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If you’re a student, it can pay to travel! Opportunities abound to fund all kinds of journeys.

DO YOU HAVE A worthwhile project or field of study that involves traveling? If so, consider having your travels funded through a grant, fellowship, or travel scholarship.

Begin by contemplating where you want to go and potential projects you could build around those destinations. (Or vice versa.) Always wondered how sustainable agriculture works in Guam? How about local conservation practices in Central America? Once you have a clear vision of a travel / research project, begin looking for funding possibilities that give you the most freedom to pursue your goals.

When applying, take advantage of the resources and support systems you have. Your school, present or past, will have an adviser who can help you navigate the application process.

Writing grant proposals can take a lot of time, but good advice can help focus your efforts. Your school or area may even offer their own scholarship opportunities–talk to your department or your study abroad office.

Finally, even if funding from your school or other org close to home isn’t an option, you’ll find lots of other opportunities out there to fund your travel / project.

Major Grants

These are highly sought-after, competitive post-college grants that offer a full ride for a year or two of graduate study overseas.

Marshall Scholarship fully funds 2-3 years of graduate study in the UK. Open to US students finished with or finishing college.

Rhodes Scholarship funds two years of graduate study at Oxford. Includes full tuition and expenses and living stipend.

Fulbright offers year-long fellowships to American graduating seniors, grad students, young professionals and artists for study abroad or to teach English abroad. Program requirements vary by destination.

Posing at the Louvre. Photo by marshlight

Watson Fellowship funds one year of independent research. $25,000. Open to graduating seniors from participating, small American colleges.

Program-based funding

These include grants tied to participation in the giver’s program, and can take various forms.

Institute for International Public Policy Fellowships is a five year program with study abroad component to prepare underrepresented minority undergrads for careers in international affairs. Open to US citizens or permanent residents who apply sophomore year.

Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowships multi-year program also for women and members of minorities underrepresented in foreign service. Open to US citizens to apply by Feb. of sophomore year. Foreign service commitment.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is a State Department program supporting study abroad. Up to $5000 offered to enrolled students with financial need.

Rotary Ambassadorial and World Peace Scholarships fund study and language training abroad for undergraduates and masters degrees for graduate students in international studies, peace studies, and conflict resolution to be completed at one of seven Rotary Centers. Ambassadorial grants from $11000 to $24000 depending on duration of study.

Fogarty-Ellison Overseas Fellowships in Global Health and Clinical Research from the NIH funds one year of clinical research training abroad. $25,000 plus $6000 for additional travel and materials expenses. Open to graduate students in health professions.

CIEE Scholarships offers several grants to participants in CIEE’s study abroad programs. Certain grants fund study in particular regions. Essay required upon return. Must demonstrate financial need.

AIFS Scholarships offer a variety of grants covering up to full tuition and airfare for individuals in AIFS programs.

SIT Scholarships fund participation in SIT program. $500 to $5,000. Based on financial need.

Hispanic Study Abroad Scholars reduces costs of Global Semesters programs. Open to students attending member institutions of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.

Institute for International Public Policy Fellowship is a multi-year program of summer institutes and study abroad. Funds up to 1/2 of junior year study abroad tuition. Open to underrepresented minorities.

Regional Grants

These grants are tied to study or travel in specific regions or countries of the globe.

NSEP David L. Boren Scholarship pays for undergraduate students to study in understudied areas of interest to national security. $8000 to $20000 depending on duration of study. Comes with federal government service requirement.

NSEP Boren Fellowship for graduate students. $12000 to $30000 maximum award. Federal service requirement.

Critical Language Scholarships for Intensive Summer Institutes funds study of a list of lesser-studied languages. Covers all program costs. Open to US citizens enrolled in a college or university.

The Killam Fellowships Program fund semester or academic year study in Canada. $5000/semester plus a travel allowance. Open to US or Canadian undergraduates.

George J. Mitchell Scholarship sponsors one year of graduate study at an Irish University. Funded by the US-Ireland Alliance. Includes tuition and stipend. Open to American citizens, ages 18 to 30.

Buenos Aires. Photo by Rob Paetz

BUTEX Scholarships offer $1000 for US students accepted to study at a member University of the British Universities TransAtlantic Exchange Association. Simple application due by September 1.

American-Scandinavian Foundation Awards for Study in Scandinavia offer fellowships of up to $23000 and grants of $5000 to fund study or research. Open to college graduates.

DAAD Fellowships from The German Academic Exchange offers a range of study and research grants to undergraduates and graduate students for summer or school-year study in Berlin.

