Lightweight Satellite Phones‏ - The Next Wave of International Cell Plans

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by Juliane Huang May 27, 2009
The ultimate in flashpacking gear, satellite handsets are the next evolutionary step for international cell phone plans and companies like Satworx are right at the forefront of change.
Woman using cell phone on the Mekong River, Cambodia

Photo by Lola Akinmade

All satellite handhelds offered by Satworx weigh less than a pound and need only a direct connection with the big, blue sky to be at their A-game.

Deep in the rainforest of Brazil? No sweat.

Navigating through the heart of darkness? Not a thing.

Satworx phones and service ensure that you can be anywhere, doing anything, in any climate and still get a connection. Of course, such incredible convenience comes at a heftier price than your standard international cell phone plan.

“The most popular handset is the 9505a at a retail cost of $1495, though on particular service plans it can be had for $1295,” says Satworx President Ken Grunski. “Airtime calls are generally $1.29/minute from anywhere on the planet to anywhere on the planet.”

Satworx 9505A

With 24/7 technical support as well as an additional layer of local, customized support, Satworx is the ultimate convergence of personal service and online convenience.

“Satworx subscribers can manage their account profile, pay invoices, view call records online, and manage phone inventory,” adds Ken. “The last feature is most useful to larger organizations that wish to track or assign phone responsibility. Nobody wants to leave a $1500 handset lying around.”

And the company offers an amazing range of services, such as tracking airplanes in real-time or outfitting a humvee or small navy ship with a wifi mobile office, in addition to the mobile phone. Did we just blow your mind?

For those interested in the mobile office service, Satworx offers customers this service at a competitive rate.

“For personal broadband devices, the Explorer 110 and Sabre Wideye are best,” says Ken. “While these units are very light at 1kg, they must be stationary to use. They provide voice or internet access just south of Alaska and north of Patagonia. They cost about $1600. Voice calls are $1/min and data is is approx $7/MB though you can purchase bundled data at a discount.”

So flashpacker, come check out these digi-digs and join the apex of technological advancement for travelers.

For more information, visit Satworx’s website.

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