8 Pieces of Gear to Keep You Warm and Safe in the Backcountry

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by Matador Creators Oct 9, 2008
For those who actively hit the alpine ski trails, we’ve teamed up with Backcountry.com to identify cool, cutting edge gear you should be packing.

Arc’Teryx Gamma MX jacket

The Gamma MX’s softshell technology will keep you warm and dry with its water resistance and breathable fabric—key for grueling ascents.

Price: $324.95 | BUY MENS | WOMENS

Merino Base Layers

Merino is the new super fabric for outdoor athletes. It stays warm even when wet, wicks incredibly well and is naturally antimicrobial—you won’t stink no matter how hard you try.

Merino wool from hardy New Zealand merino sheep, is 100% natural and renewable.

Price: $47.97-$89.95 | BUY MENS | WOMENS

MontBell Alpine Light Down Jacket

A very lightweight, packable down or synthetic down jacket is well insulated and is sure to keep you warm during extremey cold alpine ascents/descents.

Its microfleece-lined pockets keep your hands extra warm in frigid conditions.

Price: $149.95 | BUY MENS | WOMENS

Cloudveil Koven Ski Pant

These weather-resistant stretch pants with fully sealed seams, side vents, and waterproof zippers keep you warm while eliminating excessive sweating.

The latest models of Koven Ski Pants include an overflow cargo pocket for extra storage.

Price: $294.95- $394.95 | BUY MENS | WOMENS

Garmont Mega Ride and She Ride

The Garmont Rides are solid touring boots which are stiff enough to protect your ankles yet engineered to let you can turn on a dime. Its lace-up system ensures they fit better.

With an innovative Icebreaker function that breaks away frozen ice buildups, the relatively lightweight Mega Ride provides the right mix of comfort and functionality on your tours.

Price: $535.96 | BUY MENS | WOMENS

Osprey Switch 26

The sturdy Osprey Switch 26 was designed to be the optimal storage unit while on the trails. It comes with an hydration sleeve for your water, a StraightJacket compression system for your snowboard, a stretch pocket for your helmet, and a myriad of sleeves and pockets to store clothes, goggles, and other essential items you need within reach.

Price: $128.95 | BUY

Snow Study Equipment

The aluminum G3 Bonesaw with its rubberized grip handle easily cuts through mounds of snow and ice build ups.It’s also great for digging snow pits.

The blade also has measurements etched with different grid systems that help you test the size of snow crystals. Definitely a tool for professional avalanchers and climbers.

Price: $59.95 | BUY

Slope Meter

The Backcountry Access Slope Meter keeps you safe from unexpected sharp drop offs. Simply align its bottom edge with the slope and read its angle.

The Slope Meter also uses color coded tabs to indicate if there is a potential for an avalanche along a certain ascent, such as 35-40 degree slopes.

You may want to stay away from the “red” zones on the meter.

Price: $29.95 | BUY

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