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While Arctic camping in Svalbard, Cody and Kitt Doucette find a humbling and violent terrain.

My brother pausing for a breath while digging out a tent.

I’M NOT A SUPERSTITIOUS person, but something about the arctic makes me believe in magic.

It seems close to something that I can’t understand, the last stop before a bridge that I can’t see to a place I can’t go. Sacred in its power, the North is poetic and violent, humbling and invigorating and full of many other adjectives that can only be felt in order to understand. Perhaps it is in the magnetism of the place, a magnetic charge on which all direction is based.

The Far North is a land of mystery, of frozen oceans and the birthplace of the wind. No other direction can beguile you so easily with its immensity. For the North is not, nor has it ever been, ruled by mankind…and there is something enchanting about that.

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About The Author

Cody Forest Doucette

Cody Forest Doucette was born in the heartland of Wisconsin, raised in the mountains of Idaho and educated on the beaches of California at UCSB. Working with his twin brother, writer Kitt Doucette, he has spent the past six years circling the globe in pursuit of images and experiences which capture both the beauty of the natural world and the complexity of the human condition in the 21st century. You can find more of his work on his website,

  • Heather Foster

    That is really cool, Cody! I have just recently heard about Svalbard at all and was immediately captivated. I loved your pictures and hope that you intend to write and snap more on this subject.  Totally stoked on this piece. Thanks!

  • Jason Wire

    “The north will never be ruled by mankind.” Stoke, Cody.

  • tingkerbell_yiu

    I have just finished reading the book  “A.A. Gill Is Further Away” that mentions the same journey- I presume you are one part of the duo that participated in the same mission with him. Talk about syncronicity. Wonderful to have such beautiful images captured here. Svalbard is one of the last truly wild places. A bastion of humankinds continual dance with the elements. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Scott

    Cody, thank you for sharing this . . . personally would want no part of it (cold is No-No for me:) . . . but thank god someone did it!  I currently live in Hailey, Idaho and lived in Santa Barbara for over 20 years . . . my rafting (where I live/on the river) mentor was chair of the environmental studies department at UCSB for some time, as well as a tenured professor there . . . Dr. Roderick Nash . . . Safe travels, man . . . keep sharing :)

  • Madhuri Kale

    Its an education oe not so welknown land on this Earth! Many thanks,

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