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Photographer Scott Sporleder checks out some lesser-known Caribbean islands off the coast of Honduras.

MY FRIEND HAD QUIT HER JOB and was taking a year to drive alone from California to Panama. Before she left, she asked me to come down and travel with her through Honduras — better known to me at the time as the “murder capital of the world.” My response: Sounds like fun!

After a bit of research on Honduras, I came across Cayos Cochinos. Also called the Hog Islands, this little group of 13 sits about halfway between the mainland and the resort island of Roatán in the Caribbean.

We were definitely looking forward to the ‘tropical paradise’ aspect, but what really made this trip special was spending our nights on Chachauate, the only island that has a Garifuna fishing village on it. It’s not large (takes about 12 minutes to walk around the whole thing), but once the day-trippers had left we quickly became part of the island crew.

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Scott Sporleder

Since graduating from San Diego State University, Scott has dedicated 3 months a year to travel and photographing the world's unique cultures. While not on the road, you can visit Scott every summer at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. You can also view his travel photography at

  • AsiaAddict

    love it!!! next time I head that way I want to check out all the smaller islands. I had just 8 nites on Roatan last week (but not in any resort!!). I cannot wait to get back to that reef!!

  • mutyang

    Amazing amazing. Beautiful beautiful.

  • Alicel Driver


  • divenuts

    i spend six months a year on the neighboring island of utila (12 miles from cayos cochinos), the utila cays are very similar to those in this story. its a pity the problems that mainland honduras is experiencing have put these islands so far off the radar of most tourists, they are safe, the people friendly and the scenery spectacular. come to think, its probably better that they are off the tourist radar or else they’d get spoiled. 

  • Islander2k1

    I live on Utila and have seen numerous photo essays of The Cayos… Yours’ is really quite good! 

  • Marcy8951

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  • ben keys

    This is far and away the  best photo essay I’ve seen on Matador. 
    Sure, it’s picturesque as hell. but damn, you got some nice shots, man.
    Sweet work. Your Tassie one was sick too. 

  • Marcy_8951
  • Abella Ivan

    Great Post, I’ll be definitely coming back to your site. Keep the nice work up.
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  • Petra Roth

    war dort schon und wäre dort jetzt grad wieder gern…

  • Petra Roth

    war dort schon und wäre dort jetzt grad wieder gern…

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