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10 Useless Mobile Phone Accessories

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by Spencer Spellman Dec 29, 2010
While items such as headphones, car chargers, and carrying cases appear to be essential cell phone accessories, many other complementary gadgets are far from necessary.

Here’s a list of questionable mobile accessories:

Griffin iTrip Auto for iPhone

Of all the useless mobile accessories on this list, the Griffin iTrip Auto has the most potential. Connect it to your iPhone, plug it into your car, turn the radio to the right frequency, and you’re listening to your iTunes collection.

The catch is you have to be on a radio station that isn’t broadcasting music. Their iPhone app even includes an auto-tune feature to “quickly” find the right station. Perfect if you’re driving through the Mojave Desert, however, when driving in and around cities, you’re not likely to have much luck.

Odds are that after paying $69.99 and fiddling with your radio for 10 minutes, you’ll either end up in a car-wreck or end up throwing it out the window.

Price: $69.99 | BUY.

Banana Phone Holder

It’s beyond me why someone would choose to make a banana phone holder (unless their banana sex toy idea was rejected). It also begs the question: who buys a banana phone holder?

Imagine being at a party and rubbing up against someone’s banana phone holder.

Price: $10 | BUY


Unlike the Banana Phone Holder, the Aquapac actually has the making of a practical accessory. How many stories have you heard about someone dropping their phone in the pool?

It’s not until you see the marketing of the Aquapac that you realize how ridiculous it is. Photos show people talking on their phone, which is inside the Aquapac.

At what point are you going to need to talk on your phone while it’s in the pack? While you’re scuba diving?

The Aquapac comes with a warning that the inside of the pac can be unusually sticky. However, to quell your fears, you can download an Anti-Stickiness Insertion Device (according to the website).

I recommend skipping out on $30 and the insertion device, and instead invest in a Ziploc bag.

Price: $30 | BUY

Oakley’s Bluetooth Sunglasses

There are some good things in the world that simply shouldn’t be put together. Fruitcake is a great example. Another example is the Bluetooth Sunglasses from Oakley.

Both Oakley and Bluetooth have a history of putting out some products that aesthetically, just don’t cut it. I often look ridiculous enough, wearing sunglasses or a Bluetooth device.

I don’t need the combination to accentuate it.

Price: $349 | BUY


I don’t know what is more disturbing: the invention of iBreath, or the fact that Gizmodo called it the “best iPod accessory ever”. The accessory attaches to your iPod or iPhone, and lets you check your alcohol content level.

Somehow, I just don’t see someone checking their alcohol level after every sip of beer until they reach the legal limit. However, if you’re not convinced, you can always challenge the police officer by comparing your Breathalyzer results to what his reads.

Price: $39 |BUY

Phone Shoulder Holster

Unless you’re a wannabe Charlie’s Angel, I see this being more popular among men, than with women. When you hear the term “holster”, you probably just think of a gun holster, which is exactly what this is, except you put your phone in it.

You could also substitute a can of pepper spray for your phone.

Price: $39.95 | BUY

Payphone handset

Have you ever found yourself walking down a busy street, seen someone talking on a payphone, and said to yourself: “Man, that just looks cool!”?


Neither have I.

However, if you get kicks out of pretending you’re talking on a payphone, you can buy the PayPhone handset for $65. Hook it up to the headphone jack of your cell phone and you’re all set.

Price: $65 | BUY

Seat belt cell phone holder

If you feel disconnected because your phone feels too far away attached to your hip, then the seat belt cell phone holder is for you.

As if people needed another distraction while driving, the seat belt cell phone holder attached to your seat belt literally puts your phone right by your heart while the seat belt is fastened.

I see this being more of a “cool factor” gadget. Something you can show off to your new date.

Price: $19.95 | BUY

Flashing Cell Phone Pen

Calling all business professionals: Introducing the latest technology to make you feel like James Bond. Thanks to the flashing cell phone pen, you’ll never miss another call, but you could definitely lose out on cool points.

If your phone is on silent mode, the pen will start flashing to alert you of an incoming call. If that wasn’t nerdy enough, it also has a feature to detect counterfeit money.

Price: $9.95 | BUY

Cell phone garter

Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies. You probably don’t need any extras under the hood, but if you do, or if you just want to feel like a female superhero, then the cell phone garter strap is for you.

Perfect for strippers, prostitutes, and go-go dancers, the cell phone garter for many may be the best of both worlds: sexy and practical. File this under the “things I don’t understand why women do.”

Why innocently place your phone in your bra when you can more blatantly lift up your dress to store your phone?  Price: $9.99 | BUY

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