photoblog at

  • jessiev

    how cool is this, lola! i want one!!

  • Sonia

    lol nice idea

  • Julie

    I love it! Gotta get one of these!

  • curious

    Wouldn't this attract bugs?

  • Ehrr

    Wouldnt your feet just get dirty when stepping out again?

  • Bens

    this is silly. it would attract bugs and eventually you would wear out the moss and it would be just dirt. the creators obviously thought the idea was cool but never tried to figure out if it would actually work. soon to be deleted comment

  • roentarre

    Hope there is no hookworm in that green pad! Hehe Very green there for sure. :)

  • Amber

    Well how long until anyone's bath mat gets worn out and matted? I think this is a good trade… I would feel like I'm killing it though. It would be fun just as a decoration elsewhere in the house. Like a piece of live art rather than something to walk on. I would be kewl with hanging it on a wall and spraying it occasionally. If it's ever sold like that, let me know.

  • Ben

    of course all mats turn old and worn out … just this one turns to mud and that's kinds the opposite thing you want going on in a bathroom … at least at my house it is….

  • not a ben

    uhm way to read about the product bens(s)…. its based on foam

  • Lola

    Cool, but can my cats safely eat it? I know they will.

  • James Camuso

    Wow! Listen to the city folk proffess their ignorance. I currently use the shower outside my house in the country mainly because I am tired of picking up the towel/mat in front of the bathtub indoors when it gets really ratty looking. Stepping from the cement garden stone to soft grass for a stroll to air dry before going back indoors is very soothing. The little moss that can stand the heat in Central Florida is a welcome pad beneath my feet.
    Sanitary (actually absorbs and metabolizes most biotoxins, sort of like how a wetlands filters city drainage runoff) and as safe for a cat to eat as…well, how do you keep your cat from eating your hardwood floors/linoleum/carpet/towel/tile now?

    • shaun

      chill out dude, allright you live in the wilderness and shower outdoors, do you want a cookie?

  • Eco resort lover

    What! are you serious! Lola i love your info

  • http:/// Stevo

    What a great idea! I’ll look into this.

  • Pulkit

    I saw this about a month back on some other website. Did some research on growing moss, went to a beach in Point Reyes, collected some moss off the rocky beach, and am now successfully growing moss in my bedroom. Wish I could make the mat too..

  • Dean

    This is a cool idea. Now correct me if I’m wrong but the moss is living so unless you totally kill it (not sure how you do that but there seems to be poorly educated people out there that I’m sure would try to clean it with bleach or somethign), it basically will continue to grow and “fix” itself. So technically the mat, instead of deterioriating would actually regenerate itself. My only question is that over time does the moss break down the foam its growing on?

  • Meagan

    Alright, I love the mat – but then again, I also love the dark rock in the background framing the gorgeous green color. Is the rock slate…or does anyone know what it is – I feel ridiculous for not knowing.

  • Kevin Post

    I am definitely going to buy one of these live moss carpets for my bathroom. Now, where can I find one of these in Medellín?

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  • Faisal

    Decay Free plastozote? How green is it?

  • Qtorrents

    Nice… so when my grandma comes out the shower and steps on moss… she’ll just slip and break a hip.

    Moss is not slippery… no no no *sarcasm*

  • jordan

    You’re thinking of algae that clings to rocks in lakes and ponds. Moss is not slippery and feels quite nice on bare feet.

  • DzhaA

    This is beautiful. I’d have one.

  • E-TARD

    WoW Moss Carpet thats soo cool
    I so want one :D

  • nik

    Sounds nice, but seriously wouldn’t that attract more bugs (than usual) into the bathroom!? Wouldn’t wanna step on a spider or thrip. I think I’d rather use it as an outside door mat from my garden.

  • Gabe

    Trekked all over the net and cannot find the darn thing! Anyone know how/where to get one?

  • Lola Akinmade

    Your best bet for finding the carpet is through Yanko Design –

    It may still be in concept mode.

  • Mary

    A comment on the Yanko site led to this page:

    Hope that helps!

  • Lala

    Moss dies when you walk on it.

  • Vanessa E. Galasso


  • Otha Malik Nash

    Pets and moss carpet? I don’t see that working out.

  • Watret Dressendorfer Jen


  • Bruno M. Ronchi

    What does this have to do with being environmental conscious?

    • Maggie Macleod

      the simple act of the creation of life and not the destruction of life is environmentally friendly

    • Maggie Macleod

      the simple act of the creation of life and not the destruction of life is environmentally friendly

    • Maggie Macleod

      the simple act of the creation of life and not the destruction of life is environmentally friendly

    • Maggie Macleod

      the simple act of the creation of life and not the destruction of life is environmentally friendly

    • Velvie McKenzie

      You dont have to wash it. Saving water and all the chemicals that go into laundry detergent. Plus everything that Maggie said. I am sure they also do some co2 oxygen exchange as well though probably not much.

  • Red Twig Fine Gardening

    Anybody interested!

    • Betsy Schairer


  • Tere Estudillo

    I want to make my own!

  • cheap flights Trip

    Good idea..

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