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IT SEEMS LIKE the oxymoron of travel media, but the less I travel the more I tend to produce. I’ve had a fixed address for more than 12 months for the first time in my adult life and I’ve published more travel photography, too, simply because I’ve been able to build relationships in person rather than via email.

When my local travel board, Tourism Jasper, needed a photographer to shoot the 2012 Canadian Yukigassen Championship, I submitted my bid and won the job.

Photography by Jeff Bartlett.

SnowPhoto Essay


About The Author

Jeff Bartlett

Jeff is an adventure photographer and writer with a penchant for masochistic outdoor pursuits. He is now based in Jasper National Park. More of his work can be seen on his website and blog. You can also find him, periodically, on Twitter.

  • Candice Walsh

    I must experience this.

  • Joannie Johnson

    Now this is what I call FUN!

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