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Lunchbox Laboratory is but the tip of the hamburg. Photo: foole

Having just recently digested some serious burger porn courtesy of Burger Conquest, we gave our own Alex Nolette the beefy challenge of picking 50 of the world’s best burger joints. He came through with a list of the most recommended, droolific burgers on earth.
Ulupalakua Ranch Store & Grill (Kula, Hawaii)

Headed south on Kula highway from Pukalani, you might start to salivate as you see cows and elk feeding on the nutritious grasses of Maui. You’re in luck! This ranch has a lunch grill making burgers out of this grass-fed beef that are said to be “OH. MY. GOD.”

Fergburger (Queenstown, New Zealand)

Fergburger is rated the number one restaurant in Queenstown on Trip Advisor. That’s over 60 reviews and not a single negative remark. The patty is made of fresh beef, then shaped into an enormous creation almost too big to stuff into any mouth.

Fergberger. Photo: dal_lur

Igloo Roadhouse (Buxton, Australia)

If you have done any research on great burgers, you probably have heard of the Aussie creation “burger with the lot“. This topping lover’s dream consists of cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, pineapple, beet root, and bbq sauce. The patty and bun at Igloo are Godzilla-sized, making it the perfect bed for the lot of it.

Andrew’s Hamburgers (Melbourne, Australia)

Andrew’s sits at the top of the Australian burger pyramid, regularly reviewed as the best Aussie hamburgers. Eating one of their creations sure beats eating at Subway.

Egg, tomato, bacon & cheese. Andrew’s. mspixieears

Kermond’s Hamburgers (Warrnambool, Australia)

If there is any joint trying to take down Andrew’s hamburgers for best burger in Australia, it’s Kermond’s. Making the most talked about burger in Warrnambool since 1949, Kermond’s has put in their time. They may have been around the block once or twice, but there is nothing old fashioned about their burgers. They’ll pack it full with all the toppings you want and carefully construct it, so you’ll get a perfect bite every time.

Burger Got Soul (Launceston, Tasmania)

Tasmania doesn’t usually blip on the burger radar but Burger Got Soul beckons. The burgers look fresh and all accounts are that they taste flipping delicious.

Arctic Roadrunner (Anchorage, AK)

A historic Anchorage burger joint, popular with food-loving travelers. A burger with bologna, ham, salami, mozzarella, and an onion ring? Hit it or quit it.

Urban Burger (Vancouver, BC)

Don’t confuse this place with the Australian franchise. This place is locally owned, and dishing out solid burgers. Think of the Canadian equivalent to In-N-Out.

Arctic Roadrunner. Photo: semarr

Lunchbox Laboratory (Seattle, WA)

Lunchbox is a hole in the wall, create-your-own burger joint. All these burgers are over the top and messy. Choose from the vast selection of meats, cheeses, sauces, and toppings. They’ll construct the burger of your dreams, held together by an organic Kaiser roll.

Father’s Office (Los Angeles, CA)

Father’s is a ritzy, bustling bar in Culver City with an enormous selection of craft beer. Focus! You’re there for the burger! The Office Burger is a thick patty of dry, aged beef, topped with caramelized onions, bacon, gruyere and blue cheeses, and fresh arugula. It’s a wolf in gourmet burger clothing.

Apple Pan (Los Angeles, CA)

Located in West Hollywood, Apple Pan is a small, shed-like building that has allegedly perfected the classic burger. Their famed hickory number is a grilled patty served on a large bed of iceberg, with pickles, mayo, and topped with their own homemade hickory BBQ sauce. It’s nostalgia on a bun.

Rocky’s in Calgary. Photo: Soul of Beer

Rocky’s Burger Bus (Calgary, AB)

Apparently, when Mrs. Partridge blew a tire on one of the Partridge family tours in Canada she just started selling great burgers. These are take-out burgers made from AAA Alberta beef. They’re fresh, they’re fast, and they’re reportedly delicious. Just tell Danny Bonaduce to get his own!

Bobcat Bite (Santa Fe, NM)

Bobcat is out of an old movie; a place that’s miles from town, where a cowboy could tie up his horse and enjoy one of the most raved-about burgers in the USA – a huge freshly ground patty, topped with not-too-hot green chilis and a slice of melted white cheese.

