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Feature photo: gashwin / Photo above: Stewf

15 spots that nobody visiting the land down under should miss.
1. Trek Through the Daintree Rainforest

Home to one of the most diverse variety of plants and animals on earth, the Daintree Rainforest is an epic destination north of Cairns in Tropical Far North Queensland. There’s plenty to do in this world heritage listed rainforest, including bushwalks, early morning river cruises, 4WD tours and crocodile-spotting expeditions.

Photo: sliabh

2. Helicopter Ride Over Great Ocean Road

Zoom along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road on a helicopter ride for an unforgettable perspective on iconic landmarks like the magnificent Twelve Apostles, historic Glenample Homestead, ill-fated Loch Ard Gorge and breathtaking 70m high Gibson Steps.

3. Charter a Yacht from Cairns

Aussies dream of Tropical Queensland the same way New Yorkers dream of Hawaii. There’s no better way to see the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands than to charter a fully crewed luxury yacht — like the 52 ft. Marcrista.

Photo: H4NUM4N

4. Burn a hole in your pocket, Crown Casino Melbourne

You’ll need to whip out your credit card if you’re gonna enjoy Australia’s largest casino. Players will find all the usual roulette and blackjack tables, but the Crown Casino is also a major venue for international performers. It’s a plush affair that’s open 24 hours and has around 25 restaurants and 11 bars.

Photo: destabee

5. Swim at Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and undoubtedly the most amazing spot on the island is Lake McKenzie — a serene, crystal-clear, blue lake with soft sandy beach surrounded by forest. And what makes this beautiful tropical spot even more mesmerizing is its location – the lake is perched 100m above sea level, deep in the sand dunes.

Photo: krossbow

6. Wine Tour Through The Hunter Valley

Two hours north of Sydney lies Australia’s oldest wine growing region, renowned for its Semillon and dotted with over one hundred wineries. One of the best ways to discover the vineyards and olive groves of the Hunter Valley is to join a tour. Kick back, enjoy the view and the tastes of each vineyard sip-by-sip.

Photo: semuthutan

7. Climb The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Scaling the 134 meters up Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge might not be physically demanding, but you’re not doing it for the exercise. Safely tethered to the bridge at all times, climbers get a spectacular view of Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, and the city in all its beauty, a view most Aussies have never seen.

Photo: jwinfred

8. Brave the Waves at Bondi Beach

Australia has many beaches, but among the thousands, this half-mile stretch is the most famous. Located a short commute from Sydney’s central business district, nestled among the urban sprawl, it’s no wonder Bondi gets so busy.

In summertime, as many as 25,000 locals and tourists can invade the silver sands hoping to get a tan, learn to surf or just people watch. It’s not without drama; swimmers get into trouble, children go missing, sharks interrupt beach life as they cruise the lineup; and the odd fight erupts on the beach between drunks. Some people will like Bondi; others will be disappointed.

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  • Jonathan

    Lovely pics! A lot of international travelers tend to think of Australia as "Sydney" and "The Outback", but there is so much more to see and do and many unique experiences that Australia has to offer. You have displayed this in a very captivating way! Another resource for anyone wanting to see more photos (and videos) of Australia is have some fantastic content and are Aussie focused. For anyone wanting to travel to/within Australia and wanting to pre-plan their trip before they book, http://www.eplanner.comis a must as it makes this process incredibly easy. "Pleasetakemeto" has really inspired me to travel within Australia instead of going overseas (as well as the drop in the AUS dollar lol), and I will definitely be using eplanner to plan my trip this time.

  • Nomadic matt

    great list! though i think the whitsundays should have been on there!!!!!!!! i got to feed those dolphins in monkey mia. it was cool.

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  • Michael

    the picturess really are great. I just find it amusing that as an Australian i have done none of these things.

  • Andy

    16. Acquire 3 speeding tickets on one holiday in Queensland by driving at 2 Km/h above the posted limit. 17. Book future holidays in countries that aren't police states.

