Spencer is an aquarius and likes long walks on the beach. When he's not taking long walks on the beach, he's traversing the globe to find the best cocktail and a trail that is truly off-the-beaten path. He found one recently, and he'd tell you, but then it wouldn't be off-the-beaten-path any longer. He's on month 12 of a one-year project, a "30 at 30 List," in which he set out to do a timed bucket/life list. He's on #36. He got a D-minus in Math 101 and is an overachiever. Beginning in travel writing career as a writer and editor for a travel guide publisher, Spencer has spent the last few years freelancing, with his work having appeared in National Geographic's Intelligent Travel blog, Drink Me Magazine, AFAR Magazine, AOL Travel, and Expedia, where he currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Expedia Viewfinder blog. Follow him on Twitter and at this blog, The Traveling Philosopher.