Juliane Huang

With a laptop in one arm and a travel bag in the other, Juliane is rarely at home, though always online. Catch up with her on her blog.

7 places to eat in Montreal

Sandboarding in Peru

Matador Friday Photo: A Moment in Taghazout

Portrait of the expat as a young man

Matador Friday photo: I see you

Matador Friday photo: Big fish

The most kick-ass flat in Warsaw

Matador Friday photo: When in Cuba

Matador Friday photo: Sometimes you can’t lose a stray

Matador Friday photo: Free fall

Sumo toss

Congratulations Glimpse Correspondents Andrew Cullen, Ian Bassingthwaighte, and Andrew Morgan!

Matador Friday photo: A Yao woman’s hair

Stories from the Matador Community

Lightweight Satellite Phones‏ – The Next Wave of International Cell Plans

5 Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

What’s In Your Backpack, Samantha Brown, Travel Channel Host

Help the economic crisis by legalizing pot?

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