Nikki Hodgson

Nikki Hodgson is a freelance writer with a talent for making a spectacle of herself and getting into ridiculous situations around the world.

Searching for home after 3 decades of travel

When travel can’t cure grief

When short-term travel just isn’t enough

Notes from a father-daughter trip

The land that calls me back

How to piss off an introvert

The strangers I can’t stop thinking about

Fidelity to place: When the traveler finally settles down

The courage to stay in one place

Climate change: The time is now. The place is here.

What I learned in Jerusalem

How the wilderness changes you, and how it doesn’t

Notes from the Boulder flood

A love letter to Morocco and what we had there

Don’t smile at the men

What is lost (and gained) when the traveler settles down

Travel and the temptation of the one-night stand

To be a citizen of the world

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