Simran Khosla

Visual journalist. I do freelance datagraphics, animated explainers, doodles and more.

These are the most photographed places in the world

These maps reveal how long you probably have to live

This map shows you how many foreigners live in each US state

This map shows you all the places where the pill is free

Mapping the cheapest and most expensive places in the world to get your vice on

These maps show which export makes your country the most money

These time-lapse GIFs of Earth are terrifying, courtesy of NASA

These countries smoke the most weed [INFOGRAPHIC]

This chart shows how much CO2 the US emits from coal consumption, compared to other top polluters

How many people are online around the world [map]

This map shows how ridiculously many prisoners there are in each US state

This map shows you which countries get the most tourists

This map shows you the countries where AIDS is the deadliest infectious disease

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