Samantha Jenkins

Samantha's passion for travel started at a young age with an obsession with National Geographic photographs and the Where's Wally Around the World magazine. When she was 19, she visited Egypt as part of her undergraduate studies, backpacking down the Nile, visiting as many temples as she could. This is where Samantha really caught the travel bug and began planning a thousand different trips for after graduation. In 2012 Samantha embarked on a worldwide trip visiting South East Asia, Australia and South America. The latter continent definitely won Samantha's heart and after learning to tango in Buenos Aires, purchasing every item of alpaca clothing possible and climbing Huayna Picchu, she returned home with plans to return for further exploration. In 2013, Samantha went to Hong Kong and the Philippines. She volunteered at a Buddhist monastery in Manila and pursued her passion for photography whilst setting up an online travel guide. Now based in London, Samantha works as a travel consultant and is planning her own trips to Morocco and Brazil for the near future.

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