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Explore Canada Like a Local

During the summer and fall of 2012, Matador, in partnership with the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), will be sending journalists on independent trips around the country. Working with each province, we’ve organized itineraries in which our journalists will be free to do what they need to do to capture in-depth stories about people, place, and culture through writing, photography, and video.

See more on Canada here and learn about the trip-planning tool Explore Canada Like a Local (ECLAL) here.

Churchill, Canada is positioned near the world's largest concentration of polar bears.
Biking PEI is easy (no hills) and safe (bike paths everywhere).
Meet Team Wapusk - Churchill's dog sled leaders.
I'll return to my austere lifestyle in California's coastal chaparral to write stories...
It was a little bit like looking at a diagram of someone's internal organs.
It was like a five-star version of every Sunday dinner I’ve ever had.
Win the chance to see polar bears in their natural arctic habitat.
“Bears sparring, 3 o’clock!” shouted Hayley, our polar bear tour guide.
I got off the train in nowhere, Ontario.
The remainders of a wilder existence are always right under the surface.
Whatever Winnipeg has, how can we export it?
A Newfoundland instrument made from a mop handle, bottle caps, nails...whatever makes...
We spied a bear, far, far afield. Here, take my binoculars.
You sit at the counter to devour a smoked meat sandwich, “extra-fatty.”
Everybody else strode around confidently. They had their own saddlebags.
Head over to The Unicorn Pub (hopefully with a new pair of snakeskin boots on).
When I take someone out on a date, I wine and dine them good.
I was all by myself. Freezing my ass off on a lake in Yellowknife, Canada.
“I am from the land of enormous objects and big-ass highways."
A week biking around PEI ensures plenty of Instagram stoke.
A mission to the big waves and stoked community of the Ottawa River Valley.
Here are 5 bars where I found locals drinking.
I was armed only with a camera. I was the lead in my own thriller.