Cherry Cricket (Denver, CO)

This Yelp review can’t be topped: “I make this review special by revealing that I am a vegetarian, unless I’m at the Cherry Cricket. Oh yes, I’m acutely aware that the cow that I’m eating likely had a horrible life, I understand that my gastrointestinal tract will object the following day in an unpleasant manner. But… best. burger. in. town.” Not exactly the strictest vegetarian.

Chris Madrid’s (San Antonio, TX)

Have you ever had dreams about drowning in cheese – and completely loving it? Chris Madrid’s will make your dreams come true. The large and charred patty is swamped in fresh cheddar. This burger is even cheesier than a hot dog in France.

Chris Madrid’s. Photo: laurafries

Kincaid’s Hamburgers (Ft. Worth, TX)

An old grocery store transformed into a retro diner. The burger you’ll find here is not much different than your uncle’s famous char-grilled backyard burgers. Except better. Word is that it rivals some of the world’s best flame grilling.

Sobrino’s (Mexico City, Mexico)

I have to thank Jim Johnston for this recommendation. The burger here is said to be of quality beef, served on nice, crusty bread. So, if you’re in Mexico, please… take some time and send us a review of your experience. Given the lack of Mexican burger articles, it seems that a “Greatest Burger in Mexico” piece might do some good.

Buster’s on 28th (Minneapolis, MN)

Buster’s burgers are always said to be perfectly cooked and always tasty. Apparently it’s all about the bison burger.

Buster’s bison burger. Photo: benreichelt

Kuma’s Corner (Chicago, IL)

Embrace your naughty side and order up a Goblin Cock (Hey pervert, that’s a burger with a Chicago dog served on top). Or maybe try one of the other 21 heavy metal branded burgers, all served on a fresh pretzel roll.

Port of Call (New Orleans, LA)

Port of Call is the type of place you’d expect to have been one of Blackbeard’s favorite bars. Wood paneling, sailor décor, and men with beards. The burgers are as simple as a huge great tasting patty with a handful of shredded cheddar cheese on top.

Ann’s Snack Bar (Atlanta, GA)

Atlanta has become the burger lovers Mecca and Miss Ann is the Muhammad of the burger world. Miss Ann carefully constructs her massive patties with her own hands, building her “ghetto burger” from fresh ingredients. I’m surprised that it didn’t make Matador’s picks for where to eat like a local in Atlanta.

Vortex Bar & Grill (Atlanta, GA)

The Double Bypass Burger from The Vortex: Half a pound of sirloin patty topped with 2 fried eggs, 6 slices of American cheese, and eight slices of bacon. Oh, I almost forgot, instead of a bun, it’s held together with 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. My Heart!

Ann’s in Atlanta. Photo: marynificent

Globe Bistro (Toronto, ON)

Although $15 dollars for lunch may be a bit steep, a burger made of 100% rib-eye is well worth it. Topped with Northern Woods mushrooms, Quebec cheese curd, Niagara pancetta, and house-made pickles, this is definitely a gourmet burger.

Ray’s Hell Burger (Washington, DC)

500 Yelp reviews and no one is talking about this restaurant. Everyone is talking about the burger! With Foie Gras and cognac sautéed mushrooms as some of the toppers on the menu (and prices starting around $7) this is a gourmet burger at a working man’s price.

Good Dog Bar (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

3 words: Good Dog Burger. ½ lb. sirloin patty (ground in house) stuffed with Roquefort cheese that oozes out of the center, finished off with caramelized onions and centered between a brioche bun. Not the best place for travelers to begin a new diet.

Vortex’s very famous burger. Photo: curt

Corner Bistro (New York, NY)

Corner Bistro is a dive with speedy service and a great atmosphere. Their Bistro Burger is a classic that all other bacon cheeseburgers should be judged against. A thick patty served with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and bacon. (Editor’s Note: Eff this place. Go across the street to Jane Street Tavern and have a real burger).

Shake Shack (New York, NY)

You may have to wait over an hour, but one bite into this critically acclaimed burger will make you forget all that. Dreamy beef and melted cheese topped with fresh lettuce and tomato. Simplicity done right. And since this is a “world” article, look out for the new Shake Shack location in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Kansas (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Kansas always seems to turn up as the best American cuisine in Buenos Aires, with reviews giving it prime picking for those expats looking for a whopper that isn’t a Whopper.

