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11 Ways You Know You've Become Culturally French

by Jo Jackson Jan 28, 2015

1. A meal is not a meal without bread.

2. You now say bof instead of meh when you’re unimpressed.

3. You know the chorus of “Voyage Voyage” by Desireless even though you’ve never even heard the song.

4. You get people’s references to Les Inconnus.

5. You can keep a straight face while pronouncing movie titles in English with a thick French accent so that the theatre attendant understands you.

6. You don’t call it Paris; you call it Paname.

7. You can honestly taste the bananas in a glass of Beaujolais.

8. You’ve embraced the Tooth Mouse and have come to accept that it’s not the Easter Bunny that hides chocolates in the garden, but UFO-like flying bells that rain down chocolates when they toll.

9. You find yourself saying bon appétit to strangers picnicking in the park.

10. You are no longer daunted by the thought of giving la bise to every single person at a party, and you’re even prepared to do the rounds at the end of the night… That’s a lot of kisses.

11. You also know which regions require one, two, three, or four kisses per person.

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