Allison Jackson

I'm a GlobalPost breaking news writer based in Mexico. Before moving here, I was the AFP China economics correspondent in Beijing.

Cities have finally found a better way to reach the homeless

Why are Thailand’s monks so fat they need to wear special girdles?

How one wrong word made Australia’s migration agency look like Holocaust deniers

The cruel irony behind the most powerful passports in the world

Why many Chinese migrant workers won’t return from the New Year holiday

David Cameron found out the hard way that Muslim women are not #TraditionallySubmissive

Time to freak out: 4 reasons the global economy is screwed

7 harvest festivals around the world that make Thanksgiving look boring

Women will start earning as much money as men do in 2133

Guinness is going vegan. Here’s the gross ingredient they have to replace first.

Did Mexico legalize marijuana yesterday?

It might be too late to fix what China’s one-child policy broke

Australia plans to kill two million feral cats. Before you get mad, hear them out.

What climate change? Here’s how Australia is bucking the clean-energy trend.

5 things other countries do that could change American minds about socialism

Australia is betting your smartphone can save you from shark attacks

The EU’s migration crisis explained in 6 tragic facts

Is it time to put a stop to bull running and bullfighting in Spain?

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