  • al

    so why didn't you go to WA?

  • saline

    The Hunter Valley rather than the Barossa? No Flinders Ranges? No wilderness Kangaroo Island? It is the old Eastocentric blinkered perspective – YET again.

  • Credit Cards AU

    I totally agree with the cradle mountain part of the article, in fact most of Tasmania is stunningly beautiful full stop. Make sure you check out the Henry Jones Art Hotel in Hobart, it's beautiful.

  • Carl Henderson

    isn't that always the way with most people and their own countries…tend to travel and explore more abroad than at home! lol!

  • ex-Aussie

    AMEN! The Barossa, Clare, McClaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills beat that puny Hunter Valley :) Everybody knows the best Aussie wines come from lovely South Australia! I am also surprised they did not mention Kangaroo Island, an ecological wonder. SA Rocks! Go mighty South Aussies!

  • Nepal Trekking

    wao whats nice place.i m comming to austrail for my study and i will visit all thing which are in australia

  • travel

    a great list of amazing place of Australia! Really gorgeous photos pop alongside the insider's advice about places to visit in Australia.

  • buyers

    great list.cant wait to visit to australia..thanks for posting this!

  • coach sydney

    These places all look amazing!! A great list of fifteen must-see sights in Australia.

  • Samantha Bell

    I’m in awe of the service and experience at Payne’s Hut in remote Victoria. It’s worth the drive (6+ hours from Melbourne), it’s near Omeo, Falls Creek, Mount Hotham. The hosts – Tess and Graham Payne – are amazing at serving you and having you experience the local history, feed you scrumptious food, very interesting conversations and it’s all very affordable.
    I go there to relax, enjoy the country and for a top up of my soul! Incredible people to meet in life that you won’t forget.

  • Chris Howe

    Linking together the Hunter and the fantastic city of Sydney is the Great North Walk. Travel along this and you’ll see a lot of what NSW has to offer – or just read about it in The Great North Walk Companion.

  • janey

    13. PET the wild crocodiles?!

    Seriously?? It’s a freakin’ crocodile!

  • Amy

    Everything on this list is awesome. Except for Crown Casino. It’s an ugly den of tasteless boganism. You can look at plenty of cheap, tacky decor in many other places for much less.

  • Nick

    Great suggestions! How about Byron Bay though? That place is unreal! Truly fantastic!

  • Nothing New Sorry

    Usual nice coastline that you can find just about anywhere…

  • erc

    No 16: Dapto Dogs

  • Aussie traveler too

    Dont forget  Akraroola!  I spent 5 months working there and in my mind that is a true “off the beaten path” place. 

  • Ray_ethell

    In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous

  • Homeloanaus

    Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst thesimple beauty of nature.

  • Homeloanaus

    The Sydney Harbour Bridge includes special hinges in the arch top. These
    hinges are necessary because of the fluctuation the arch goes through
    when temperature changes occur. 

  • Nonconformingloans

    Long beaches, dramatic coloured-sand cliffs, natural sandblows, rocky
    headlands and pristine freshwater lakes and streams are some of Fraser
    Island’s spectacular natural features.

  • Mevan Diyashan Hettigoda

    Australia is awesome I can guess from these images.

  • Naomi Cayon

    I what to go to australia.

  • Rebecca Mears

    I’m an aussie live in QLD I am packing up moving to a huge caravan travelling the country and be home schooled to see what this land has to offer, life is to short!

  • Laura Cooper

    To any potential travelers to Australia, please remember that it would probably be next to impossible to do all of these things in one trip even with a few months. These this are very spread out, and a few of them are very expensive!

  • Paul

    The stuff about swimming with dolphins at Monkey Mia isn’t actually true. It is very regulated and the park rangers and tour guides won’t actually let you swim with them. You basically stand in knee deep water while the dolphins swim up and down the line of people. You aren’t allowed to attempt to touch them or go out any deeper. It’s just the way it is.

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