Lanchonete da Cidade (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

In an act of authenticity, this 60’s style diner puts their juicy beef to rest on homemade buns. It is said that the burger actually tastes like a 60’s burger. I hope they mean in the style of the 60’s. This place is just one of many places in Brazil to eat goopy, oozy food.

Shake Shack. Photo: Stuart Spivack

Hamborgara Búllan (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Want the full burger experience? Hamborgara gives it to you; not just with their seedy-New York bar atmosphere, but also with their amazing and classic cheeseburgers.

Jo Burger (Dublin, Ireland)

Two words: Burger joint. There’s not much to see at Jo Burger, which is good, as it brings one of the best burgers in Dublin into prime focus.

The Meat Wagon (London, UK)

A burger joint on wheels that can be tracked with Twitter? Yep. If you’re lucky enough to track this wagon down then you are in for a great treat. A freshly pressed burger patty, topped with a freshly pressed bacon patty and special chili. The owner says the secret is in the cheese. Isn’t the secret always in the cheese?

Nah Nah Bah (Lagos, Portugal)

This place is a weary traveler’s oasis, applying gauze to the wound that many travelers crave: tender beef and melted cheese. Mix it with Bob Marley and you have Nah Nah Bah.

London’s meat wagon. Photo: simondee

Home Burger Bar (Madrid, Spain)

Built to feel like a 60’s diner, Home Burger Bar brings in their meat from the mountains of Avila. Their patty is certified organic and there are options galore as to how you want your burger topped. This place is a local favorite.

Pim Pam Burger (Barcelona, Spain)

Great beef, fresh toppings, and a short menu. When people are crying out “Best burger in Barcelona!” and all you are served is a classic burger, you know you’re in for great tasting beef.

Ferdi (Paris, France)

Penelope Cruz has put Ferdi on the map by proclaiming that it has “the best cheeseburger in Paris!”. From looking at the reviews, she might not be wrong.

The Bird (Berlin, Germany)

It’s amusing to think that a place called The Bird would be known for its beef. Anyone that has visited this joint will tell you that they serve a high quality cow. They also serve guacamole – in Germany! Definitely one to put on the list if you’re binge eating in Berlin.

Hong Kong’s Monster Burger. Photo: gohanhk

1516 Brewing Company (Vienna, Austria)

1516’s burgers are made with beef from the Austrian Alps. The burger consists of a patty, melted cheddar, and a bun. Take that, condiment queens.

JB’s Corner (Johannesburg, South Africa)

The ambiance is very street café, and the mood is hungry. JB’s pure homemade beef patties have drawn much attention in Johannesburg.

Lucille’s Diner (Cairo, Egypt)

Lucille’s was just touted by Scott Mcleod of Time Magazine as “Best Burger in the World”. The burger is made of prime beef and fresh toppings grown in the Nile river basin.

Kizilkayalar (Istanbul, Turkey)

Kizilkayar serves up one of greasiest and tastiest sliders in the world. The patty is drenched in a ketchupy-garlic sauce and then placed between a bun that is allowed time to soak up its juice.

Bite Club in Phillippines. Photo: angelosu

City Bar (St. Petersburg, Russia)

You would think they were hosting KGB meetings at this dimly lit hangout. There is an advantage to the darkness – a greater sense of smell and taste. Whispered word is that this place serves up some of the best burgers in all of Russia.

Monster Burger (Hong Kong)

I’m sure there has been more than one occasion that you have thought to yourself, “That burger looks nothing like the picture on the menu!”. Well, you won’t have that problem at this Hong Kong fast food chain. The burgers look exactly like the menu pictures. From the rave reviews, I’d say they taste as good as they look.

Bravo Burger in Taiwan. Photo: araiyul

Kangaroo Café (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Not only has owner Max Hartt taken the art of the Aussie burger to Vietnam, but he also puts together tours of surrounding areas. After scarfing down the product of Max‘s great skill, how about hopping on a motorbike to explore the country? Just steer clear of dog meat and rooster balls.