Kress Travel Fellowships in the History of Art funds research in Europe towards dissertation. $3500 to $10,000. Open to American pre-doctoral students in art history

IREX Short Term Travel Grants Program Fellowships for researchers holding graduate degrees for up to eight weeks in Eurasia. Research must be broadly related to policy concerns.

Freeman Awards for Study in Asia supports study in Asia for students demonstrating financial need. $3000-$7000 based on the duration of study. Open to undergraduates with little to no experience in country of travel.

Bridging Scholarships are offered by the Association of Teachers of Japanese , to fund travel and living expenses for academic study in Japan. Grants range from $2500 to $4000.

Monbusho Scholarships available to current and graduated students between 18 and 30. Funded by the Japanese government. Short term exchange program of particular interest to current undergrad and grad students.

Huayu Enrichment Scholarship for Mandarin language study in Taiwan. Stipend of approx US$790/month. Open to overseas students who apply through their local Taiwan representative.

Halide Edip Adıvar Prize For current undergraduates who have not studied Turkey. $1000. Open to American and Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Other funding

Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants towards study abroad. $1000. Open to all students of universities with a Phi Kappa Phi chapter.

NSF: Developing Global Scientists and Engineers offers funds for international research and study to undergrads, grad students and doctoral students in science and engineering fields. Grant

About The Author

Emma Jacobs

Emma Jacobs is a student in New York City. She got the travel bug her first year at college, and she's having trouble shaking it. When she's home, she writes for print and radio.

  • Sarah

    Another interesting fellowship for work abroad in Southeast Asia is called the Luce Fellowship ( The neat thing about it is that they only give fellowships out to people who have no prior knowledge of or experience in Southeast Asia… the point being to spread awareness of Asian culture to people who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to study it. Must be nominated by a participating institution and be a recent graduate with a bachelors degree.

  • Hildegard

    Hi. I am a horticulture student from South Africa and applied to School of horticulture, Kew, UK. Im having difficulties finding a travel scholarship. Can anyone know one I could try?

  • simon monk

    For anyone interested in travel scholarships, check out the latest opportunities from World Nomads :

  • Didier Demasso

    Hi :) I m a psychology student .However , I ve been doing photography for a long long time now.I m in teh search of further training and exchanges.
    the pratice and conceptions of Photography have greatly changed since its invention.With the advent of the information era , digital culture seems to swallow the traditional photography I knew.
    I m of the old school , were things were done manually.The problem does not lie for me in the adaptation but in the training and conversion and finally on the impact such a change has on behavior.
    The african context of the utilization of any technology is always to be considered in a research on a world scale.

    I ll be grateful to know if anyone can help me find a travel scholarship that will enable to do my researches .Thanks :)

  • Dr. Remadevi O.K.

    I am a senior woman scientist from India, wish to attend IUFRO2010 in Korea. What are the international funds I can approach for travel grant?

  • Laura S. Garza

    Hi my name is Laura. I am 39 years old with big dreams. I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. I am a junior at Govornor’s State University in Illinois. My dream is to go on to study Oriental Medicine and become a Natropathic Physician. I would love to study abroad in Japan to brush up and learn more Japanese. This would greatly help to get more credits towards my Bachelors. The experience could also lead me to learn something about Kampo. Please if anyone knows about any scholarship opportunities that I might qualify for, I would greatly appreciate it . I can offer to teach English while learning Japanese and gaining credits.

  • Mary grace

    Hi.. I am Agricultural Engineering graduate here in the Philippines. I am very much interested to pursue what I have started. What I want is to have a further training about my chosen profession, hopefuly at Japan. What I am trying to ask is how can I avail scholarship that would fit my qualification? Thanks and more power.

  • ns verma

    i advise you better put this question on “GAIJIN POT” that is a web dialog platform for foreigners in Japan. I’m sure you will get enough reliable information on how to fund your academic venture in Japan.

  • Oladiran Tobi Ezekiel

    i want scholarship

  • Dr. Remadevi O.K.

    Do any one know about any specific agency who can fund the travel for women for participation in Scientific conferences abroad?

  • Angela

    Anyone know of scholarships/grants/fellowships available for professionals?

  • Sal

    Hmmm, are there any of these that don’t have an age requirement? I’m in my 40s, a college graduate (not recent), and could spend time away from work (if given a grant or scholarship)..

  • Leah

    Hi there!

