EVER THOUGHT TO YOURSELF, “How many smaller countries could you fit into Australia?” Or possibly, “Which countries in the western hemisphere have legit secessionist movements?” Or, perhaps most pressing of all, “Where does it pay best to be a lifeguard?” We live in the age of the map now, so these are no longer questions you have to continue simply wondering about.

Maps are spectacular at conveying a lot of information in a simple image. Did you know, for example, that four breweries control a huge share of the world’s beer market? Or that Belgium’s largest immigrant population is Italian? Each month we do a round-up of some of the best maps on the internet. Here are the best from October.


Australia is a really big country

How many other countries could fit into Australia? Via Reddit


Most disproportionately well-paid jobs in the U.S.

It pays to be a lifeguard in Hawaii. Via Reddit


Change in liveability score 2010-2015

Which cities have had the biggest changes in fortune over the last 5 years? Via Reddit


Where is Uber banned?

Where in the world have local governments taken a stand against Uber? Via Reddit


The world's dominant breweries

Four breweries basically dominate the world of beer. Via Reddit


Biscuits vs. McMuffins

Which do local customers prefer more? Via Reddit


The states where women are most likely to be murdered by men

What are the worst states for violence against women per capita? Via Reddit


Where the immigrants come from

Where are the most immigrants from in each European country? Via Reddit


School holidays in Europe

Which countries have the most school holiday weeks? Via Reddit


The U.S. governors religion map

What religion are the governors of the U.S.? Via Reddit


The long form of country's English names

When you say "Congo," are you talking about the Republic of Congo, or the Democratic Republic of Congo? Via Reddit


What Columbus expected the world to look like

What Columbus thought he'd be sailing to vs. what he was really sailing towards. He was WAY off. Via Reddit


U.S. military bases vs. Russian military bases

Russia still doesn't have anywhere near as much global military presence as the U.S. Via Reddit


Where wolves historically have lived.

Wolves used to be everywhere in the northern hemisphere. Via Reddit


Where the Syrian refugees are

Who is taking in the most Syrian refugees? Via Reddit


The quality of democracy by country

Where is democracy most robust around the world? Via Reddit


The average age at first marriage for females

How old are women (on average) when they first get married? Via Reddit


Interest in hoverboards by Google search

Californians REALLY want hoverboards. Via SelfBalancingReviews.com


How much of humanity is in your hemisphere?

What percentage of the world's population is within 10,000 kilometers of you? Via Reddit


Fourth of July songs by state on Spotify

What is each state's favorite Fourth of July song on Spotify? Via Reddit


Coffee vs. Tea

Does your country prefer coffee or tea? Via Reddit


The permanent Republican states until 1988

These states were considered guaranteed Republican states for 20 years -- they were not expected to ever change. Via FiveThirtyEight


Most guns per capita

The U.S. wins pretty handily. Via Reddit


Peace in Mexico

What are the safest areas in Mexico? Via Reddit


Prevailing religions by country

A world of religions. Via Reddit


How the U.S. population would fit into China

There are a lot of people in China. Via Reddit


Europe circa 1600

Europe looked a lot different 400 years ago.


Countries with Papa John's

Which countries have access to the world's most mediocre pizza? Via Reddit


Age difference between men and women at first marriage

What's the average difference in age between men and women for each country? Via Reddit


Countries with laws against apostasy against Islam

Where is it most dangerous to blaspheme against Islam? Via Reddit


Active separatist movements in the western hemisphere

Where are there secessionist movements in the Americas? Via Reddit


300 years of world population growth

The size of the country over time is the country's proportion of the total global population. Via Reddit

h/t: Thanks to the MapPorn subreddit for being a great resource for both finding maps and for getting criticism and analysis of those maps.