Wadi Nakhr in Oman. Photo by: Daniel Nahabedian.

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Overshadowed by its wealthy neighbors, Oman – a once important port hub between East and West – is the most stable and peaceful country in the Gulf region.

A popular destination amongst adventure seekers, Oman offers a surprisingly varied landscape for a mainly desert-covered peninsula. Explore wadis and caves in the Hajar mountains. Go dune-bashing in the Empty Quarter’s Wahiba Sands desert. Swim with sea turtles and watch them lay eggs on the beaches of Ras-al-Jinz. Explore the fjords up north in the Mussandam enclave or just hike through the amazingly green mountains and waterfalls of Salalah after the monsoon season. You can also just lay back and enjoy a maqbous in Muscat with some of the friendliest and most humble people in the Gulf region.

We have photo essays about some of the most beautiful destinations in Oman, and articles about Omani culture and even Arabian bull fights.

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