Patrick Winn

Senior SE Asia correspondent for GlobalPost • RFK Award Winner • 'Most writers, in my opinion, are dysfunctional derelicts.' - Mike Tyson

Inside the surreal restaurants that North Korea operates around the world

Quiet since a devastating 2002 eruption, Africa’s most active volcano is once again rumbling

Why Indonesia keeps blowing up boats on TV

This Thai dish is so delicious, it just might kill you

Why Singapore is ground zero for the robot car revolution

Why Cambodia’s sex workers don’t need to be saved

Thailand’s scandalous Tiger Temple is forced to release its captive cats

Here’s what they don’t tell you about riding elephants in Thailand

Here’s why more and more countries are ignoring the US and helping China capture its critics

Hong Kong’s publishers keep disappearing. Its autonomy could be next

One of the world’s worst polluters isn’t who you’d expect

Why Myanmar’s massive jade industry is so deadly

Taking a selfie in Thailand can get you thrown in jail. Here’s how.

Myanmar braces for a sleazier breed of tourist

Thailand isn’t always the LGBT paradise it appears to be. Just ask these gay dads.

Bangkok could be underwater by 2030

Tourists won’t stop getting naked at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat

Tourists in Thailand have no idea they shouldn’t be doing this

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