Smok’inn frogz (Singapore)

Tucked behind Bar Bar Blacksheep in a food stall is Smok’inn frogz. This place may be tight and stuffy, but the burgers are said to be full of flavor and juices. A good spot if you’re hitting Singapore on a tight budget.

Bite Club (Boracay, Philippines)

The white sands aren’t the only reason to visit this beautiful island. Bite Club serves up a humongous burger that could probably feed your whole family. You might want to let the belt go a little, too.

Bravo Burger (Taipei City, Taiwan)

Bravo Burger is on the “the quest for the best burger”, as clearly stated on their menu. They are definitely on the right track, serving up thick, tasty patties and toppings that look like they were harvested fresh from your mother’s garden. You’ll need to install a mechanical jaw to bite their Jumbo Burger. It’s huge!

Smokey Saloon (Seoul, South Korea)

Smokey Saloon in Seoul. Photo: kaba

Considered a fast food chain, that doesn’t stop Smokey from producing towering burgers. What other fast food restaurant can you get a fried egg, thick sliced bacon, and a homemade onion ring on your cheeseburger? OK. Maybe some, but which ones in South Korea?

Goro’s Diner (Tokyo, Japan)

These burgers are put together very beautifully. Almost like a burger statue. Sometimes you just feel like destroying something beautiful.

Speakeasy Diner (Kyoto, Japan)

Calling themselves the “hamburger shop in Kyoto”, this quaint diner is a home to expats and locals alike. The burgers range from the cute Kyoto burger to the enormous “special” burger.

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About The Author

Alex Nolette

Alex Nolette is an overly self-critical, and strangely observant mid-twenties male. An over-active imagination manages to keep him sane in his mediocre life. A wanderer of sorts, he currently has his car parked in Raleigh,NC.

  • Ross

    Wow! Blasphemy from the editor to talk shit about the Corner Bistro! That aside, this is a GREAT list and I wish I could hop on a plane right now for an international burger safari.

    Also, one to add — “Don Oso” in Madrid, Spain. Amazing burger bar right by the University in Moncloa. Same two middle aged dudes work there everyday they’re open…perpetually wasted…firing down beers while working the grill. And you better have your shit together (in Spanish of course) when it’s time to order..sort of a “soup nazi” mentality…but god damn…tasty burger, which is virtually unheard of in Espana.

  • Tom Gates

    Oh, please. If you went to Jane Street you’d ditch Bistro in a second. That’s great news about Madrid, though. “Perpetually wasted” is what I look for in a chef :)

    • http://NA Paris P. Savva

      The best burger in the world is at OFF Bar & Grill in Cyprus! 285 gr of pure Beef! +35722665151

  • Michelle

    Damn, what a list! And no kidding about drowning in cheese, holy shit.

    I’m full right now and somehow I still want a burger…

  • Candice

    The cheese-drowned burger. Yesssss.

  • Michael

    My friends and I did a Burger Crawl of 8 of the best joints in NYC, and after much debate, The Spotted Pig came out victorious as the best cheeseburger in New York City! While not typically considered a burger joint, I guarantee it will blow you away.

    Note, Shack Shack was a close second!

    • Tom Gates

      I totally agree! That is one good burger. It sucks to wait that long for a hamburger but sooo good. Like I mentioned in Editor’s Note, Tavern on Jane is a really great little spot with excellent ambiance (kind of an old inn or something) with a great burger!

  • Lindi

    Wow what a day to miss breakfast. Off to grab a great burger for lunch. Hmm Tasty! Thanks for the awesome article.

  • Caitlin

    Do you know which neighborhood that hamburger joint in Mexico City is in ? I had a fabulous burger in Condesa once but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the place.

    If you’re in Guatemala, Phatburger in San Pedro is pretty good. And the burgers at Pasaje Enriquez in Quetzaltenango also do the trick.

  • joshua johnson

    dude, i just woke, up, have yet to even sip my coffee and this post is making me reach for the ketchup…i could (and will!) eat all of these burgers….damn, this post got me droolin like Homer Simpson!!

  • Alex Nolette

    Caitlin: Sobrinos is in Roma Norte

  • Alex Nolette

    Caitlin: Sobrinos is in the Roma Norte neighborhood.