    I just wanted to add that The National Society of Collegiate Scholars offers a number of scholarships, even ones that are specifically for study abroad! We have the NECA Study Abroad Scholarship, the Scholar Abroad Scholarship AND the Scholar at Sea Scholarship! All of these are offered to NSCS members. For more information about these scholarships and all of the others NSCS offers, please visit

    NSCS is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is the nation’s only interdisciplinary honors organization to invite first and second year college students. NSCS has more than 625,000 members and 250 chapters in 50 states.

  • musa swaray

    Good day,am musa swaray a graduate from the university of sierre leone with BA Degree in political science and history and a Diploma in African Studies.I may be interested in this programme but my concern is I live in West Africa specifically Sierra Leone.How do I get involve in this process?

  • http://none derek

    Hi. I am a peace practitioner from Philippines I practice my knowledge in peace building work in my own country especially Mindanao known her as a land of promise but now full of violence. I’m having difficulties finding a travel scholarship. Can anyone know one I could try

  • Farah

    I am a management trainer and PsyR practitioner with working experience of 20 years. I am in mid forties. I am interested in fellowship/grants/working opportunity in Africa. Please guide me to what are the opportunities available.

  • Dr. Remadevi O.K.

    I could not get any suggestion from anyone

  • http://don'thave Meaza Tezera

    Dear Sir/Madam!!!
    I am Meaza (female) I am international student from Ethiopia. I have Diploma by Information Technology. I eagerly want to continue my Degree by any relative field of study I am trying to get the chance long time but still not getting I want to study English language , Tourism Management, Health, IT or any field. If I get free/credit chance or if there is any possibility to work part-time and learn. so please consider my feeling and try to give me Chance/ Advice how to get the chance. Please try to help me to build my educational Capacity. If I get this chance I will be the luckiest girl

    With Best Regards
    Meaza Tezera

  • Alma Nambahu

    Hi, I’m Alma a female living in Namiba. I’m interested in getting a scholarship even if it’s just for a year to improve on my drawing skills and learn more about atrs

  • Muhiddin

    Dear All,

    I am a postgraduate student from Tajikistan. I have been invited to the Second Peace Studies Conference to be held in Grand Rapids, USA from September 27-29, 2010. My presentation will be on Energy and Water Disputes in Central Asia as a Conflict Generating Factor.

    I would be grateful if anyone could let me know about any source of travel grant to participate similar conferences.

    Best wishes,

  • http://don'thave MEAZA TEZERA MOLLA

    Dear Sir/Madam!!!

    I am Meaza (female) I am international student from Ethiopia. I have Diploma by Information Technology. I eagerly want to continue my Degree by any relative field of study I am trying to get the chance long time but still not getting I want to study English, Tourism Management, Health, IT , Business or any field if I get free chance. So please consider my feeling and try to give me Chance/ Advice how to get the chance. Please try to help me to improve my educational background. If I get this chance I will be the luckiest girl.

    With Best Regards
    Meaza Tezera

  • Rafael Maranon

    TALENTIA Fellowship Program is an initiative by the Ministry for Innovation, Science and Enterprise in Andalusia, Spain that provides postgraduate scholarships to students from Andalusia allowing them to study abroad in selected institutions. The program was created in 2007.

    * Full university tuition fee. TALENTIA advances all tuition expenses directly to each university.
    * A sole donation of 1.000 EUR to cover costs upon arrival. (looking for housing, removal)
    * Monthly allowance. Grantees receive an ample living allowance inclusive of housing and health insurance, based upon costs indexes and university estimates, transferred to the student on a four-monthly basis.
    * A return flight. Every eight months (in accordance to the maximum of two academic years).

    • David Miller

      thanks for adding this.

  • Rajendra

    Anyone know of Travel scholarships/grants/fellowships available for International Conferences?

  • Darhoon Menghwar

    I’m journalist from Pakistan , working on health issues, providing training to Journalists on HIV/AIDS, Polio awareness,  awareness about stop smoking etc. i won 3 international Fellowships on HIVAIDS and Science Journalism , now International Union Against Tuberculosis   and lung Disease  invite me for Participate  in  42nd Union World Conference on Lung Health to be held in Lille, France, from 26 to 30 October 2011. but unfortunately they are unable to support for Travelling and Accommodation. so for that i need support for travel and accommodation expensive.   I belong to Minority  , so we have limited opportunities  for getting skills. mine email is 

  • Rina Alawi

    i am recent graduate of political journalism want to get into making travel documentaries i think since i can’t find jobs so why don’t i focus on my love of politics and the middle east and media and africa how can i do this please let me know  

  • Reed Y

    This is the first time I visited this site. I am floored. There are so many oportunites in the world. I have so much to do and learn. I amthe parent of a  highschool student seeking sponsors, scholarship oportunites, and grants that will help my scholarly daughter finance her trip to Europe.She plans to travel with People to People as a student ambassador. Who would have guessed a Chicago public school kid traveling to Europe 2012. If you have any suggestions let me know.

