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John Bair charts an epic road trip to the best national parks of the American West. Follow along or plan your own using this handy map.

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Road trips are what got me started in the traveling world, and I still believe throwing a few friends in a car with a couple changes of clothes and no plan is the best way to travel. When I took all these pictures I had no schedule, nowhere to be, no boss. All I had was a camera, my car, and a good time.

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About The Author

John Bair

John Bair is a Pittsburgh native who calls himself a modern day pioneer. He’s a filmmaker and photographer, but most importantly a traveling fanatic. If there’s adventure to find and a thrill to seek, John will be found not far from it. See more of John on Guy's Guide to America.

  • Nichole

    These pictures are gorgeous. I want to visit as many National Parks as possible. 

  • Liz G

    Just took a trip out west – god how i miss it! Beautiful pictures and props on visiting all that in one trip!!! It’s taken me several summers to see most of that… (ps LETS GO PENS!!!!)

  • cabin rental luray va

    Awesome picture it is really. All parks are beautiful and wonderful gift of nature. You should have included Shenandoah National Park in the list as well. It is also a wonderful park.

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