  • Roger de Schrijver

    Nice list! I can definitely recommend Fergburger in Queenstown, but even better is to go to Dunedin and visit Velvet Burger. They’re even better!

  • Alouise

    Mmm burgers. I love the fact there are so many unique ways these restaurants serve and make their burgers. I’m only a short drive away from Calgary, next time I’m there I’m going to try Rocky’s, it sounds delicious. Then I’ll only have 49 left to cross off this list.

  • matt

    alex, would it have killed you to find a place i could drive to from work? listening to all the burger-speak without getting burger-ified has depressed me.

  • Trisha Miller

    The vegetarian part of me controlling my head is appalled. The human part of me controlling my stomach is drooling. I know what I’m going to have for lunch today! (Shhhhhh….. don’t tell my head ). :)

  • dj-MD

    Wow; a list…….of places the author has never been. How exquisitely useful. Maybe I can compete with the King of Hearsay by cobbling up some list that took an hour to compile from the Web.

    What crap!

    Not to say that some of the favorites aren’t good. They are. I can tell you — because I’ve actually been to them.

  • Alex Nolette

    Despite what you may believe, I didn’t crown these burgers better or worse than any others. I wasn’t trying to crush your burger pride. This is just a list of the most recommended burger joints in the world. I just simply did the work, so people could have a nice list of burgers to enjoy when they are out there traveling (cause this IS a travel website). Now I’m sure you’ve already secretly added some of these to your burger list. You’re welcome. Feel free to be a hater on your own burger blog after you’ve tried them. I bet there are hundreds of burger lovers worldwide that would love to disagree with you.

  • Erin De Santiago

    i am yet to try Bravo Burger and we live here in Taipei. We often pass by it, but usually on our way to eat elsewhere. Guess this is extra motivation to try it!

    I will say I am surprised that neither Taylor’s Automatic Refresher nor Squeeze Inn in California made the list. Taylor’s is known for excellent gourmet burgers in Napa and St Helena (especially known for their fresh seared tuna burger with wasabi mayo), and the Squeeze Inn in Sacramento is known for their infamous “cheese skirt”. The cheese skirt on the burger is a serious artery clogger, but oh so worth it. Both of these places were already insanely popular with locals and tourists alike before they being featured on separate episodes of the Food Network & Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive In’s and Dives.

    I’ve eaten at Father’s Office (known locally as just “F.O.”), and it’s a great burger – definitely high on the gourmet scale. And whatever you do – don’t ask for ketchup there! The only downside to F.O is the inability to get seating pretty much any night of the week. We’ve had to show up hours early and stalk a table. You order everything at the bar so you have to take turns going up as to not lose the table you worked so hard to get. Their beer selection is tremendous and all bartenders are trained to know what beers pair with what menu items. I usually ask for a recommendation based on my order and let them make a suggestion. There was actually a beer pairing show several years ago (either on the Travel Channel or Fine Living) and the owner of F.O. was featured. He discussed the concept of the gastropub and his experience of traveling the world in search of the best quality beers to serve that would also compliment the menu selections.

  • Alex Nolette

    I appreciate all the suggestions! Believe me, there is enough information here to do another article down the road. I tried my best to focus on the areas that are most traveled, although Napa could have easily made the list. Consider this article a primer.

    Also, since most of these places are well known in their respective areas most of these places are packed all the time! So it would be best, if your making a day of it, to go on an off hour.

  • Joya

    Maybe I am being a little biased since I’m from San Fran but the burger from Fish & Farm was voted the best burger in town. This is the best list ever! I’m on a mission now.

  • Tim Patterson

    I like Jack’s in North Adams, MA.

  • Cassidy Munro

    I spent two weeks in Lagos, Portugal over a year ago, and I still have wonderful, wonderful dreams about Nah Nah Bah’s burgers. And fries. And salads. And desserts. And drinks. Basically everything about Nah Nah Bah. I also crave Momma’s crepes. She owns the hostel, Rising Cock, across the street from Nah Nah Bah and it’s her son who runs Nah Nah Bah. Every morning she made sure you ate at least 20 crepes and mugs of homemade lemon tea. Awesome two weeks.