    • Jazmyntibbits

      Im going there as well! look for a Community’s first Fund Grant! She could earn up to  $2,500.
      -Jazmyn Tibbits

  • Tainagovaty

    its an interesting site just that it only helps citizens of U.S AND BRITISH , AND NOT IN AFRICA

  • Pheart

    Wow this site is great. Sadly I have seen none that apply to me. I am from the UK, could you suggest any organisations or websites?

  • Megan Eileen McDonough

    This is a really great roundup of resources for study and work abroad opportunities…it’s great to have it all in one place! 

  • Sandy Brighton

    Is there an update to this article?

  • Cals47

    Any suggestions on scholarships/grants/etc  for traveling that to Asia (China specifically) that is less than 3 weeks?Any websites?

  • Penny Furman

    I need grants for graduate students.  These seem to be more for undergraduates or am I wrong?

  • Speakuntonations

    any grants for a non college student, to fund a year long trip to Africa?

  • T Treitler

    Hi,I am searching for scholarships, sponsers etc, for my daughters trip to France (thru passports) from Detroit area in March 2013. She will be a junior and her french class is taking the trip. I have paid the initial deposit but she needs as much assistance as possible for this trip. Her area of interest is photography and writing. I f anyone is aware of these types of programs It would truly be a blessing.

  • Ndonwi Wilfred

    These are indeed wonerful opportunities but are so restrictive. Developing countries national are not considered. so to say if these programs are designed to encourage international development then their coordinators will need to revise the criteria and guidelines.

    • Ndonwi Wilfred

      I am Dr.Ndonwi Wilfred of Voice of Grace Foundation Cameroon, working for the sustainable development and livelihood of rural and Urban poor women, single teenage mothers and destitute youths. i have implemented Project with USAID through Plan-Cameroon; namely:Hope for African Children(HACI) Initiative, Child Survival Project(EIP) Community Integrated Management of Childhood diseases(CIMCD, Supervise the Global fund Project in the whole of Bamenda (Roll Back Malaria)in collaboration with CIG SANTE, I have carried out a lot of survey studies in the area of health, economic and social sciences. I am looking for current funding opportunity for travel grant

  • Tikiri Nimal Ranbandara Herath

    I am an Associate Professor in Economics, in a national univ in Sri Lanka. I need to secure funds to attend a conference in UK, where I present 2 papers. Anybody who can help me, please contact. Dr.Tikiri Herath

  • Nastia Chorna

    Wow! This article is very useful for students. But if you want to travel you just have to have a car. Find what you need here :

  • Dilnoza Ziyayeva

    I am not european! I am from asia! can I apply for any of them?

  • Thanh Lan

    I agree with Dr Ndonwi Wilffred, These grants are so limited for Asia developing country citizens. I am an economic. I work for Institute of Energy in Vietnam and I am looking for travel grant to Paris in April 2013.
    Who can help me pls contact me via before date 15th Feb, 2013.

  • Virginia Richard

    I graduated with a degree in International Studies with a primary concentration in Environment and Development and a secondary concentration in Africa. I am looking for a way to pay for my way back to the African continent so that I can partner with an existing NGO to make it a sustainable operation. Does anyone have any advice for me?

    • Teri Richard

      My only advise is that no matter where you travel to,you remember how dearly loved you are and that you always have a home to return to.

    • Paul Martin

      and invite us to wherever you go. :)

  • Anonymous

    “If you’re a student, it can pay to travel!” Right, if you are a “student” but if you are not a student then I guess no luck! Right? Fuck you elitist, Racist assholes!

  • Jordan Petrilla

    I have a trip that counts for college credit that I am very interested in going on, the only problem is is that I do not have enough money. I am a sustainability major at Sierra Nevada College. This is a trip through the school so it is already planned I just need to come up with the money. Have any advice?

  • PreppingForCollege

    Are there any scholarships for a four-year full ride in Ireland, Scotland, or England?

  • Zara

    are there any grants for an International student studying in the states? A lot of these seem to be for American citizens specifically.

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