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How To: Hitchhike in Southern Africa - 15 Tips

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While most people looking for an African safari in southeast Africa opt for South Africa or Tanzania, Mozambique safaris have much the same abundance of wildlife — and are usually much easier to book.

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Gorongosa National Park offers the best safaris in Mozambique, but they’re far from the only thing to do here. The country is best known for its tropical beaches and world-class diving, where you can head out to the Quirimbas Archipelago and dive 32 different islands.

Mozambique also has a rich colonial history, as it was a trading hub for India, China, and all points east. Ilha de Moçambique was the capital of Portuguese East Africa until 1898, and it still has forts and other buildings dating back to the 1500s. Because Europeans and Americans often overlook this little country, you can experience all of this without much in the way of crowds, making it an ideal tropical vacation on the African coast.

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