  • Edu Giansante

    places in Brazil I’d highly recommend:

    New Dog
    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Matriz Hamburgueria

    Hambúrguer do Seu Oswaldo

  • Jeff

    so i know that the author couldn’t get contacts everywhere…but this is a travel site, yeah? hello from hong kong, and please if you come here don’t go to monster burger! timeout, the place you found the review, is spotty here when it comes to restaurant reviews. openrice is where the people vote, and monster burger is okay but nothing special. if you want a japanese burger go to mos burger. i go to the chinnery bar, in the mandarin oriental, for an expensive but beautiful hamburger when i feel like spoiling myself, or delaney’s for proper pub style fare.

    thanks for this list. it’s made me want a burger BAD!

  • kimo

    Mmm…I think I’ll stop by in Kyoto today and try Speakeasy Diner. If you know of a great burger joint in Osaka, please let me know! Domo Arigato!

  • Carolyn

    Helen’s in Gardiner , MT

  • John

    Man, I allmost puked while watching some pictures, don’t get me wrong. I like burgers, but some of the show, how deadly they can be. I’m going to be a vegetarian , sooner or later, destiny;)

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  • Eva_S

    Kimo; in Osaka the hamburger situation is dire, but we used to get a decent hit at Skylark (chains throughout the city) or Boston Burger in Showacho (outside the Midosuji Showacho stop… I wish I could remember the exit number!) Across the street from the large foreign foods grocery store). And, of course, when all else fails, there’s always Mos Burger. Which is pretty great in its own way….

  • Maeve

    The Burger bar in Amsterdam. Oh holy lord. They even have a Kobe beef burger. Team it with some vlaamse frites and joppi saus and you’ve found heaven. I’m a vegetarian, but I’ll always make an exception for this burger.

  • Pingback: One Sour World: What Our Planet Pickles

  • Emma

    how could you not mention Paul’s on the LES of nyc?

  • Justin

    Slater’s 50/50 in Anaheim Hills, CA is epic. Customize your burger with the most decadent of items…

    The fun North Orange County customers and staff help a lot!

  • Kayla

    I’ll have to try that burger place in Seoul. Koreans always have the most interesting ideas for burgers…I once had a fried cheese burger with cheese sauce on top…it was different.

    Ray’s in DC is an institution here, but I would definitely say that Good Stuff Eatery rivals Ray’s anyday. There website is There’s a burger for everyone…including an incredible mushroom burger for veggies. It’s two mushrooms sandwiching the most irresistable cheese, then fried and put on a burger with all the fixings. I add the house-made chipotle mayo…to die for.

  • Jaana Nystrom

    You have skipped Scandinavia and most of Europe altogether! Here is the best place in Finland: In American Classic Diner in Tampere city you can get a burger that weighs over a kilo… Shared it with my husband and loved it! Our boys insist that we drive the 2 hours there once a month, and another 2 hours back…
    Here’s the menu in english.

  • Sean

    Shake Shack in NYC is just really an imitation of The Apple Pan in LA (which is in the Westwood section, not West Hollywood) Even the owner of Shake Shack has said the Apple Pan is tied for best burger in his opinion. The Apple Pan has been open since 1947, Shake Shack opened in 2004. Get the original and the best.

    Or just go to any in-n-out burger in Los Angeles.

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  • Wesam Masoud

    NO NO NO!!!

    Please stop perpetuating the myth that Lucille’s in Cairo has a great burger – far from it, they barely have a mediocre one. Scott Mcleod’s article was the reason I became a food writer. My own rebuttal to the unfortunate 2007 article is over on my own blog at

  • Pingback: Combating Homesickness in Delhi’s All American Diner

  • Jack

    Owl Bar – San Antonio, New Mexico.

    Enough said. You haven’t lived (or crossed the Mississippi).

  • Frank

    Any News on Urban Burger in Vancouver??? I know they had paper on the windows over Christmas time… And Someone told me, they re-opened and changed the place! Have you been there to check it out? I plan on going there if I’m up that way! I know the best Burger places, don’t have to advertise they are “The Best”, they just are! :)


    Hi:I will be Hanoi on 3/3.I want to join 3 days 2 nights criuse(including transfer GO and bank from Hanoi during 3/3-3/5).How much each?I am single.BEST REGARDS.LIN JUNG CHING.

