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As founder of Burger Conquest (dedicated to the glorious pursuit of delicious burgers) Rev. Dave Ciancio knows a thing or two about ground beef. Here are his 10 favorite hamburgers in North America. Yep, that’s his hand.

Oddfellow’s, Toronto

The Apple Pan, Los Angeles

Kuma’s Corner, Chicago

The Vortex, Atlanta

Father’s Office, Los Angeles

Melt Bar, Lakewood, OH

Arthur’s, Hoboken, NJ

Sunburnt Cow, NYC

Shake Shack, NYC

Trailer Park, NYC

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About The Author

The Reverand Dave Ciancio

Dave likes to eat…A LOT. He runs and is a founding member of the world’s #1 steak club, He also hosted 2009's NYC Wing-Off. When not chowing burgers, he also manages some very loud musicians.

  • Kate Sedgwick

    Man, he likes ‘em rare, don’t he? But they look tasty enough to incite some vegan anger.

  • Tom Gates

    I’ve never waited in line for a Shake Shack burger but after this picture, I’m starting to consider it.

  • Carlo

    I like my steaks medium-rare to medium. But not my ground beef!

    I will admit though, that Shake Shack burger does look tasty.

  • Ryan

    Toronto is in which of the United States?

    • Rev

      Tom and Ryan – regardless of locational “semantics” the Oddfellows Venison Burger is worth the 1 hour drive over the border!!

    • Lyndsey

      You’re joking, right? Toronto is in Ontario, Canada
      PS Those burgers are ALL drool worthy, and havin em a bit pink inside is the only way to go…mmmmmmmmm

  • Candice

    *virtual heart attack*

  • Kathy

    Most of these photos were pretty disgusting to me but the tater tots in Atlanta look scrumptious!

  • Tom Gates

    Ryan – The editor of this section is an idiot and obviously screwed up about suggesting Toronto as an annex to America. He should be shot.

    Also, I am the editor.

    • Hal Amen

      judge, jury, and executioner you are, tom.

  • Michelle

    Wow, look at that grease…

  • Ross

    Wow, awesome piece but how could you leave out the Corner Bistro in New York!??

  • Ross

    Btw, most of those burgers are perfectly cooked. All of you ordering “medium well” burgers are missing the point. It’s all about the juice, baby!

  • bob

    with a Schaefer’s all good.

  • Jonathan |

    Great post! HUMmmm NOW I crave a Cheeseburger……

  • lisa

    Dave, did you see the episode of How I Met Your Mother, the one where they were in search of the perfect burger? It was priceless haha.

  • Sandy

    This is so not the website to look at right before dinner. Now, nothing will suffice but a burger. NOTHING!

  • Justin Broadbent

    Odd Fellows!!!???
    Needs to try The Roxton. Way better. :)

    Great list!

  • ashley

    not a single burger from texas! leaves me kind of sad….and craving a chicken oil burger…..

  • Matt Scott

    I’m licking my screen- these look great. I’m on a constant hunt to find a good ( not even great) burger in France. Have yet to come even close to success.

  • pat

    Dude, you’ve got two places from NYC, but not the Corner Bistro?!! Definitely one of the best burgers in the U.S.A.

    • Tim

      Corner Bistro sucks. There is nothing special about their broiled burgers in the least. Go a couple blocks away and get the burger at The Old Homestead instead.

      • Miss Expatria

        OMG BLASPHEMY. Corner Bistro is not only delicious; it is scientifically proven to sober you up, and also costs like 6 bucks. It is by far my favorite burger in New York.

  • charlie74

    i love the fact that the “trailer park” serves shaefer.

  • charlie74

    …and am i the only one that realizes Toronto is in North America? I know pluto is no longer a planet(which is bullshit by the way) but isnt Canada still part of North America?

  • Miss Expatria
  • Cjoe


  • Karl

    This burger porn is awesome!!!

    …but I still subscribe for the articles

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  • Shazam

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like burgers where the patty still moves because it’s not fully dead? On the photos most of the meat is raw inside and burned outside. Sorry, gentlemen, this sucks.

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