  • Meagan

    The Bulldozer Burger in Queretaro Mexico is AMAZING!!!!!! I never thought I would taste the BEST burger ever in Mexico. My husband works down there and took us to this place called Sabrotaje. It is owned by Carlos Alberto Diaz Moreno and he makes sure that every burger looks as amazing as it tastes. He toasts the bun, hand picks all of the meat, puts chorizo in the oaxaca cheese as well as another cheese, 2 kinds of lettuce tomatoes red onions…just delicious and that is only 1 kind that he makes. I HIGHLY recommend going there if ever in Mexico. Here is the address:
    Av. Universidad No. 359 Ote.
    Alamos 1 ra. Secc.
    Fte. al Instituto la Paz
    Queretaro, Qro.

  • Galburger

    Amazing, good job Alex!
    One suggestion in Barcelona: Barcelona Heart Burger,
    In my opinion, the best burger in Barcelona.
    Great meat quality 100% organic.

  • Yessica

    Why isn’t Halifax in Copenhagen, Denmark on this list? I’m also surprised not to see anyplace from Madison, WI on this list, namely Blue Moon or Weary Traveler. And for what it’s worth, Hamborgarbullan in Reykjavik is just OK, not mind-blowing. But I’m glad to see my fave in CA, Father’s Office on the list!

  • Lilja

    I have to add The Nighthawk Diner in Oslo, Norway to the list!
    Great burgers with organic meat from a local farm – crazy good with homemade fries and coleslaw and their special chipotle mayo. No words needed!

  • klaus

    There’s also a “The Bird” in Hamburg now, which is equally as good & has vegetarian options!

  • John Flower

    Cafe Royale in Cape Town, South Africa, is home to some of the most delicious gourmet hamburgers in our little country. They are magnificent.

  • rbjllj

    Viggo in Lund Sweden.   They also have  Tusen2 in Malmo, Sweden superb burgers.

  • Alex Nolette

    Thanks for all of your input. Maybe a secondary article needs to be written. I tried to cover a wide variety of countries. Obviously, there are probably amazing places that have yet to slip the lips of the faithful diners. Love all of your suggestions

    • lydia mc manus

      hey alex, if you get a chance  in a secondary article check out the crunchy soho burger at the ‘jekyll and hyde’ in chamonix french alps. burgers are easily my favourite food which i have sampled all over the world, and it is the BEST burger i have ever tasted in my life..

  • John Engel (expat in Beirut)

    You should include “Burger Nation” in Beirut, Lebanon, they serve delicious 6oz & 8oz Grass Fed Angus Beef from chilled beef imported from Tasmania.

    The most delicious burgers I have ever had ever. They’re voted #1 on Trip Advisor

    Their website is

  • Mehdi Esfahani

    two points: 1. The Bird in Berlin rules. 2. vegetarian discussions have no place in such subject

  • Giulia Latini

    Al Mercato Restaurante in Milan: the line goes around the block…..

  • B S Makarem

    you should also check out burger co. in beirut, Lebanon, they have a kobe beef burger with white truffles, absolutely amazing

  • Phatburgers

    You can’t not include us in this list. our burgers talk for themselves. Watch out for Phat burgers. visit our web site or follow us on facebook.

  • Aimee Palmateer

    Burger Got Soul, all the way!! Is also one in Hobart now, too. Funky Chicken Burger, by far the best comfort food when I miss the US!

  • Miranda Nickel

    Another good burger place is the Wapiti Bar & Grill in Estes Park, CO.  They have amazing beef, elk, and buffalo burgers!

  • Giulia Latini

    HEY! Since you left out Italy, how about Al Mercato, Milan: 2 Italian guys with American moms make the best burgers that I’ve EVER had!

  • Nasli78

    Sorry but Pim Pam Burger in Barcelona Spain, is NOT the best, that’s for tourists :D I lived there for 5 years and if you want to eat a good Burger go to Bacoa o Kiosko both owned by the same guy.

  • Sammya

    BUrger Priest in Toronto Ontario – Is definitely the best burger in toronto, if not in canada, and maybe the world

  • Pat

    Whoever recommends Kangaroo Cafe in Hanoi obviously has been traveling in SE Asia a bit too long to comment on good burgers.

  • M1qu

    No one of these can’t compete with Kauppuri 5′s (Oulu, Finland) “Cheddar with bacon”-burger. Weights about 3,5 kilos… 

  • Kyle

    Apple Pan is in West L.A., just west of Century City, not West Hollywood

  • Ian

    Lunchbox Laboratory relocated (already a year or so back) from a “hole in the wall” to a big bright fancy building. Quality has gone down a little; prices have gone up.

  • Abs

    burger bar in israel is by far one of the greatest burgers in the world…

  • Restaurang Skalhamra Gård

    you will find the best burger in the in SWEDEN(!)

    • ✈ KillaSkrilla International ✈

      Best burger i ever had in sweden was a burger i make myself, involving Jamaican Jerk Hot Sauce and various other spices….and of course in Malmoe at Nobeltorget, at a small grill place thats closed now, and also a spot in Landskrona (forgot the name). But they served Mini-Star´s (small cheeseburgers) and Had milkshakes in like 70 diffrent flavours… Everything from Dumle to Ahlgrensbilar… Shit was off the hook. I would like to try that place in Stockholm Flippin´ Burgers some time,,,

      Im a Fried Chicken man really but aint nuthin wrong with a bruger every once in a while. And unfortunently theres no fried chicken in Sweden at all… :´(

  • Pearse

    Cleaned out my fridge here:

  • James

    The best burger in Madrid & in Europe!!

    I’ve spent the last month travelling with my family across Europe, and I must say that Pecado Carnal has the best burgers in Spain (& as I’ve said in Europe!) …yes… the best burger in Europe.. it’s as good as DBGG Kitchen!! really!! 

    All there burgers are made from 100% Full-blood Kobe Beef!! simply spectacular!

    The Black Garlic Kobe Burger is a MUST!!

  • gon

    la burguesita malaga; the best burguer 

  • Toni Motlos

    Mediterranean Gourmet burger in Palma de Mallorca Spain, the best burgers ever taste.

  • Mohammed Alarbash

    What is the best restaurant burger in the world.
    Please help me to choose the best.

    • Heavenly Hamburgers

      Definately Heavenly Hamburgers in Cape Town

  • Wendy Medeiros

    Ulupalakua burgers is the BEST! I forgot to put may stuff and I so did not need it.. OMG! burger

  • Bohemio En la Mariscal

    now a new great place…the best burger equal too all these great burger…so when travelling trough Quito, Ecuador (South America)…. take the Bohemio burger challenge.

  • Alejandro Peña García


    • Guillermo Landa


  • Fernanda Polanco

    five guys is the best.

  • Vlad Mamin

    IN AND OUT best price consistent simple and good.

  • Nate Grey

    Hudson’s kloof street Cape Town and the royal eatery down the road from there in long street. Those are the best burger joints in South Africa.

    • Heavenly Hamburgers

      Have you tried our burgers at City Bowl Market in Hope Street?

  • Didi Hoppenstedt

    burgeramt in berlin!<3.

  • Dee Kalos

    Star Burger in whitby Ontario needs to be on that list

  • Casper Verweij

    None in the Netherlands.. Guess I’m forced to go travelling.

    • Michiel Tabak

      ik ga wel mee die en seoul of tokio lijken me wel wat

    • Tristan Donovan

      Lets go to Bali. Kom op

    • Christopher Van Der Heijden

      Burgerbar, the butcher en burgermeester. Veel beter vind je het niet man! Die op de lijst in wenen in slecht en the bird in berlijn minder dan verwacht haha

    • Casper Verweij

      Ik weet het man Burgerbar is echt chill. Binnenkort maar weer eens pakken.

    • Casper Verweij

      yo buddy, I have no idea when I’ll make it to Asia or USA for that matter. I’ll let you when I make plans to head in either direction.

  • horseman

    Big Al’s Takeaway in Warrnambool Australia is kermonds new challenger only opened a few weeks but I wouldn’t go back to kermonds again after having a burger from Big Al’s

  • Ryan

    BRGRCO in BEIRUT & LONDON should’ve been on this list!

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